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Nazim Hikmet Poems

A collection of select Nazim Hikmet famous poems that were written by Nazim Hikmet or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Hikmet, Nazim
 it's 1962 March 28th
I'm sitting by the window on the Prague-Berlin train 
night is falling
I never knew I liked
night descending like a tired bird on a smoky wet plain...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 to the memory of my friend SI-YA-U,
 whose head was cut off in Shanghai


Renowned Leonardo's
"La Gioconda"
has disappeared.
And in the space
vacated by the fugitive
a copy has been placed.

The poet...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim

Living is no laughing matter:
 you must live with great seriousness
 like a squirrel, for example--
 I mean without looking for something beyond and above living,
 I mean living...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
I carved your name on my watchband
with my fingernail.
Where I am, you know,
I don't have a pearl-handled jackknife
(they won't give me anything sharp)
 or a plane tree with its...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 You're like a scorpion, my brother,
you live in cowardly darkness
 like a scorpion.
You're like a sparrow, my brother,
always in a sparrow's flutter.
You're like a clam, my brother,
closed like a...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 Bursa Prison
My one and only!
Your last letter says:
"My head is throbbing,
 my heart is stunned!"
You say:
"If they hang you,
 if I lose you,
 I'll die!"
You'll live, my dear--
my...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 I was born in 1902
I never once went back to my birthplace
I don't like to turn back
at three I served as a pasha's grandson in Aleppo
at nineteen as a...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 as a child he never plucked the wings off flies
he didn't tie tin cans to cats' tails
or lock beetles in matchboxes
or stomp anthills
he grew up
and all those things were...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 Oh, both my shoes are shiny new,
And pristine is my hat;
My dress is 1922....
My life is all like that....Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 You waste the attention of your eyes, 
the glittering labour of your hands, 
and knead the dough enough for dozens of loaves 
of which you'll taste not a morsel;...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 I stand in the advancing light,
my hands hungry, the world beautiful.

My eyes can't get enough of the trees--
they're so hopeful, so green.

A sunny road runs through the mulberries,
I'm at...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 Our eyes
 are limpid
 drops of water.
In each drop exists
 a tiny sign
 of our genius
which has given life to cold iron.
Our eyes
 are limpid
 drops of water
merged absolutely...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 Taut, thick fingers punch
the teeth of my typewriter.
Three words are down on paper
 in capitals:
And me -- poet, proofreader,
the man who's forced to read
two thousand bad lines
...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 The hair falling on your forehead
 suddenly lifted.
Suddenly something stirred on the ground.
The trees are whispering
 in the dark.
Your bare arms will be cold.

Far off
 where we can't see,
...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
 Today is Sunday. 
For the first time they took me out into the sun today. 
And for the first time in my life I was aghast 
that the sky...Read More