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Sarojini Naidu Poems

A collection of select Sarojini Naidu famous poems that were written by Sarojini Naidu or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Naidu, Sarojini
 Tell me no more of thy love, papeeha,
Wouldst thou recall to my heart, papeeha,
Dreams of delight that are gone,
When swift to my side came the feet of my lover
With stars of the dusk and the dawn?
I see the soft wings of the clouds on the river,
And jewelled with raindrops the mango-leaves quiver,
And tender boughs flower on the plain.....
But what...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini

Lift up the veils that darken the delicate moon 
of thy glory and grace,
Withhold not, O love, from the night 
of my longing the joy of thy luminous face,
Give me a spear of the scented keora 
guarding thy pinioned curls, 
Or a silken thread from the fringes 
that trouble the dream of thy glimmering pearls;
Faint grows my soul with...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 Like a joy on the heart of a sorrow,
 The sunset hangs on a cloud;
A golden storm of glittering sheaves,
Of fair and frail and fluttering leaves,
 The wild wind blows in a cloud.

Hark to a voice that is calling
 To my heart in the voice of the wind:
My heart is weary and sad and alone,
For its dreams like the...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 FROM groves of spice, 
O'er fields of rice, 
Athwart the lotus-stream, 
I bring for you, 
Aglint with dew 
A little lovely dream. 

Sweet, shut your eyes, 
The wild fire-fiies 
Dance through the fairy neem; 
From the poppy-bole 
For you I stole 
A little lovely dream.

Dear eyes, good-night, 
In golden light 
The stars around you gleam; 
On you I press...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 Mens Voices:

LORD of the lotus, lord of the harvest, 
Bright and munificent lord of the morn! 
Thine is the bounty that prospered our sowing, 
Thine is the bounty that nurtured our corn. 
We bring thee our songs and our garlands for tribute, 
The gold of our fields and the gold of our fruit; 
O giver of mellowing radiance, we...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 EYES ravished with rapture, celestially panting, what passionate bosoms aflaming with fire 
Drink deep of the hush of the hyacinth heavens that glimmer around them in fountains of light; 
O wild and entrancing the strain of keen music that cleaveth the stars like a wail of desire, 
And beautiful dancers with houri-like faces bewitch the voluptuous watches of night....Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini

LIKE a serpent to the calling voice of flutes, 
Glides my heart into thy fingers, O my Love! 
Where the night-wind, like a lover, leans above 
His jasmine-gardens and sirisha-bowers; 
And on ripe boughs of many-coloured fruits 
Bright parrots cluster like vermilion flowers. 


Like the perfume in the petals of a rose, 
Hides thy heart within my bosom, O...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 WEAVERS, weaving at break of day, 
Why do you weave a garment so gay? . . . 
Blue as the wing of a halcyon wild, 
We weave the robes of a new-born child.

Weavers, weaving at fall of night, 
Why do you weave a garment so bright? . . . 
Like the plumes of a peacock, purple and green, 
We...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 CHILDREN, ye have not lived, to you it seems 
Life is a lovely stalactite of dreams, 
Or carnival of careless joys that leap 
About your hearts like billows on the deep 
In flames of amber and of amethyst. 

Children, ye have not lived, ye but exist 
Till some resistless hour shall rise and move 
Your hearts to wake and...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 HAVE YOU found me, at last, O my Dream? Seven eons ago 
You died and I buried you deep under forests of snow. 
Why have you come hither? Who bade you awake from your sleep 
And track me beyond the cerulean foam of the deep? 

Would you tear from my lintels these sacred green garlands of leaves? 
Would you...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 SEE how the speckled sky burns like a pigeon's throat, 
Jewelled with embers of opal and peridote. 

See the white river that flashes and scintillates, 
Curved like a tusk from the mouth of the city-gates. 

Hark, from the minaret, how the muezzin's call 
Floats like a battle-flag over the city wall. 

From trellised balconies, languid and luminous 
Faces gleam,...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 DEIGN, Prince, my tribute to receive, 
This lyric offering to your name, 
Who round your jewelled scepter bind 
The lilies of a poet's fame; 
Beneath whose sway concordant dwell 
The peoples whom your laws embrace, 
In brotherhood of diverse creeds, 
And harmony of diverse race:

The votaries of the Prophet's faith, 
Of whom you are the crown and chief 
And...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 Lightly, O lightly we bear her along,
She sways like a flower in the wind of our song;
She skims like a bird on the foam of a stream,
She floats like a laugh from the lips of a dream.
Gaily, O gaily we glide and we sing,
We bear her along like a pearl on a string.

Softly, O softly we bear her along,
She...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 The new hath come and now the old retires: 
And so the past becomes a mountain-cell, 
Where lone, apart, old hermit-memories dwell 
In consecrated calm, forgotten yet 
Of the keen heart that hastens to forget 
Old longings in fulfilling new desires. 

And now the Soul stands in a vague, intense 
Expectancy and anguish of suspense, 
On the dim chamber-threshold...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 ONCE in the dream of a night I stood 
Lone in the light of a magical wood, 
Soul-deep in visions that poppy-like sprang; 
And spirits of Truth were the birds that sang, 
And spirits of Love were the stars that glowed, 
And spirits of Peace were the streams that flowed 
In that magical wood in the land of sleep.

Lone...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 WHEN dawn's first cymbals beat upon the sky, 
Rousing the world to labour's various cry, 
To tend the flock, to bind the mellowing grain, 
From ardent toil to forge a little gain, 
And fasting men go forth on hurrying feet, 
Buy bread, buy bread, rings down the eager street. 

When the earth falters and the waters swoon 
With the...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 O YOUNG through all thy immemorial years! 
Rise, Mother, rise, regenerate from thy gloom, 
And, like a bride high-mated with the spheres, 
Beget new glories from thine ageless womb!

The nations that in fettered darkness weep 
Crave thee to lead them where great mornings break . . . . 
Mother, O Mother, wherefore dost thou sleep? 
Arise and answer for...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 Jaya Surya

GOLDEN sun of victory, born 
In my life's unclouded morn, 
In my lambent sky of love, 
May your growing glory prove 
Sacred to your consecration, 
To my heart and to my nation. 
Sun of victory, may you be 
Sun of song and liberty. 


Lotus-maiden, you who claim 
All the sweetness of your name, 
Lakshmi, fortune's queen, defend you,...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 NAY, no longer I may hold you, 
In my spirit's soft caresses, 
Nor like lotus-leaves enfold you 
In the tangles of my tresses. 
Fairy fancies, fly away 
To the white cloud-wildernesses, 
Fly away!

Nay, no longer ye may linger 
With your laughter-lighted faces, 
Now I am a thought-worn singer 
In life's high and lonely places. 
Fairy fancies, fly away, 
To...Read More

by Naidu, Sarojini
 UNWILLING priestess in thy cruel fane, 
Long hast thou held me, pitiless god of Pain, 
Bound to thy worship by reluctant vows, 
My tired breast girt with suffering, and my brows 
Anointed with perpetual weariness. 
Long have I borne thy service, through the stress 
Of rigorous years, sad days and slumberless nights, 
Performing thine inexorable rites. 

For thy dark...Read More