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Jeff Kyser is a retired software developer who lives with his wife Frances right ‘round the bend in rural Lacey’s Spring, Alabama. A late comer to the world of poetry, he has been writing contemplative and whimsical pieces on family, on redemption, and on faith for the last several years. His eight grandchildren are the source for much of his inspiration, fueling a desire to spur their imagination and to share his life’s journey with them.

Rousing Rondine Finalized

Blog Posted:11/21/2022 4:41:00 AM

Good morning, fellow soupers! (Not sure what a Rousing Ronnie is, lol.)

First, an apology for the delay. Things have been a bit hectic 'round the bend, and this slipped through the cracks - for that I am sorry.

Congrats to all who wrote their first Rondine for the contest. Lots of good entries!

Since this was a new form, I opened up the placements somewhat.

If you used the refrain properly (first part of first line) and you matched the rhyming scheme and the syllable counts (8 or 10 per line), you should be among the finishers. There were several that did not. On the syllable counting, I used and the old finger counts, and if there was a question, I went to the PS syllable counter as well. 

Exact rhymes, readability (how smooth is an out-loud read), and a more subjective "likeability" contributed to a placement of 2, 3, or 4. From the pool of 2s, I chose the two overall winners. 

I guess it doesn't really matter, but just wanted to provide some visibility into my thought process. Ultimately, poems are deeply personal, and who cares what other people think? Thanks so much for participating and for venturing forth on a perhaps unfamiliar form!


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Date: 11/23/2022 8:14:00 AM
That was a fun contest Jeff, always interesting to try new forms and see what churns out. Thanks!!
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Date: 11/22/2022 3:16:00 PM
Hmm, I wonder what I did wrong. Anyway, Congrats to all the winners of your first contest, Jeff. went back to my poem. Looks like I missed one syllable on line one. can't believe I missed that little error.
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Date: 11/21/2022 1:28:00 PM
I read a few of the poems in the winners circle and 100% there were more than a few that didn't follow perfect rhymes. Yet when reread my entry (I thought I followed the form, syllable count and rhymes correctly)-N/A. So I'm not in agreement with your judging.
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Date: 11/21/2022 1:02:00 PM
Jeff, thank you so much for the inspiration and contest and my placement, appreciate! It was an interesting form, and congratulations to all your winners.
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Date: 11/21/2022 9:02:00 AM
I thoroughly enjoyed writing for your contest, Jeff. I found the form very interesting, somewhat like a rondeau. You need not apologize for anything. Thanks so much for my placement.
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Date: 11/21/2022 6:23:00 AM
Your clarity is admirable, Jeff, and your contest was fun. No apology necessary. Thank you for sponsoring.
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