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Life Funny Poems

These Life Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Life. These are the best examples of Funny Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Ashes

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…
How many times have we heard this?
on TV, in a play, in a movie… 
Have you ever read it in...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, abortion, abuse, allah, america,

Premium Member Angels in Blue
Angels in Blue
Saints in Green

The hospital is a cold and sterile place. 
It is not meant to be…
warm or nice. 
It is meant to be...

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Categories: funny, angel, heart, heaven, holocaust,

Premium Member Filial Child
Filial Child 

Halfway to heaven, 
so thrilled to be saved.
My life, 
changed forever.
Filled with your spirit,
wrestles to serve. 

On fire…
in the night,
running through the streets,...

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Categories: funny, angel, dedication, heaven, hope,

Premium Member Have You
Have You

Ever wondered how it happens?
How the last person stays, 
How they make sure, everyone else gets out?

Ever wonder why?
Is that important? 
As long as...

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Categories: funny, angel, dance, friendship, grandparents,

Premium Member Bio Modified Independent Traveler
Independent,                        ...

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Categories: funny, books, sunset, travel,

Premium Member A Sunny Day
A sunny day for you,
a sunny day for me.
A day to say,
I love you.
A day for you to say,
you love me too.

Written Date: 3/31/2020...

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Categories: funny, day, love, me, sun,

We can’t go out so what to do?
How do we spend our time?
Imagination, racing thoughts
My brain on overtime.

There’s gardening, painting, DIY
Non urgent jobs to do,

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Categories: funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member No More
No more hand shaking,                     ...

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Categories: funny, death, food, sick,

Premium Member Being With You
Under the canopy of the pine trees we lay,                ...

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Categories: funny, day, sky, star, tree,

Premium Member Woven Are These Pages In Poetic Verse
Woven are these pages in poetic verse,

With bare threads of our deepest feelings,

You will find laughter, tears and remorse,

and words of wisdom, prayer and healings.


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Categories: funny, angel, anger, wine, wisdom,

Retribution is not my dog

No bone- no contrition

just another child

who does not listen

nor pay attention.


Karma please let um slide

i really ain't mad ...

life has...

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Categories: funny,

Premium Member Gossip
Oh gossip where is your sting,
you are here today and hurting others for days to come.
Oh gossip how shy you are,
pretending to say nothing to...

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Categories: funny, hurt, today, words,

Premium Member Butterflies Around
Butterflies around,                       ...

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Categories: funny, angel, blue, flying,

Premium Member The Day My Life Changed
The day my life changed when I was seventeen,                ...

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Categories: funny, dad, food, friend, hurt,

We will get by
Keep smiling through these hard times
And keep your head held high
It’s a crazy world right now
But somehow we’ll get by
Think of all the good things

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© Lucy Ward  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, cheer up, family, friend,

Premium Member Finding A Treasure In The Sand
As I walk the sandy beach,                   ...

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Categories: funny, beach, blue, daughter, me,

Premium Member You Ask What Matters Most
I hear them say,                     ...

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Categories: funny, old, today, youth,

Premium Member A Dream
A dream of a sweet soft kitten,
a cuddly kitten to hold and love,
daily friendship and fun.

A dream of the morning daybreak,
bright colors now appearing,
sun coming...

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Categories: funny, anger, cute, day, dream,

Premium Member I Know
I Know

I am not afraid.
The list is very long, 
of positives and good things. 
There is no reason to fear.
That is the number one reason,...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, allah, america, angel, god,

Premium Member Break My Heart
Why do you feel the need to take my life way,              ...

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Categories: funny, hate, heart, love,