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Jeff Kyser is a retired software developer who lives with his wife Frances right ‘round the bend in rural Lacey’s Spring, Alabama. A late comer to the world of poetry, he has been writing contemplative and whimsical pieces on family, on redemption, and on faith for the last several years. His eight grandchildren are the source for much of his inspiration, fueling a desire to spur their imagination and to share his life’s journey with them.

Write an Ode results posted

Blog Posted:3/8/2023 3:27:00 PM


Thanks to all who participated in the Write an Ode Poetry Contest!


I was sad to reject a number of poems for a number of reasons:

  • subject not a common, inanimate household object
  • not 3 stanzas
  • not a praise extolling the virtues of your selected object
  • no rhyme pattern characteristic of an ode

However, there were plenty of great entries, lifting up their object of praise, in varied rhyme schemes with different line lengths, some serious, some quite humorous, to which I say, well done!

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Date: 3/9/2023 7:40:00 PM
Thanks for hosting, Jeff ~ big effort.
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Date: 3/8/2023 9:15:00 PM
Thank you, Jeff, for the inspiration and my placement, it was a pleasant surprise:) congratulations to all other winners too:)
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Date: 3/8/2023 8:35:00 PM
This was a fun contest idea Jeff, thanks for hosting!
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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/27/2023 Split Heart Rhymegranddaughter,
3/26/2023 Binge Blank verseaddiction,
3/26/2023 outer darkness Haikudark,horror,
3/25/2023 Cast it wide Tail-rhymeadventure,
3/25/2023 Cross-training Rhymegranddaughter,
3/23/2023 Elemental Otherwriting,
3/22/2023 Black Narcissus Tercet Rima Otherwriting,
3/22/2023 The company you keep Quatraingranddaughter,sleep,
3/21/2023 Someone to watch over Monorhymegranddaughter,
3/18/2023 Row To Riches Monorhymefun,health,
3/15/2023 Peaches and Poems Monorhymefruit,seasons,writing,
3/12/2023 There's No Reason Otherangst,time,
3/12/2023 Pitty-pat, dribble drat Rhymehealth,silly,
3/11/2023 Hare Raising Rhymeanimal,cute,food,sad,
3/11/2023 Pun Fun Rhymehumorous,silly,
3/11/2023 An Appetite For Books Nursery Rhyme Rhymebooks,nursery rhyme,
3/9/2023 Held in suspense Monorhymeweather,
3/9/2023 International Womens Day Rhymeconfusion,
3/8/2023 promise Otherforgiveness,
3/8/2023 Weightless Otherthanks,
3/7/2023 Prissy Vegan Rhymesilly,
3/7/2023 Florida Man 16 Limerickhumorous,
3/6/2023 Joyful Noise Othergod,song,
3/5/2023 Shrinking Verse Otherappreciation,writing,
3/5/2023 But I'll refrain Otherhumorous,
3/4/2023 Hat Trick Quatrainwriting,
3/4/2023 Shoe Laces Otherwriting,
3/4/2023 No Gentle Row Otheraddiction,
3/4/2023 Fruition Otherfaith,weather,
3/4/2023 Breathing Blank versefarewell,journey,
3/4/2023 Patience, Grasshopper Coupletfun,games,
3/4/2023 Hanging out my shingle Monorhymenonsense,silly,
3/3/2023 Fourth Watch Sonnetfaith,fear,
3/2/2023 Other-worldly Coupletvoyage,
3/2/2023 Beneath the rainbow Monokuremember,
3/2/2023 A merry chase Otherfairy,rain,
3/2/2023 7-11 Coupletage,change,food,
3/2/2023 Breathe Versepeace,
3/1/2023 A league of his own Rhymeencouraging,health,
2/28/2023 Unserene Scene Otherwriting,
2/28/2023 Septolet Otherwriting,
2/28/2023 Septanelle Otherappreciation,writing,
2/28/2023 incremental Otherwork,writing,
2/28/2023 Saxon Six Otherwriting,
2/27/2023 On A Roll Rhymedog,
2/26/2023 lightly row Crystallineheartbroken,
2/26/2023 Owlspeak Coupletbird,words,
2/26/2023 Dream Delish, Side of Fish - Nursery Rhyme Rhymedream,fish,food,nursery r
2/26/2023 courage, porridge portage shortage Haikunursery rhyme,
2/26/2023 warm wishes - AH Haikuweather,wind,winter,
2/24/2023 Who, indeed Rhymebird,
2/24/2023 Mixed Signals Couplethumorous,identity,
2/24/2023 Sour Note Rhymenonsense,silly,
2/24/2023 Plumping Iron Quatrainangst,insect,
2/24/2023 Cyclops Psyops Otheranger,
2/24/2023 Choppy Seas and Wobbly Knees Othersea,storm,
2/24/2023 Working out the tricky bits Otherappreciation,writing,
2/24/2023 A Proverb and a Byword Free verseblessing,
2/24/2023 In the presence of the innocent Free verseculture,
2/23/2023 Stealth Core Quatrainhealth,technology,
2/23/2023 cul de sac Haikujourney,
2/23/2023 Glass Garden Room Rhymewriting,
2/22/2023 Sarah Palin Clerihewpolitical,
2/22/2023 Miss Greta G Rhyme Royalsilly,
2/22/2023 All Things New Rhymecreation,nature,
2/22/2023 Clean your fridge Rhymemuse,writing,
2/22/2023 Poor, poor Freddie Monorhymeanimal,nursery rhyme,
2/22/2023 Jonesing for an Aviron Quatrainappreciation,health,
2/21/2023 Milking It Rhymenonsense,silly,
2/21/2023 da da DUM Limericksound,
2/21/2023 An Ordinary Day Curtal Sonnetgrandchild,nature,work,
2/21/2023 T-Rex Rhymepolitical,
2/21/2023 And so I write Curtal Sonnetwriting,
2/21/2023 Red Chard Coupletappreciation,food,
2/21/2023 The Lure of the Sea Rhymefather son,sea,
2/21/2023 Mina Verbena Quatrainnursery rhyme,
2/20/2023 Check, Please Otherappreciation,nature,work,
2/20/2023 Lucky Rabbit's Footle Footleanimal,silly,
2/20/2023 God Hypothesis I Othercreation,
2/19/2023 Chard to swallow Limerickfood,granddaughter,grandf
2/19/2023 Sunrise Sonnetmorning,sun,
2/19/2023 Open Market Monorhymeculture,imagery,
2/19/2023 Morning Stroll Monorhymeangst,senses,
2/18/2023 Bring the SPF 1000 Limerickspace,travel,
2/18/2023 Odd Couple Tail-rhymeanimal,friendship,
2/18/2023 Rinse and Repeat Monorhymeirony,
2/18/2023 Fruit Salad Rhymeappreciation,fruit,
2/18/2023 Captivated Otherfantasy,fear,
2/18/2023 Travesty Otherbetrayal,
2/17/2023 M'Lady Malady Haikuinsect,
2/17/2023 the fairy flute Quatrainfantasy,
2/15/2023 Whirling Dervish Sonnetgranddaughter,storm,
2/15/2023 not that ripple Monokusilly,
2/15/2023 Ode to Absurdity Odegranddaughter,
2/15/2023 Nonsense and Gibberish Rhymenonsense,
2/15/2023 Longerick Rhymewriting,
2/14/2023 Stacking Blocks Rhymegrandson,nursery rhyme,
2/13/2023 Chrysalis Haikubutterfly,insect,
2/13/2023 Calling On Your Mercy Rhymeprayer,
2/13/2023 Clydesdale No More Rhymehealth,how i feel,

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Seventh Son and an English Falcon Knight Versefantasy,
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Numbers Free versepoetry,
The Wah Oo Song Lyricbird,crazy,me,music,nonse
Tenement Tombs Free versepoverty,
God Rises from That Distant Hill Rhymebeauty,god,mountains,natu
Feeling It Free versepoetry,
Carrying Onward Free versepoetry,
our lady of Guadalupe Free verseaddiction,history,journey
Lunar Incantation Free verselonging,moon,
Nightmare in Abstract Rhymefantasy,sleep,
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BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING Free verseadventure,future,grief,he
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