Maltese Poems and Poetry from Malta

Maltese poems and poetry from Malta. Read examples of maltese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Premium Member Poem Love from A Beast MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/20/2017
A Constanza for Lothario MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/19/2017
Pic Motifs: Visual 2 MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/16/2017
Premium Member Poem Pic Motifs Visual 2 MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/16/2017
Premium Member Poem On Tranquil Lake MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/15/2017
Premium Member Poem Love's Metamorphosis MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/13/2017
Premium Member Poem The Stalker MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/11/2017
Premium Member Poem The Day I spent in Detention MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/09/2017
A Fruit Haiku MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/07/2017
Premium Member Poem The Inept Pianist MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/07/2017
Premium Member Poem From my Diary: Introspection MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/03/2017
Premium Member Poem The Sky She Sees Is Beautiful MalteseMaltaChircop, Charmaine11/02/2017
Premium Member Poem A Short Fleeting Moment of Happiness MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor11/01/2017
Premium Member Poem Halloween Dare: Trick or Treat MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/30/2017
In the Playground MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/29/2017
Premium Member Poem Perchance to Dream MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/29/2017
Bandit the Cat MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/28/2017
Premium Member Poem The Murder of Cherry Creek Town MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/27/2017
Premium Member Poem 6 to 8- Melody of Sadness MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/25/2017
Cornucopia MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/24/2017
Premium Member Poem Memory of Our Honeymoon MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/23/2017
Grouchman MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/22/2017
Non-consensual MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/21/2017
Halloween Senryu MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/15/2017
Minimalist: Song of Despair MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/14/2017
Broken-hearted MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/13/2017
Premium Member Poem The Birth of Concert Sound MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/11/2017
Premium Member Poem Love Boats MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/09/2017
Writing With Weeping Words MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/08/2017
Premium Member Poem Yesteryear Memories MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/06/2017
Wind beneath Their Wings MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/05/2017
Sevenbits - Nature MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul10/04/2017
Premium Member Poem The Old Couple and the School Brats MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/04/2017
Premium Member Poem Terror in the Night MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor10/02/2017
Night Sky Blue MalteseMaltaCalleja, Miriam10/01/2017
Premium Member Poem Phone Call To Gwammy Bout the Wain MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/29/2017
Premium Member Poem Under the Jacaranda Tree MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/27/2017
Forgotten MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/26/2017
Premium Member Poem Visiting Again the Valley MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/26/2017
Premium Member Poem Spanish Musings - Refelections MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/24/2017
Premium Member Poem Free as a Gentle Wind MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/22/2017
Rain Falls Unbroken MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/21/2017
Autumn's Spell MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/20/2017
Premium Member Poem There are Stairs and Stairs MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/20/2017
Premium Member Poem The Maple Tree MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/18/2017
Premium Member Poem Why Did She Die MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/16/2017
Premium Member Poem SEGUIDILLA - 3 MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/14/2017
Premium Member Poem On the Dark Verge of Insanity MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/13/2017
Premium Member Poem Unbidden Memories Past MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/11/2017
Premium Member Poem Stifling a Giggle MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/09/2017