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Silly Funny Poems

These Silly Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Silly. These are the best examples of Funny Silly poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Put A Wiggle In Your Bum

My limericks are silly and all bout fun
My attempt at putting those nasty blues on the run
I don't take this task lightly
Honoured and quite rightly

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I wonder of what wisdom school
Many a silly fool ever so cool,
I wonder comes O from what wisdom school  
That he wins over all wise as a rule.

And if...

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Premium Member Funny Walk
Each morning when I take a walk,
After putting on a shoe and sock,
I try to freak out a rabbit; 
I feign I’m scared of him...

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Categories: funny, silly,

A Silly Little Limerick
I can't really write a sonnet
But if you want a limerick i'm on it
And if I had to write without rhymezone
My mind would have blown

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Categories: cute, funny, humor, humorous,

Those Giraffes
Once I had left my tea to cool
and two giraffes thought me a fool
they stuck their heads in
and formed a big grin
before drinking my tea....

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Categories: animal, cute, funny, silly,

The monolith of thousand born
Its big and round in a metal can named millie I drinked and it made me silly. Filled with these things great small things called...

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Categories: funny,

Premium Member There Ain't No Double Trouble
A feller I met, with a twinkle in his eye 
Quite the enigma, you see,
Said, "I ain't got no dough, not a single penny!"
Said he,...

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Categories: funny, identity, philosophy, psychological,

Snow in the heat
The sun was up, what bright sunny day!
A rabbit with a snowboard on its way.
A daydreamer, lost in a song
singing its tunes, all along.
Till it...

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Categories: dream, funny, may, silly,

Premium Member The Gigglephant And Giraffalaugh
a gigglephant and giraffalaugh
in a junglement’s delight
did swing on a vine
most of the time
but today decided to fight
set to did they
but laugh did they
and tried...

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Categories: animal, fun, funny, giggle,

Premium Member Kitchen Knife Hygiene
Finally, my blood began to coagulate. 
I counted up my fingers, and found I had eight; 
And so, I'm sorry to say, for me it's...

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Categories: food, funny, horror, silly,

Premium Member Two, One, or Zero
Two wiener dogs meet
Each yap loudly, strangely greet
Oddly on the street

Hounds bite other's butt 
Owner blames the other's mutt
Not open and shut

I note discreetly,
"Both were...

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Categories: animal, dog, funny, humor,

For Heaven Sakes
If I get to heaven
will I need a pair of shoes,
a pillow or pajamas
in case I need to snooze.

Do they feed you, I get hungry

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Categories: funny, humor, silly,

Premium Member oo's
boo troon
frooing soon

too woon
drooing hoon

shoo shoo


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Categories: fantasy, fun, funny, meaningful,

Premium Member The Jingly Jib
you know he’s a Jib
the way you can tell
he jingles and jingles
like a jingly bell

but sometimes their jingle
mysteriously goes
then Jibs cry all day
and why, nobody...

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Categories: funny, character, cute, fun, inspirational,

Premium Member Hippo Care
bulbous grin

a widened chair
to sit him in

rubbed on chin

and greying
sunburn skin


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Categories: animal, fun, funny, humorous,

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