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Cyndi MacMillan's current projects include three children's book series. Her "life as a writer' blogs can be read at  Three of her poems have been published in Room magazine, issue 49.4, This Body's Maps,  Two poems have been published in the Prairie Journal ( Issue 67)   Other poems can be found in Fieldstone Review, Issue 2015, Grain Magazine, issue 42.4, Summer 2015, Passed Signs/New Fields  , The Steel Chisel, April 2016,  The Centrifugal Eye, Spring 2016, the Unformed issue . She participated in the 20 Poem Challenge at The Ekphrastic Review: Writing and Art on Art and Writing, and thirteen of her poems have been published by the journal.

Her fiction has appeared in local newspapers and has won contests. Her short story, Missed Steps, has been published by the Windsor Review . She enjoys reading literary journals, and she is actively pursuing further publication within their glossy covers while writing chapter books and early middle readers.

Poetry soup is a friendly forum which enables people from around the world to share their writing. It has some great resources and provides a nice space for people to connect.

Cyndi lives in a small town in Ontario with her husband, young daughter and far too many books.



Blog Posted:6/9/2017 8:07:00 PM

Welcome to Soup’s Shabu Shabu.  Sake is on the house, tonight.  Be careful on overindulgence ;)

(You may stray off topic, but no sneaking poison fish into each other’s hotpots!  Karaoke always welcome.  What happens at the bar stays at the bar.  Unless someone dances on the bar and then na na na na na, I’m telling-- and taking videos! )

I am not a great haiku poet.  I am not even a good haiku poet.  But I do love both reading and writing haiku.  Writing haiku is not only about being in the moment, but also about seeing right into that moment.  Maybe, the poet sees a parallel to what is happening or to what s/he is experiencing.  Maybe, the poet has identified something significant, self-actualizing or even something humorous.  Haiku is about emotion and thought, a kind of awakening or realization.  

Some of you may be new to haiku or you were wrongly taught in school that haiku is a poem that is written in three lines with a syllable count of 5 in the first line, 7 in the second line and 5 in the third line. 

Haiku can be written in one line, two lines, three lines or more.  It can have less than 17 syllables (in fact most haiku currently being published is quite short.

Most haiku is written as two grammatically linked lines and one line which is not linked grammatically.  This third line contrasts/juxtaposes the other two lines, but it may also add a nuance to the other two lines to give an aha moment. 

Good haiku gives the reader a sense of time and place.  In a tiny poem of 6 to 17 words, the reader can feel right there, experiencing that minutiae of life or nature.

As poets, we deceive ourselves that this is simple.  But is it really?

Here are a few haiku I’ve chosen to share... I find them totally engrossing.  BIG in their smallness.

Now, we are really only supposed to read one or two haiku a day.. and I’m sharing eight... so you may want to scan or just focus on one or two or if you want to gobble the bunch up, I wouldn’t blame you. 

Tell me what you see.  What do you like.  Does one speak to you?  Did you feel the aha moment?


(the following haiku are shared here for review and study purposes only and this blog will be deleted in a few weeks.)


unshelled pistachios

my father

on marriage


Tiffany Shaw-Diaz



burnt coffee
the taste of nothing
left to say

Glenn G. Coats


sunset –

the cow’s tail

conducting flies


By Hugh O’Donnell (Ireland



morning frost
she curls up
even smaller

By Anna Maris



empty beach

the rain fills

her prints


By Alexey Andreev


full moon

ghost crabs

race their shadows


By Jeff Hoagland



flock of white doves

lace the sky . . .

my grandmother's doilies


By Wendy Visser



aging ...

getting the freckles

i wanted in childhood


By Charlotte Digregorio

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Date: 6/12/2017 1:42:00 PM
I guess that I'm only replying to haiku blogs at the moment. Yesterday, I mentioned Anna Maris' haiku. It doesn't have a super-duper, complex "Aha!" (lol) moment. Some haiku readers enjoy the trickier, multiple-layered "Aha!" moments. Anyway, what I found interesting about Anna's haiku is how it's reminiscent of something that could've been written by the hokku master, Issa. It's neat that no matter how contemporary we might become, the past can still remain bridged to the present and future. Issa was known as the "humanist master", the almost tragic, big hearted one of the bunch, who never failed to notice the smallest, everyday details that surrounded his loved ones, whether spouse, child, or starling.
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Date: 6/11/2017 12:40:00 PM
Back again (then heading back outside). A neat selection of haiku. Some of them include more subjectivity than others, and some are purely objective. Right away I noticed the syllable counts—all but one don't stick to short/long/short. I've been seeing that a lot lately. Jeff Hoagland's haiku is only 8 syllables and a favourite of mine amongst these selections. Same with Anna Maris' haiku: superb!
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Date: 6/11/2017 12:17:00 AM
Continued... Senryu on the other hand - came about in the 18th century and has the same format but was created by the Poet with a pen name Senryu. It became popular among the common people and references human nature in a satirical or cynical fashion. Tanka meaning 'Short Song' has 5 lines of 5,7,5,7,7 syllables. It has been in existence for over 1300 years. It was a form of lyrical love songs passed in message notes discreetly by usually unattached maidens to the ones they were attracted. A Tanka has to be about romance. ...Maria
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Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 6/11/2017 11:10:00 AM
Hullo Maria. Your wording of "A Tanka has to be about romance" seems intriguing to me. Tekkan revolutionized the tanka label and had it officially coined near the end of the 19th century (afterwards, Shiki took over the coining of the form). Tekkan purposely merged East with West after he had studied Western poetry forms. Technically, before then, there wasn't a tanka label as we've known it since the late 19th century. During the "love-note period" before the aristocracy kinda took over the waka form for a few centuries, those poems weren't technically called tanka, though they were within the overall waka umbrella. Tanka can and should express many themes beyond romance. Officially in Japanese, tanka was explained as expressing existentialism and yugen (to try to understand our possible role in the cosmos via short song). One is able to write in an existentialist manner that can include romance as one possible theme within it.
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/11/2017 10:48:00 AM
However, even in Japan, contemporary haiku is being written and published, regardless of 'strict' views. Poetry for the people by the people is still (thank GOD) very much alive.
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/11/2017 10:47:00 AM
Yes. We've heard this before. Thanks
Date: 6/11/2017 12:09:00 AM
Owing to our Japanese associations, we have been studying Haiku and Japanese under experts for some time now. Haiku, which was made great by Basho in the 17th century is an unrhymed Japanese poetic form in strict discipline consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. In Haiku, as taught in Japanese elementary schools, the first two lines must reference nature and the seasons (not be humorous). The third line will qualify the first two lines - Any deviation of the format is considered inappropriate and frowned upon in Japanese tradition and will not be considered. It may even be seen as an insult to the language...Maria See more on this -
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Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 6/11/2017 11:40:00 AM
Of course 5/7/5 is taught in Japanese schools. One should know the dynamics and rules of something before bending it. Maybe in 1905 it was frowned upon to deviate from the 5/7/5 in Japanese. Nowadays, Japanese written gendai-haiku (a deviation of Japanese morae count) are widely accepted in Japan and win gold medals in competitions sponsored by the Japanese Arts Guild. What's important to realize is that gendai-haiku still incorporate juxtaposition and other haiku disciplines. I've grown up around Japanese people since I was three, so I have a different outlook than wikipedia and other online sites.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 6/11/2017 11:23:00 AM
The Japanese language inherently incorporates a 5/7 (7/5, 7/7, etc) morae (on/ji) sound-set structure. In that manner, a highway sign might even be written in 5/7/5 (lol), same with menu descriptions. As the haiku label didn't exist during Basho's lifetime, technically, he was a master of hokku, renku and haibun. When the haiku label was officially coined in 1902, it was easier to pass on the form to interested Westerners in such a way that Basho's hokku 'magically' became known as haiku simply for the sake of communication. That, and there was possibly a bit of deviousness involved and some information was withheld at first. Either way, Basho can't be a master of a form that wasn't coined yet during his lifetime. Yes, he had premonitions about the way that hokku, renku, etc., might evolve in the future, but he wasn't a haiku master. He was a hokku and renku master. It's simply easier for Westerners to sort of erroneously understand him as being a haiku master.
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/11/2017 10:51:00 AM
I am guessing if haiku is taught in Japanese schools... then it is being written in Japanese, so the syllable count is more on par with haiku origins? An interesting article....
Date: 6/10/2017 4:58:00 PM
rose petal rain.../ upturned palm nesting/ hearts returning/ (hope)
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Date: 6/10/2017 4:56:00 PM
1,3,4,5,8 = rise above; ALL worthy. rose petal rain... upturned palm nesting hearts returning (hope)
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Date: 6/10/2017 6:56:00 AM
family day... after a wet, cold spring, finally its sunny and hot and gorgeous. Will be in and out all day. I'm glad my chums have found a haiku or two that they connected with... Cheers. Cyndi
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tekai Avatar
taai tekai
Date: 6/10/2017 8:54:00 AM
same here...have a great weekend :) for such a short form it sure gives me so much grief...time to step away and go get those brief moments!
Date: 6/10/2017 1:22:00 AM
Four only In order of preference..Hugh/Charlotte/AlexeyAnna
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MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/10/2017 6:22:00 AM
I really liked Hugh's as well. Everybody has their personal tastes and I made sure to put up a mix of haiku. I think its not only about the style/voice of the haiku, but also what the reader finds in them. My great grandmother tatted lace... so the doily one spoke personally to me, hit me the hardest on an emotional level (I had her in my life til I was 15)
Date: 6/10/2017 12:08:00 AM
I may be overthinking haiku .. thanks for these examples...I'm not sure I like the ones with single words in a line, as I feel almost like I'm reading word definitions, though they are alternative ones with favorites are the coffee, beach and frost...
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Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 6/12/2017 11:45:00 PM
Caption photos with haiku—ha! Hey, I strive for 2 or 3 great haiku out of every 50 - 100 practice ones. Anyone who believes that every one of her/his haiku is good, is a bit haikuckoo ... (even the masters strove for 1 out of 10 or whatever).
tekai Avatar
taai tekai
Date: 6/12/2017 10:21:00 PM
yes - actual photos I've taken on walks etc...I find those are the most motivating for me to try fact, the latest thing I'm going to try is just caption all my shots with haiku! should get at least one out of 99 to be a somewhat decent attempt! lol
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 6/12/2017 7:32:00 PM
Intriguing, you try to use actual photos? As in, you're aren't referring to "pics" in a figurative way lol.
tekai Avatar
taai tekai
Date: 6/12/2017 7:01:00 PM
I've been looking at my pics and going..."let's see if I can haiku this one!" then I start and get frustrated lol
tekai Avatar
taai tekai
Date: 6/12/2017 6:57:00 PM
yes, I like to take snapshots of moments and then when looking at the pics, I relive those moments and it seems to be the only way I can somewhat manage to try writing one :)
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 6/11/2017 9:18:00 PM
It can help to first experience the haiku moment in real life, then try to express it on paper/screen. That stage can take several different versions/edits until the perfect combination of words and disciplines express the moment with that extra little "Aha!", awakening touch. The more conscious thought process should come in the editing stage. We might be complex creatures with complex thoughts and perceptions, but, I find that the haiku moments usually aren't experienced as being too obtuse or confusing. So, if the haiku feels too overdone, ornamented, etc., it probably didn't do justice to the moment as it was experienced and absorbed. A lot of haiku that I come across, read as if the person sat down in front of paper/screen without direction, and forced out a bunch of words to link together. For me, those pieces aren't convincing and usually don't capture an "Aha!" (lol) moment (at least not a non-fictional, convincing moment).
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/10/2017 6:19:00 AM
You like haiku which captures the human condition. A dear friend of mine says that haiku should be experienced in the moment, not thought out. Then, when I say to myself, stop thinking, just be, I end up thinking "stop stop stop" and the haiku just STOPS. :DDD
Date: 6/9/2017 11:33:00 PM
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MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/10/2017 6:13:00 AM
Date: 6/9/2017 10:47:00 PM
OK, since I am just alone here right now, let me go and hog another table :p! Then I am going (for now, gotta go grab real lunch, etc etc) .... now for the haiku that stood out for me (Finally!! You say!) For me, it'd have to be the 1st, 3rd & 5th... sorry if I won't expound too much now...I'll only touch on the 3rd & 5th ones here though-- the 3rd one made me smile big time, loved that conductor line and the 5th one, just because it is raining here, it was something I can relate to somewhat, even if I am not on a beach right now, but it brought me there. I like it when the piece just takes you on that personal place. Kampai!
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k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/12/2017 2:24:00 AM
oh and yes, making sushi. I know you don't like sushi... but have you ever tried making sushi? I find it very fun!
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/12/2017 2:23:00 AM
Yes, tuning out and zoning (and/or honing) in ... Closest I can get to moments such as that is when I am with food (doiinks, food! again, food!). There are moments for me when I just love being in the wet market (yes, fish guts and all); that and selecting each fruit or veggie; prepping, cooking. And yes working with chocolate. I sometimes get into this zone when I am with chocolate, but yes, it's been too long since I've worked with it. *sighs*
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/10/2017 6:11:00 AM
I think it's about being in a haiku-state-of-mind that is difficult FOR ME. To quiet all the outside influences and see and hear and be aware of what is around me instead of worrying about what is going on in my world. Can the layering, depth, come naturally? Yes!
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/10/2017 6:06:00 AM
:DDD I was a bad hostess. I put up the blog and then spent two hours in the kitchen... then, too tired, I went to bed. Sorry for leaving you alone, but it looks like you still had a good time. I love my fellow ramblers! We must form a rambers club, one day ...
Date: 6/9/2017 10:08:00 PM
Please allow me to be the mushroom in this hotpot, Cyndi. A toss up for if I'll be the shiitake or enoki, but I'm inclined to be the former. Warning: I will major ramble & jump around here, since so many thoughts popped into my head, even if it's related very, very slightly, and knowing myself, I'd still want to squeeze them all in, esp since I have too much to do but still want to type something here ;p. 1: Enjoying this shabu-shabu, goes well with my Japanese dinner for Fridays straight now. Last week, had ramen, & last night cooked sukiyaki & ebi tempura. Darn, now I want some sashimi & sushi, haven't had my fix yet. 2: Speaking of, do you guys in Canada have Bullet Train Sushi? It was my first time to encounter one in Cerritos & oh my goodness, it was the coolest thing for me-- sushi being served on a Bullet Train was too cool! We don't have that here yet cont'd
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k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/12/2017 1:31:00 AM
btw here's a link to the Magic Touch Bullet Train Sushi-- my 4 year old nephew was so smitten by that train ;)
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/12/2017 1:27:00 AM
Again, thank you Cyndi for looking into it-- Interesting suggestion,I will try to play around with that (mainly the syllables, I think it required 5/7/5 before) and write different versions soon... I guess eating sushi can be an acquired thing-- I even have a shirt (was wearing it yesterday, actually. It says, "You are what you eat. So I am sushi.") oh, teriyaki, yummy! I love Japanese food.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/11/2017 10:33:00 AM
Thank you very much for replying and commenting about the haiku, Cyndi & also for your suggestions :) I really appreciate it. Only thing is I am going to be a very bad guest & eat and run. I will try my best to be back here and give a more decent reply. I'm sorry :(
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/10/2017 6:53:00 AM
PS-I don't like sushi. I have tried it because my niece is a huge fan... but it's not for me. Teriyaki, however, mmmmm... ramen is delish to me. No Bullet Train, here, yet.
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 6/10/2017 6:39:00 AM
I like the concepts/realizations within each haiku very much. I do wonder if you could tighten each however... let the haiku be finished by the reader? and what thoughts? Don't do this, but this is just showing a different way to see it: trees try to sway me// as thoughts of us swirl --// lone leaf on my shoe
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/9/2017 10:42:00 PM
Sorry, oops, I am not going for the small talk right now, obviously. You mentioned the 5-7-5 -- *ding* chalk me up as one of those erroneously taught students. But again, speaking of that syllable count can I ask a favor? Would love what you, Chris or anybody would think of some of my 5-7-5 haiku? They're part of a haibun though & I wrote it for Charlotte's contest. If you have time, I'm intrigued what you think of any of them, if they can stand independent of the entire piece. Thank you... adding the link here. I'll go right now & develop some callouses, haha . Seriously thank you if you do read it
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/9/2017 10:35:00 PM
back again to the hot & cold part... for me, writing haiku can definitely be so complex, so measured (kinda not literally) and not seem what it is at first glance. Have you ever played Monument Valley? It's this game I recently downloaded & goodness, it got me hooked. It is a puzzle/logic game, wherein you have to figure out the lead character's path so she can reach the goal. Beautifully rendered in my opinion. Check it out if you have time. I find haiku to be this puzzle, wherein each pc./ word be carefully thought out (see how I contradict myself, ha vs to those times that I just close to blurt them out like burps or hmm belches?; like you just have to let them out & when you do, it is so oddly satisfying <--- goodness, sorry for my analogy)
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 6/9/2017 10:15:00 PM
3: What you said about your thoughts on haiku here, as well as about you writing them, is what I also feel. For me, it's a bit hard to explain, but I mostly go by feel when I read haiku. I can be so dense to the technicalities of it, but there are just those times when I read some & just Know, that that is what haiku was probably created for. Wherein it just encapsulates that moment. and yes, I will get around to sharing which haiku here stood out for me, eventually. Basta, I get into this weird zone when I read haiku 4: What you said about haiku as being deceptively simple. For me, I can run so hot & cold on this. I have gone on some haiku "streaks" before-- in both reading and writing & for me, it is when I overthink it that it truly feels so heavy- forced. But I have written "haiku" in less than 5, even 2,1 minute/s and they feel more like haiku to me than the other ones. BUT of course, I am only banking on what I (in bold, italic) feel, so that's not much weight. doiinks

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