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Rhyme Funny Poems

These Rhyme Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Funny Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Funny Christmas Poem
( A Funny Christmas Poem )

Twas the night before Christmas, santa was throwing a hissy
Mrs. Claus was laughing at him, and calling him a sissy

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Categories: funny, christmas, fun,

Premium Member Hide and Peek
Let’s play hide and go peek said the horse.
It was a great suggestion I agreed of course.
Because I did not know that he had said...

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Categories: funny, animal,

Premium Member Elephant Dumplings
Elephant dumplings in my soup.
They are tasty and delicious.
Warm and fleshy to boot!
Come on, don’t crowd.  

Elephant dumplings  get them here and now!

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Categories: funny, silly,

Is my room in such disarray 
That I'm not even seeing straight?
Are those dust bunnies wearing candy wrappers as hats?
Their building an army, I'm under...

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Categories: crazy, funny, natural disasters,

Premium Member McBoard Meeting
We’re drowning our diners in sugar, it seems -
our food is obesity packaged as dreams!
We really don’t mind about that, sir,
it’s only some kids getting...

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Categories: business, fun, funny, humor,

Premium Member Easy to Teach
We once had a miniature poodle
Quincy Adams his registered name
We were quite proud of our small pet
As part of the family he became

While walking Quincy...

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: devotion, dog, feelings, funny,

No Fashion Passion
Fashion is not my passion
Simplicity is the way for me
One color shirt and a pair of jeans
That's good enough you see
My money's low but spirits high

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Categories: funny, clothes,

Premium Member School Gloomiform
We wore bottle green sweaters
that shrunk to fit snugly
so blossoming bodies
looked suitably ugly,

trapezium skirts
quite devoid of all fun,
though they’d look rather good 
on my Nan,...

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Categories: clothes, fun, funny, humor,

Premium Member Disarray
( Disarray )

I dont like inviting guest, cause my house is such a clutter
I just bought 3 endangered cats, and my life is in the...

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Categories: funny,

Premium Member Dust in the Attic
Dust in the Attic

The tree, 
I have to take it down. 
It is heavy and I am tired,
before I start. 
That is not going to...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, blessing, celebration, christian, christmas,

Premium Member Bobby Buried The Body
( Bobby Buried The Body )

Bobby buried the body, I watched this wretched sight
He took his shovel and started to dig, at 6:30 tonight
I tried...

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Categories: death, funny,

Premium Member Goosebumps
( Goosebumps )   ( Delilah Ventura ) << Sponsor

There`s 3 kinds of goosebumps, each is a tale
I will tell of how you get...

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Categories: funny,

Premium Member Wasp Me and the Bee
A bee and a wasp came by today.
From the land of faeries truly fey.
They zoomed around my autumn flowers.
Bee stayed a bit, wasp stayed for...

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Categories: funny, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Santa's ride with the reindeers
Old Saint Nick was mean on Christmas eve
his reindeers were tired and quite deceived
he wanted to get home so the gifts were heaved
 reindeers now...

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Categories: funny,

Premium Member My Puppy Ate The Christmas Tree
( My Puppy Ate The Christmas Tree )

My puppy ate the Christmas tree, the wildest sight I ever seen
She enjoyed fruit and vegetables, anything that...

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Categories: christmas, dog, funny,

Online Dating Failure Number 1
Tim is tall. Handsome.
Works in an office.
Like all of the others
he looks kind of polished.
They say small talk is dead.
So I ask for a date.

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© Evie HH  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, fun, funny, funny

Premium Member Sorry I Snore
I used to be fragrant, 
my body a playground,
a fountain of more. 
Now I am older -
slack-throated, gape-jawed.
I’m sorry I snore. 

I used to be...

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Categories: age, fun, funny, humor,

Fatty Rascal burst into tears

When someone said he had “big ears”

For big ears indeed Fatty had

He got them from his mom and dad


His ears...

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© Gary Hill  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: children, fun, funny, humor,

The devil did hack God’s computer
And gave it a nasty virus
Now when he tries to upload the sun
All that pops up is, Miley Cyrus

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© Gary Hill  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fun, funny, hilarious, humor,

Few And Far Between
Late night tipsy chats 
So few and far between
Off the charts teasing stats
Then being left here on scene

I was bored just having a bit of...

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Categories: funny, silly,