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Silly Funny Poems

These Silly Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Silly. These are the best examples of Funny Silly poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Snow Go
There once was a young girl named Flo.
She liked holidays quiet and slow.
	But Jolly Saint Nick,
	well, he came too quick
and poor Flo was left to...

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Categories: christmas, funny, giggle, holiday,

Premium Member Loser
There once was a pudgy old elf 
he loaded the toys from the shelf
	filled the sleigh full 
	too heavy to pull
needed to lose half of...

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Categories: christmas, funny, giggle, humor,

Premium Member Questions
“Did you come to see me?”
	“Why would I?”
“Do you love me?”
	“Do I?”
“Does the sun set in the West?”
	“What does that have to do with it?”

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Categories: funny love, relationship, silly,

Premium Member Lighting the Tree
My Christmas lights emerged a tangle
They twisted and turned at an angle
	toes caught the middle
	caused me to piddle
The shock caused my jingle to jangle 


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Categories: christmas, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member Herky-Jerky
First the cornbread now the turkey
his movements seemed herky-jerky
	stuff a bird
	think absurd
sounds to me a bit quirky...

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Categories: cute, food, funny, giggle,

Premium Member Mr Otter Nursery Rhyme

Frisky frog forgot to bathe
So off he went, to the creek
Alone in the water, he decided
He’d be so clean, he’d squeak

Silly squirrel, scattered his nuts

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Categories: animal, funny, nature, nursery

Premium Member Sewing Footles
So and Sew

I sew
it’s so

So Fine


Lost Pattern


Chain Stitch

lost link
pants sink

Running Stitch

pants torn

Stitch in Time


Long Stitch

I sew
so slow



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Categories: cute, funny, humor, silly,

Premium Member Dark Mistake
He dressed as a jack-o-lantern
costumed in uncommon pattern
	strode through the park
	though it was dark
and was mistaken for slattern...

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Categories: funny, giggle, halloween, humor,

Premium Member Forgotten Jack
No one cared about poor Jack
cut and carved from front to back
	his pulp made pie
	seeds left to dry
he became a withered wrack...

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Categories: funny, giggle, halloween, humor,

Premium Member Poor Jack
Poor Jack ran a futile race
couldn’t keep up the heated pace
	lost the battle
	someone’s chattel
now he has a Halloween face

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Categories: fate, funny, giggle, halloween,

Premium Member Funny Bunnies
A hare that had no hair
Met a rabbit with no heir
She had a certain air
You might say she’s all that

Buck hadn’t any dough
O, how he...

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Categories: funny, nursery rhyme, silly,

Premium Member Bye Bye Mummy
Sarcophagus lay in the ditch
the wagon had lost its hitch
	dearest mummy was gone
	breath renewed by Amon 
she befell the wanderer’s itch

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Categories: fun, funny, halloween, humorous,

Premium Member Mommy Dearest
She was my dearest mommy
smarter than any swami
	a turn of bad luck
	was hit by a truck 
now she thinks she’s pastrami...

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Categories: fun, funny, giggle, humorous,

Premium Member Nevada Cowboy

There once was a cowboy from Nevada.
He wore a barf bag as a bandana. 
When he rode on his horse,
his sickness grew worse,
and his intestines...

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Categories: crazy, fun, funny, giggle,

Premium Member Quick and the Dead
There once a dare devil named Dan
smugly swung with only one hand
	forgot and let go
	of the rope in tow
sank in a thick pool of quicksand....

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Categories: fun, funny, giggle, humor,