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Friendship Funny Poems

These Friendship Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Funny Friendship poems written by international poets.

Where Does My Kitty Cat Go


Where does my kitty cat go every day?
When I'm heading to school, is he getting away?
Or forgetting he musn't let strays in to play?
Where does...

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Categories: funny, adventure, cat, children, friendship

Lamenting wings
"you are more than I deserve. It's a love I never dreamed I'd find. Happinesd like this is worth dying for..."
- Yasunari Kawabata-

Looking down, while...

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Categories: funny, 12th grade, friend, friendship,

Premium Member Werewolf Elf Dragon and I
A skulking werewolf, all dark, and hairy, and keen.
A dainty elf, flitting about, barely being seen.
A dragon, with a fat body, that is hard to...

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Categories: funny, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

I am vaporizing in your eyes
I am vaporizing in your eyes slowly 
Noiselessly, clearly and helplessly
Am I willing to be absorbed as steam?
No! my feeling is no but wordlessly

I am...

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Categories: funny, desire, first love, for

Sometimes i wonder why,
Sometimes i ask myself why,
I wish to know why me
Out of thousands of people...

Everytime when i open my eyes,
I see only a...

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Categories: funny, angel, beautiful, beauty, black

Karma Comedian
I use to laugh at ironic things
No punishment for the bad deeds
The Bible says that good 10 fold 
The universe returns to us in gold...

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Categories: funny, friendship love,

Friend zone
I love her but she doesn’t love me back 
It hurts but that's the underlying fact 
Think nothing could be worse than what's above?
Try being...

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Categories: funny, crush, devotion, first love,

When i see your face,i spend half
An hour without even noticing that
Am smiling,your sparkling eyes
Reminds me stars at night,your 
Beauty reminds me the beauty of

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Categories: funny, angel, baby, candy, friendship,

say what
They spoke it
so it made it harder to understand
those who were in the knowing
had read-it and practiced it first.
the recognition of both
were spoken
each in the...

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Categories: funny, art, books, clothes, dance,

Premium Member I Choose My Friends So Carefully Collaboration with Rhona McFerran
I Choose My Friends So Carefully
by Caren Krutsinger & Rhona McFerran

Get back in your house,
I will stay in mine.
We won’t act like neighbors,
Everything will be...

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Categories: friendship, funny, life,


i must, 

go down, 

this hole,
i'm hoping to find,

a white rabbit, 

the big bad wolf, 

who has, 

a bad habit,

of eating others,...

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Categories: friendship, fun, funny, mystery,

Suggestions Anyone
Without malice nor forth-thought,
     no wide dee what aye will write
and thus would gladly take suggestions,

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Categories: funny, 10th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member A funny thing happened on the way to mall
Few years ago a funny thing happened  on the way to mall
As I was walking a really beautiful girl hugged me, Lol
She told me...

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Categories: funny, for her, friendship love,

Now, I am not a huge man

I'm not large by any means

In fact it is surprising

I still wear normal jeans

My pants don't have elastics

I still...

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Categories: age, funny,

Fortuitous Tea
Tea for two, for me, for you
Buckwheats for three, you, and you, and me
Huckleberries for four, that's what we adore
Spring rolls for five make us...

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Categories: funny, family, food, friendship, fruit,

Vanilla Spray

A vanilla spray
Lovely scent but some afraid
Milly is afraid

We spray it on her
She runs away screaming
It is quite funny


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© Abby KR  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: friendship, friendship love, funny,

Long time, no see
Here's a lighter bro
Spark up that home grown
Smoke going up ashes going down
This Indica ain't from around town
And I haven't seen you in a while

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© Bud Cee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: friendship, funny,

Premium Member Joe Joe Joe Its All About Joe
Who am I? I am me, and me is having a little me time
No way!  Five days plus a weekend. 7 days, that’s mine.

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Categories: funny, feelings, for her, friendship

Feelings For You
I Know this looks awkward, but
How else can I do it so that I’m h
Allowed access to your heart.
Volumes of jargonized words I could use

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Categories: funny, for her, friendship love,

Thank You from Lacy
A little thanks from me to you,
For all you've done and all you do.

Work life would've been much more dire,
If you weren't always there to...

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Categories: appreciation, friendship, funny, inspiration,