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Louisa May Alcott Poems

A collection of select Louisa May Alcott famous poems that were written by Louisa May Alcott or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Alcott, Louisa May
 The moonlight fades from flower and rose 
And the stars dim one by one; 
The tale is told, the song is sung, 
And the Fairy feast is done. 
The night-wind rocks the sleeping flowers, 
And sings to them, soft and low. 
The early birds erelong will wake: 
'T is time for the Elves to go. 

O'er the sleeping earth...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 From our happy home 
Through the world we roam 
One week in all the year, 
Making winter spring 
With the joy we bring 
For Christmas-tide is here. 

Now the eastern star 
Shines from afar 
To light the poorest home; 
Hearts warmer grow, 
Gifts freely flow, 
For Christmas-tide has come. 

Now gay trees rise 
Before young eyes, 
Abloom with tempting...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Little shadows, little shadows 
Dancing on the chamber wall, 
While I sit beside the hearthstone 
Where the red flames rise and fall. 
Caps and nightgowns, caps and nightgowns, 
My three antic shadows wear; 
And no sound they make in playing, 
For the six small feet are bare. 

Dancing gayly, dancing gayly, 
To and fro all together, 
Like a family...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Swallow, swallow, neighbor swallow, 
Starting on your autumn flight, 
Pause a moment at my window, 
Twitter softly your good-night; 
For the summer days are over, 
All your duties are well done, 
And the happy homes you builded 
Have grown empty, one by one. 
Swallow, swallow, neighbor swallow, 
Are you ready for your flight? 
Are all the feather cloaks completed?...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Awake! Awake! for the earliest gleam 
Of golden sunlight shines 
On the rippling waves, that brightly flow 
Beneath the flowering vines. 
Awake! Awake! for the low, sweet chant 
Of the wild-birds' morning hymn 
Comes floating by on the fragrant air, 
Through the forest cool and dim; 
Then spread each wing, 
And work, and sing, 
Through the long, bright sunny...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Thistledown in prison sings:

Bright shines the summer sun,
Soft is the summer air;
Gayly the wood-birds sing,
Flowers are blooming fair.
But, deep in the dark, cold rock,
Sadly I dwell,
Longing for thee, dear friend, 
Lily-Bell! Lily-Bell!

Lily-Bell replies:

Through sunlight and summer air
I have sought for thee long,
Guided by birds and flowers,
And now by thy song.

Thistledown! Thistledown!
O'er hill and dell
Hither to comfort thee
Comes Lily-Bell....Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 We are sending you, dear flowers 
Forth alone to die, 
Where your gentle sisters may not weep 
O'er the cold graves where you lie; 
But you go to bring them fadeless life 
In the bright homes where they dwell, 
And you softly smile that't is so, 
As we sadly sing farewell. 
O plead with gentle words for us, 
And...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Brighter shone the golden shadows; 
On the cool wind softly came 
The low, sweet tones of happy flowers, 
Singing little Violet's name. 
'Mong the green trees was it whispered, 
And the bright waves bore it on 
To the lonely forest flowers, 
Where the glad news had not gone. 

Thus the Frost-King lost his kingdom, 
And his power to harm...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Long ago in a poultry yard 
One dull November morn, 
Beneath a motherly soft wing 
A little goose was born. 

Who straightway peeped out of the shell 
To view the world beyond, 
Longing at once to sally forth 
And paddle in the pond. 

"Oh! be not rash," her father said, 
A mild Socratic bird; 
Her mother begged her not...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Oh! a bare, brown rock 
Stood up in the sea, 
The waves at its feet 
Dancing merrily. 

A little bubble 
Once came sailing by, 
And thus to the rock 
Did it gayly cry,-- 

"Ho! clumsy brown stone, 
Quick, make way for me: 
I'm the fairest thing 
That floats on the sea. 

"See my rainbow-robe, 
See my crown of light,...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 O flower at my window 
Why blossom you so fair, 
With your green and purple cup 
Upturned to sun and air? 
'I bloom, blithesome Bessie, 
To cheer your childish heart; 
The world is full of labor, 
And this shall be my part.' 
Whirl, busy wheel, faster, 
Spin, little thread, spin; 
The sun shines fair without, 
And we are gay...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 O lesson well and wisely taught 
Stay with me to the last, 
That all my life may better be 
For the trial that is past. 
O vanity, mislead no more! 
Sleep, like passions, long! 
Wake, happy heart, and dance again 
To the music of my song! 

O summer days, flit fast away, 
And bring the blithesome hour 
When we...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 We sighing said, "Our Pan is dead; 
His pipe hangs mute beside the river 
Around it wistful sunbeams quiver, 
But Music's airy voice is fled. 
Spring mourns as for untimely frost; 
The bluebird chants a requiem; 
The willow-blossom waits for him; 
The Genius of the wood is lost." 

Then from the flute, untouched by hands, 
There came a low,...Read More

by Alcott, Louisa May
 Mysterious death! who in a single hour 
Life's gold can so refine 
And by thy art divine 
Change mortal weakness to immortal power! 

Bending beneath the weight of eighty years 
Spent with the noble strife 
of a victorious life 
We watched her fading heavenward, through our tears. 

But ere the sense of loss our hearts had wrung 
A miracle...Read More