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Famous Suleiman The Magnificent Quotations

Best famous Suleiman The Magnificent quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Suleiman The Magnificent. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Suleiman The Magnificent.

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Quote Left I, the sultan of sultans, and the strongest ruler, the loftiest king who defeats the kingdoms around the world, and the shadow of Allah in the Earth, am the son of Sultan Selim who is the son of Sultan Beyazid, Sultan Suleiman, Caesar of Rome, the sultan of Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea, and Thrace, and Anatolia, and Karaman and the City of Dulkadir and Diyarbakir and Kurdistan, and Iran and Damascus and Aleppo and Egypt and Mecca and Medinah and Jerusalem and the whole Arab land and Yemen and many more lands that our lofty ancestors conquered with their crushing powers and I conquered with my fire-scattering sword... Quote Right
Quote Left I am Suleiman the Magnificent. I AM the Ottoman Empire. Quote Right
Quote Left The people think of wealth and power as the greatest fate, But in this world a spell of health is the best state. Quote Right
Quote Left What men call sovereignty is a worldly strife and constant war; Worship of God is the highest throne, the happiest of all estates. Quote Right
Quote Left The generosity of the Ottoman Empire is legendary. Have some coin. Quote Right
Quote Left He who has no bread has no authority. Quote Right
Quote Left My soldiers rally under the crescent banner. We march! Quote Right
Quote Left Janissaries are famous for their cooking. Perhaps you'd like a taste? Quote Right
Quote Left There is little to gain from further conflict. Quote Right
Quote Left Olives from the Mediterranean, dates from Mesopotamia. All for you to sample. Quote Right
Quote Left An open mouth remains not hungry. I need Food, my ally. Quote Right
Quote Left We are a long way from the Ottoman Empire, my friend, and I have not the troops to spare. Quote Right
Quote Left I could send you our finest cooks, tailors, animal keepers and advisers, but for soldiers, we have none. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm sure that will fetch a fine price at the bazaar, my friend. Quote Right
Quote Left NULLWe shall put this food to good use. Quote Right