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Alexander Pope Short Poems

Famous Short Alexander Pope Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Alexander Pope. A collection of the all-time best Alexander Pope short poems

by Alexander Pope
 I am his Highness' dog at Kew;
Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?

by Alexander Pope
 Two or three visits, and two or three bows,
Two or three civil things, two or three vows,
Two or three kisses, with two or three sighs,
Two or three Jesus's - and let me dies-
Two or three squeezes, and two or three towses,
With two or three thousand pound lost at their houses,
Can never fail cuckolding two or three spouses.

by Alexander Pope
 I know the thing that's most uncommon;
(Envy be silent and attend!)
I know a Reasonable Woman,
Handsome and witty, yet a Friend.
Not warp'd by Passion, aw'd by Rumour, Not grave thro' Pride, or gay thro' Folly, An equal Mixture of good Humour, And sensible soft Melancholy.
`Has she no Faults then (Envy says) Sir?' Yes she has one, I must aver: When all the World comspires to praise her, The Woman's deaf, and does not hear.

by Alexander Pope
 You know where you did despise 
(Tother day) my little Eyes, 
Little Legs, and little Thighs, 
And some things, of little Size, 
You know where.
You, tis true, have fine black eyes, Taper legs, and tempting Thighs, Yet what more than all we prize Is a Thing of little Size, You know where.

by Alexander Pope
 So when Curll's Stomach the strong Drench o'ercame,
(Infus'd in Vengenance of insulted Fame)
Th' Avenger sees, with a delighted Eye,
His long Jaws open, and his Colour fly;
And while his Guts the keen Emeticks urge,
Smiles on the Vomit, and enjoys the Purge.