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Friendship Funny Poems

These Friendship Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Funny Friendship poems written by international poets.

A Matter of Taste
(Glenda): :-) I remembered the cookies, but forgot the towels! Oh my!! :-O

(Michelle): :-D That's quite alright, cookies taste better than towels! Said I.

This happened...

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Categories: appreciation, conflict, friendship, funny,

I wOuld noT giVe iT a Name
We had the colorful glasses of teenage on our eyes
And my favorite color was love,
Because of our childishness, we told so many "Lies in April"

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Categories: creation, friendship, funny love,

I Still Love You - Christen Kuikoua
How Can you deny the love you feel
When that Special person is Right Next to you
How to pretend you don’t see ?
How to tell her...

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Categories: funny, 10th grade, confusion, devotion,

Premium Member from a dad NK
the big hot sun  
work for one   
now for fun 
we can run 
yes my son 
you have won  
playtime is...

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Categories: funny, love, mom, son, sun,

Sometimes a all you need,
In your rush - to succeed.
Breathe in deep, breathe out long,
Accepting weakness, makes you strong.
A prayer, to The Creator up...

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Categories: funny, best friend, blessing, friendship,

Premium Member Rose Garden
"A Rose Garden and Tea Time Go Together." Quote By Poet   

As I sit sipping tea in my rose garden of pink,     ...

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Categories: funny, beauty, butterfly, flower, love,

Premium Member Guess Where I Found God
God made each one of us,                   ...

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Categories: funny, body, creation, god, love,

Premium Member Our Special Days
Our special days,                      ...

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Categories: funny, flower, friend, fun, uplifting,

Premium Member Autumn Is Peeking
autumn is peeking
apples for picking~baking
leaves for the raking


Date Written: 8/21/2022
Note: Haiku Rhyme


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Categories: funny, autumn, food, fun, october,

Premium Member Back To School We Must Go
The short summer is almost over,                   ...

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Categories: funny, friend, fun, school, sun,

Mickey Roberts
Me and Mickey Roberts
Climbed from his car.
And me and Mickey Robert’s 
Brag walked to this bar
Only to be greeted by   
This welcoming shout.

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Categories: friendship, funny, humor, memory,

Premium Member A Jolly Fisherman
Jolly Bill had many old tall boats,                                     ...

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Categories: funny, boat, fish, kiss, light,

Premium Member Four Little Letters
Today we over use this word hate,                  ...

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Categories: funny, crazy, hate, love, peace,

Premium Member At The Ripe Old Age Of Three
At the ripe old age of three,                                     ...

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Categories: funny, child, dog, friend, heart,

Premium Member beach
walking on soft sand 
water lapping at my feet... 
birds sing overhead 


Date Written: 8/15/2022 

3 Place 

 Nature Themed Haiku 
 Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin...

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Categories: funny, bird, fun, sea, song,