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Suzanne is a Retired Registered Nurse certified in Med/Surg. She began writing poetry as a result from meditation during stress relief classes. Since retiring she has participated in poetry groups both in the Community and on-line. She is originally from Australia but has lived in the Hawaiian Islands for most of her adult life. Her poetry is a mixture from both places as she has spent time living between both Australia and Hawaii. In her writing she has explored many forms but finds ease of expression mostly in free verse.

 Her poems are included in an Anthology "A Bridge to ALL Nations."with other poets from  Connie's site:

Poetry for Thought.

Writers Almanac for Soupers

Blog Posted:4/3/2013 11:18:00 AM

They say that writing is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
On this blog I hope we can share ideas that will fuel our writing.

It is simple- just cut and paste the three questions below into the reply box
and fill in the answers below them.  If you don't have time for all three just one will be helpful.
I will go first and hopefully the ideas will flow.

1. Books that are on my bedside table or desk at the moment.

2. A recent challenge I found inspirational, other than those posted on the Soup.

3. A unique website that has helped me immensely.

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  1. Date: 4/4/2013 7:48:00 AM
    The book I have on my Bedside table is Immortal Words by Terry Breverton. To try to walk the race for life end of June. actually being able to recite and record my poem for contest. please listen.

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    Delaney Avatar Suzanne Delaney Date: 4/4/2013 10:28:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Good Luck Seren: Noy surewhere to find your poem on You Tube but will look for it. SuZ
  1. Date: 4/4/2013 3:19:00 AM
    Further to my reading aloud point below, not only is Pinsky better to listen than to read ,use his poem 'Shirt' as an example.Check it out on 'poem hunter' and 'try to read it for yourself ' then goto youtube and hear him read it as he wrote it.

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    Delaney Avatar Suzanne Delaney Date: 4/4/2013 10:25:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    great suggestions Brian: I will keep this blog open for as long as Soupers keep adding to it.
  1. Date: 4/4/2013 1:21:00 AM
    The theme of this blog Suzanne would a worthwhile permanent feature for the PS site where poets could update/ change their entry every few weeks so that others could check thereon from time to time.

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  1. Date: 4/4/2013 1:12:00 AM
    Robert Spinsky is a man after my own heart in advocating poetry being written to read (and listen to aloud)In fact his poetry is better to listen to than read which rather proves his and my point.

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  1. Date: 4/4/2013 1:07:00 AM
    Suzanne you can indeed publish very easily on Amazon kindle I have over 60 ebooks in seven series thereon.A couple of them can be checked out from the 'Store' link above on PS.Will check out the youtube poem when you get around to it.Rgds Brian

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  1. Date: 4/3/2013 10:05:00 PM
    Hi, Suzanne; nice to meet you. Well, I dont have books on my bedside table but I have them in the bathroom and in the living room. Im reading M. Anderson and H. Ferguson's Sociology- Understanding a Diverse Society, Deception Point's Dan Brown; and an Antology of Borges by Monegal. I couldnt find any inspirational challenge (Im not writing! LOL), and a helpful website? ... Well ... helps "my grammar" many times.

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    Delaney Avatar Suzanne Delaney Date: 4/4/2013 12:15:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Thanks for sharing Ruben: I see you don't read in bed...I like to read to get drowsy..... SuZ
  1. Date: 4/3/2013 2:23:00 PM
    by the way, at my HOUSE, I do not have a desk with books on it. I have four different book CASES with so many books on them, i have read fewer than half the novels on them. Among the many novels are also Bios, trivia/informational type books, teaching aids, and lots of poetry books.

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    Delaney Avatar Suzanne Delaney Date: 4/3/2013 4:47:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Hi Andrea: Glad you like the Blog came to me in bed late last night...LOL. I have so many books on poetry and I don't think I have ever had time to read one cover to cover but I spot read and use them as references,,sort of learning by absorption most times.
  1. Date: 4/3/2013 2:20:00 PM
    1. Books that are on my bedside table or desk at the moment: I am at my school desk, so it's student papers and readers for level 2 and grammar books under the shelf. 2. A recent challenge I found inspirational, other than those posted on the Soup: Using ten given words in a poem. I combined a contest over here at Soup with the ten word challenge for my spring showers poem. 3. A unique website that has helped me immensely. None really. But I used to adore before Marie got rid of her annual contests and the bookstore where I used to have my 8 chapbooks for sale. DANG. (this was a great blog idea).

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    Delaney Avatar Suzanne Delaney Date: 4/3/2013 4:48:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I do love word challenges and as you know always have. Yes it is a shame that Shadow Poetry is no'llhave to find another outlet for your chapbooks, I believe you can self-publish on least that is what I was told. Have a wonderful day, Luv, SuZ
  1. Date: 4/3/2013 2:12:00 PM
    1. Books that are on my bedside table or desk at the moment. LLoyd Jones, Hand me down World.. Rickwood collected poems, Chasing The Sun Sally Bacon, Ode to the Countryside, Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood, The Misanthrope Molière

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    Delaney Avatar Suzanne Delaney Date: 4/3/2013 4:42:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Hi David. These books all sound great I love to read about some of the poets from the past...especially Rimbaud. I never reallu understand exactly what they are saying but their words evoke feelings and carry me off to somewhere indescribable.
  1. Date: 4/3/2013 12:40:00 PM
    1. Books that are on my bedside table or desk at the moment.-SOUNDS OF POETRY by ROBERT PINSKY 2. A recent challenge I found inspirational, other than those posted on the Soup. CREATING MY SOUNDPOEM VIDEO on youtube 3. A unique website that has helped me immensely.-WIKIPEDIA

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    Delaney Avatar Suzanne Delaney Date: 4/3/2013 4:39:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Thanks for sharing today. I do like Robert Pinsky and have thought about entering the Video but don't know which poem to do.
  1. Date: 4/3/2013 11:23:00 AM
    1. Books that are on my bedside table or desk at the moment. “The Practice of Poetry,” by Robin Behn & Chase Twitchell “The Necessary Angel” Wallace Stevens: Essays on Reality and Imagination 2. A recent challenge, other than those posted on the Soup. "As I write I create myself again and again." - Joy Harjo what color are you? what shape, what sound, what animal, what song, what number, what car, what... what are you? 3. A unique website that has helped me immensely. For Better for Verse: An interactive learning tool that can help you understand what makes metered poetry in English tick

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
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7/25/2016 Prelude Free versedark,light,morning,night,
6/26/2016 Wolf-watching Free verseanxiety,appreciation,grow
6/22/2016 Carrot Cake Free versegrief,hope,drug,
6/4/2016 Shaping Life - in Five Words Roundelbutterfly,change,confusio
5/18/2016 King of Silence Proseallegory,evil,humanity,po
5/15/2016 At the Mountains of Madness Quatrainallegory,change,growth,wo
5/15/2016 When Lovers Meet Personificationbird,nature,romance,
5/5/2016 Mother Bird Personificationbird,mother,nature,
4/23/2016 Freeing an Elephant Prosehope,irony,nature,
4/11/2016 Promise of the Pomegranates Lyrichope,nature,seasons,symbo
4/8/2016 Words to a Poacher Image 2 Free verseafrica,corruption,death,e
4/7/2016 Land Lubber Monokubird,imagery,nature,
4/7/2016 Living in the Middle Versedestiny,dream,happiness,l
3/28/2016 A New Species - Alien Flower Free versefire,flower,nature,rude,
3/21/2016 Oops, There Goes the Baby Grand Narrativeadventure,freedom,moving
3/14/2016 All That Innocence Lent Ghazalbetrayal,innocence,sad lo
3/10/2016 Breathtaking Acrosticbeauty,lost,nature,ocean,
3/8/2016 Ode to Earth Element Free versebeauty,earth,nature,
3/7/2016 My Amusing Wedding Day Narrativedevotion,happiness,horse,
3/7/2016 Black and White 2 Free versebeauty,cat,nature,winter,
3/2/2016 Unending Love Fibonacciblue,heart,love,
2/23/2016 Goddess of Asters Free versedestiny,devotion,marriage
2/22/2016 Birth of a Butterfly Monokubeauty,nature,
2/20/2016 Bonfire of the Varices Limerickhumorous,vanity,
2/16/2016 Valentine's ellip Free versecelebration,fantasy,love,
2/15/2016 Minion Madness Free verseallegory,fantasy,mytholog
2/15/2016 Cooking up a Grook Grookfun,philosophy,
2/8/2016 Syndactylism Limerickfunny,humorous,
2/7/2016 Imagination Free versebeauty,flower,imagination
2/7/2016 Love, Truth, Fulfillment Shapelove,truth,
2/2/2016 I Can No Longer be a Duchess Free versefantasy,farewell,identity
2/2/2016 Forgiveness Free versebetrayal,forgiveness,love
1/31/2016 Beware the Green Brew Limerickhumor,word play,
1/31/2016 See No Evil Dizainanalogy,cat,evil,fun,
1/30/2016 When the Wanderer Returns Free verseabsence,adventure,childho
1/28/2016 Human Nature Contest Rhymebeauty,bird,day,nature,
1/25/2016 Waiting Free versedeath,earth,life,power,
1/20/2016 New Dawn Quatraindream,fantasy,grief,
1/12/2016 Sedoka Contest Sedokablue,earth,garden,inspira
12/30/2015 New Beginnings - A Shadorma Verseart,word play,
12/28/2015 Parataxis Free verseallusion,character,intros
12/28/2015 A Sunken Pink Camaro Free versecar,fish,happy,irony,mira
11/20/2015 Observation from a Living Room Window: On Koko Isle Free versebeauty,day,mountains,sea,
11/19/2015 A Futuristic Christmas Rhymecelebration,christmas,fut
11/19/2015 Winter Scene Free versedecember,magic,snow,winte
11/19/2015 Daybreak: Observed from an Airline Window Free versebeauty,day,epic,
11/18/2015 When Frost's Roads Beckon Rhymeallegory,peace,war,
9/12/2015 If Not Now Free versebeauty,courage,destiny,fu
8/9/2015 October Acrosticbirth,
8/9/2015 Randomlings Contest I do not know?growing up,heartbroken,im
7/27/2015 Prisoners of Time Free verseabuse,animal,boat,sad,
7/27/2015 The Queens Conjurer Epicbetrayal,dark,epic,myster
7/23/2015 Star Fairy Free versehope,light,magic,
7/22/2015 The ABCs of Morning Abecedariangood morning,morning,
7/22/2015 Promises for an unknown love Free versedream,fantasy,hope,imager
7/7/2015 I Have Seen the Shadow Free versechange,conflict,dark,visi
6/13/2015 Eyes of Mother Nature Coupletanalogy,beauty,earth,hurt
4/14/2015 All I Have in Life Free verseabsence,best friend,betra
1/20/2015 Dialogue of Place Free versefeelings,life,nature,word
11/28/2014 An Outback Christmas Rhymechildren,christmas,decemb
11/6/2014 Sepia Photogragh of a Redwood Stump Free versenature,sad,
10/17/2014 Morning Glory Rhymejoy,morning,
10/17/2014 Great Un-manifest Rhymefaith,wisdom,
8/25/2014 It Must Begin With Free verseconflict,earth,nature,
8/25/2014 Song of Rain Rhymegarden,nature,rain,
8/21/2014 Lotus Bloom Free verseallegory,beauty,dark,
8/19/2014 Rhymes with You - Footles Rhymehumorous,
6/7/2014 Destiny of a Bird Free versebird,blue,death,devotion,
6/6/2014 How to Die Free verseage,death,dream,
6/5/2014 Giants of Gravity Rhymeanimal,history,mystery,na
6/5/2014 WIDOW'S WEB Rhymeanalogy,emotions,nature,
6/4/2014 From our Deck-Front in December Free verseabsence,boat,culture,dece
5/29/2014 What the Mermaid Knows Rubaiyatfantasy,imagination,mytho
5/18/2014 Lest we Forget the Horses Balladeappreciation,eulogy,freed
5/17/2014 A Dream Pantoumdesire,dream,love,
5/17/2014 Timelessness is to Being Free versechange,future,pain,sorrow
4/21/2014 We Lose Surprise Free verseheartbroken,longing,lost
4/20/2014 Two Views on Spring Rhymeapril,beautiful,seasons,
4/19/2014 Beach Park Tanka Tankanature,ocean,
4/18/2014 Reflection Free verseinspirational,philosophy,
4/18/2014 a lot to giveaway Free verseangst,art,childhood,
4/16/2014 Super Model - Itty Bitty Big Life Coupletcareer,celebrity,clothes,
4/1/2014 Secret Directions to Jilliby Farm Free versebeauty,earth,environment,
2/4/2014 To be a part of landscape Free verseanalogy,image,mountains,p
1/27/2014 a woman cannot always leave Free verseabsence,abuse,betrayal,br
1/27/2014 A Woman's Heart Free verseangst,confusion,environme
1/7/2014 The Grief of Stayed Continuance Free versenature,sorrow,tree,
12/28/2013 Touching Evolution Free verseallegory,beautiful,creati
12/28/2013 Words That Fit the Inexplicable Free versebrother,character,forgive
12/26/2013 Every Beautiful Thing Free versebeauty,change,wisdom,
12/24/2013 The Darkest Beast Free verseevil,men,
12/18/2013 What Llama Lil Saw in BagDad Rhymeadventure,humorous,
12/18/2013 Mosaic: On Missing the Morning I do not know?day,morning,sleep,
12/2/2013 As a Poet Sees Free versepoetry,poets,writing,
11/30/2013 Queen of Heaven Free versebeauty,identity,lyric,pra
11/30/2013 Being Shod Free versehorse,spring,trust,
11/30/2013 When You Are Gone Verseabsence,bereavement,for h
11/30/2013 Trumpets of Blue Free versebeauty,flower,nature,
11/19/2013 Wife Not Well Verselonging,lost,sick,sorry,

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Fav Poems

Evening Dew Rhymenature,
Only Leaves Free versefantasy,halloween,
In the morning Haikunature,
Sunglasses Questionku Shapedeath,
Senior Moments Rhymehumorous,car,
Spider's Purse Dizainimagination,
Ewmer and Bugs Paint the Town Wed Coupletfunny,life,
The Tease Rhymeangst,loss,me,
Kiss the Rain Sonnetlost love,
The Solo Dancer - Tanka to Sonnet Sonnetbeautiful,tree,sun,tree,
black pebbles and violet streams Rhymedeath,dedication,loss,lov
Indian Ink Dramatic Verseabuse,autumn,death,deep,f
Mighty Mighty Spider Coupletanimal,humorous,
Old Sailors Haikuocean,
Angels In The Mist Free verselove,
September Terzanellenature,sad,sun,time,
copper beech leaves Haikunature,seasons,
The Meadow Narrativebeauty,dream,fantasy,free
Spider songs Free verseanimal,girl,metaphor,nigh
Magical Moments Free versebeautiful,girl,love,
Fire flies Haikufreedom,
Precious Descendants Free versechildren,earth,earth day,
Paper Plate Free versewrite,
Dying young Dramatic Versebody,dark,life,pain,sick,
Memories Beyond The Door Free versememory,
The Fiddler's Cat Coupletimagination,
Good morning Free versemorning,together,
For my mom Free versemother,me,love,me,
Sailing the Seas In A Pecan Tree Rhymeadventure,old,
Dear Rosebud Free versedaughter,life,
An angels wing Free versefaithlife,words,hope,joy,
Pink Blossoms Verselife,
keep your dreams Rhymedesire,devotion,dream,
Mermaid Fantasy Coupletfantasy,sea,
I Knew That You Were Waitting Prose Poetryprayer,romantic,song,
SIJO -Virgin- Sijofantasy,winter,
thank you ABClove,
Autumns Birth Blank versebirth,
Dandilion Free verseage,how i feel,inspiratio
Come Autumn Romanticismromance,autumn,autumn,
Birds of Paradise Villanelleflower,
My Tree's Seasons Haikutree,
Erosion (haiku) Haikunatural disasters,nature
Death and I Lost You Free verselifelost,lost,
The Poet - To Carrie List dedication,
Calamity At The Castle Limerickfunny,
These Trees Free verseallegory,animals,life,nat
Ephemeron Free verselife,
colors of pumpkin Haikuart,nature,seasons,
felled tree I do not know?life,tree,space,tree,
Spider's creation Light Poetrybeauty,nature,
Fickle-Foolish-Footles - Man's Best Friend Footleanimal,dog,funny,
Whimsical Butterfly Flirtation Quintain (English)butterfly,nature,
Caterpillar Haikubutterfly,nature,
Rain Spider Free verseinsect,nature,
Happy Birthday, Mom Free versebirthday,mother,
From a Tiny and Bright Orange Flower in the Woods Free verseallegory,flower,spring,
Hands Free versebeautiful,beauty,birthday
FADING LEAF Dizainautumn,nature,
A Soldier's Letter Rhymesad,war,
Bridal Veil Waterfall Haikunature,
Looking For Old Souls Free verseintrospection,
Northern Slaves Free verseemotions,metaphor,sad,sla
Among The Many Memories That I Love Free verselove,
Erie Odeimage,inspiration,strengt
HORSE acrostic Acrosticanimal,beauty,
Moon Fairy Free versefairy,fantasy,moon,planet
A Poet's Flight of Freedom Dizainpoetry,poets,
The Enchanted Dream Rhymebeauty,love,nature,romanc
Icons Set in Stone Free versetime,
Purple Rhymeart,beauty,blue,color,ins
the break of day Free verseabsence,day,longing,memor
- Dancing On The Moon - Light Poetryearth,moon,
The Father Of Light Crown of Sonnetslove,
Coral Garden Lentocreation,garden,sea,
Tree Friends Lyricfantasy,imagination,magic
GARDEN Haikunature,
Rainbows Dreaming of Gray Alliterationallegory,education,freedo
Tangible Rhymenostalgia,philosophy,toda
Gaining Perspective Sijoencouraging,introspection
Poetry Haikupoems,words,
Like A Girl Free versebeautiful,girl,identity,r
One Green Leaf Versecolor,green,holiday,image
Ode to a Gargoyle Rhymefriend,
Spider web Haikubeauty,flower,
The Last Love Letter To the West Free versedeep,feelings,heart,leavi
Maudlin Mary Ekphrasisallusion,symbolism,woman,
In Bed, Side by Side Free versearabic,
Big Red Bellied Black Snake Rhymefamily,farm,
Mornings Rhymemorning,
Autumn Leaves Coupletautumn,beauty,love,symbol
Her Autumn Coupletbereavement,faith,hope,
INHERENTLY GOOD Blank versefaith,inspiration,inspira
A futuristic Christmas- for contest Rhymechristmas,humor,
where barren branches touch newborn leaves Haibunabsence,introspection,lea
A Day on the Farm Prosefarm,myth,
Welcome To My World -The Cost Of Happiness- Free verseabuse,addiction,adventure
- Christmas Light And Joy - Coupletbeauty,celebration,christ
In Memory Of Daniel Free versedeath of a friend,

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