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What is Prose?

Definition of Prose

Prose is writing distinguished from poetry by its greater variety of rhythm and its closer resemblance to the patterns of everyday speech. The word prose comes from the Latin prosa, meaning straightforward. This describes the type of writing that prose embodies, unadorned with obvious stylistic devices. Prose writing is usually adopted for the description of facts or the discussion of ideas. Thus, it may be used for newspapers, magazines, novels, encyclopedias, screenplays, films, philosophy, letters, essays, history, biography and many other forms of media.

Example of Prose

A Port is a delightful place of rest for a soul weary of life's battles. The vastness of the sky, the mobile architecture of the clouds, the changing coloration of the sea, the twinkling of the lights, are a prism marvellously fit to amuse the eyes without ever tiring them. The slender shapes of the ships with their complicated rigging, to which the surge lends harmonious oscillations, serve to sustain within the soul the taste for rhythm and beauty. Also, and above all, for the man who of mysterious and aristocratic pleasure in contemplating, while lying on the belvedere or resting his elbows on the jetty-head, all these movements of men who are leaving and men who are returning, of those who still have the strength to will, the desire to travel or to enrich themselves.

--Charles Baudelaire--

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Premium Member Poem Revolutions within Earth's Evolution community, health, philosophy, power,Prose PoetryDillenbeck, Gerald
thank you for all best friend, break up,Prose PoetryDHAMA, SHUBHAM
A Part Of Me Died With You change, growing up, memory,ProseChos, Derek
Goose Eggs abortionProseMahoney, Donal
Butter or Margarine educationProseMahoney, Donal
Reverse age, community, i am,Prose PoetryAlepta, Liam
Poor man's prayer poverty, prayerProse PoetryMsuku, Terence
Anxiety, Not A Death Warrant adventure, anxiety, change, christian,Prosejohnson, curtis
Caseworker, 1962 povertyProseMahoney, Donal
An echo faith, heaven, hope, loss,Prose PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Cold, lonely, desolate night fear, loneliness, natureProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Cosmic, enigmatic freedom, image, life, natureProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Captured Thoughts christianProse PoetryMitchell, Evan
Premium Member Poem The Old Ball Game baseballProseDietrich, Andrea
The Origional Formula christianProse PoetryMitchell, Evan
You Can't Have This christianProse PoetryMitchell, Evan
So unsettling, to say the least political, rightsProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Bitten and Bruised abuse, bullying, depression, drug,Prose PoetryKarpinske, Melisa
Sickly vine, thriving vine freedom, societyProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Premium Member Poem AUTISM me, mental illness, self,Prose PoetryWhite, Darren
Just like you should have yesterday absence, addiction, ageProseWard, Clay
Some Day introspection, parents, sorryProse PoetryForsythe, Curtis
Interlopers anger, how i feel,ProseForsythe, Curtis
SPRING ROLLS addiction, angst, betrayal, childhood,Prosepressman, amanda
Premium Member Poem The Old Container abuse, boy, child, childProse PoetryWhite, Darren
If this is faith, philosophy, religion, strengthProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
She finally lets down her guard image, peaceProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Let there be light allegory, care, hope, humanityProse PoetryWason, Prashant
Premium Member Poem La la land allusion, darkProse PoetryAcquah, Vicki
measure up my love i love you, iProse PoetryBrown, Brandi Elizabeth
Legend music, workProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
The good stinging snow imageryProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Divyaang imagination, lifeProse PoetryDhiman, Amit
Interlude freedom, heart, love, romanceProse PoetryGlenister, Craig
Should darkness come philosophy, religionProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Why, oh why, my mom, Don't see my cry baby, books, children, education,Prose Poetrynair, sadashivan
WAITING FOR THE MAGIC leadership, political, psychologicalProsecisneros, norberto franco
Doing Laundry on a Farm in the Fifities age, farmProseMahoney, Donal
Super moon suite image, lyric, philosophyProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
3 No house built on a bridge philosophyProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Draining The Ocean christianProse PoetryMitchell, Evan
God Is Not A Day Job christianProse PoetryMitchell, Evan
Falling Glitter christianProseMitchell, Evan
Premium Member Poem B13-POEM 25 OUR WISH FOR YOU angst, birthday, boxing day ,Prose PoetryWells, Jerry
Premium Member Poem B13- POEM 24 THE ONLY MOMENT absence, angel, baseball, birth,Prose PoetryWells, Jerry
Premium Member Poem B13-POEM 23 I WILL ALWAYS DO MY DREAMING AT HOME appreciation, baptism, beautiful, beauty,Prose PoetryWells, Jerry
2 No house built on a bridge philosophyProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Freckles They Called Him race, retirementProseMahoney, Donal
1 No house built on a bridge philosophyProse PoetryOnderisin, Gary
Premium Member Poem Theories of Every Big and Little Thing culture, earth, health, history,Prose PoetryDillenbeck, Gerald