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Sir Walter Raleigh Biography | Poet

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Poet Sir Walter Raleigh made a mark on the world by doing a number of courageous things in addition to his many literary works of art. Today, many people read his poetry without fully realizing what his life was all about. The truth is, he was involved in a number of pioneering movements. Raleigh had a habit of standing up for what he believed in, whether it was right, wrong or indifferent. He was born on January 22 in Devon, England. Some people believe he was born in 1552, while others think that he was born two years later. He died on October 29, 1618 in London. His most influential work of poetry was entitled “The Lie.”

Sir Walter Raleigh was not formally educated in college, but instead went to fight in a number of different civil wars that were raging on at the time. He chose to fight with his colleagues as opposed to simply sitting on the sidelines and writing about it. However, he did use his experiences during battle to fuel a number of the points that he would write about later on in his life. He also used these experiences to form much of his personality, including his future endeavors as a politician and pioneering explorer. His courage in battle place him in the good graces of the Queen so for a time, he was able to do practically anything he wished.

In addition to “The Lie,” he published countless numbers of poems such as “Love and Time” and “Sweet Unsure.” His books of poetry are still widely read all over the world. Many people like his poetry because he is capable of demonstrating a great deal of human emotion in a matter of only a few words. This is something that takes a great deal of skill in order to accomplish effectively. Without a doubt, Sir Walter Raleigh was able to do exactly that.

When it came to the significance of Sir Walter Raleigh's life, he was much more than a gifted poet. He was an equally gifted politician and he gained special permission from the Queen to go on two separate trips in order to explore other parts of the world. In fact, he got himself into trouble during the first expedition and ended up being held for treason inside the Tower of London for a short period of time. Eventually, he regained favor with the Queen, but after she passed away shortly thereafter he was once again in trouble for the same thing. Although he was able to complete a second expedition, he eventually was arrested and beheaded in London, England in 1618.

Despite the fact that he was beheaded, he is considered to be one of the foremost poets that ever lived. He was capable of transcending his personal life into words on paper that resonated with practically everyone the read them. Perhaps that is the reason that his works are still considered to be among the most important poems that ever existed. 

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