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Hafez Poems

A collection of select Hafez famous poems that were written by Hafez or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Hafez,
Beauty is a waving tree,
Beauty is a flower,
Beauty is a grassy lea
& a shady bower,
Beauty is the verdant Spring
In our hearts awakening.

Beauty is a summer sun
Warming all the land,
Whose full...Read More

by Hafez,
All things born to break
In meek sacrifice
For another’s sake,

All man’s striving vain,
Lavish’d as the price
Of the heart’s hid pain—

Long, O spirit-bird,
Of thy lonely fear
Hast thou sung unheard

In hope’s moon-lit wood,
While...Read More

by Hafez,
Though beauty’s tress be strayed, ’tis beauteous still:
Though her bright glance should wander, though it err
& wound me, it shall be forgiven her;
Yea, lov’d is the Belovéd though she kill.

Though...Read More

by Hafez,
Where is the pious doer? & I the estray’d one, where?
Behold how far the distance, from his safe home to here!

Dark is the stony desert, trackless & vast & dim,
Where...Read More

by Hafez,
O gentle weariness,
Thine is the power that can all spirits free
From bonding-trouble, thou art a goddess
To all the suffering slaves of misery.

Thy sanctuary
No suppliant vainly seeketh; wheresoe’er
Desperate grief is, then...Read More

by Hafez,
Wheresoever beauty flies,
Follow her on eager wings
Beauteous wild imaginings.

Wheresoever she may tread,
Lovely vivid flowers arise,
Springing swift as thoughts unsaid.

Living beauty, more than wise,
Fair art thou to living eyes,
Though less fair...Read More

by Hafez,
Come let us drink & deeply drown
In Heav’n’s pure wine our sorrowing!
Fling ye earth’s faded garlands down,
Scatter away life’s flowering!

Though sorrow’s myriad armies strive
To subjugate & slay us, we,
O proud...Read More

by Hafez,
When thou art gone, & when are gone all those
That knew thee & that loved thy living grace,
Merged in the formless flood whence all arose,

When thou hast passed, & of...Read More

by Hafez,
When first to earth thy gentle spirit came
From some soft climate of Elysian field,
Garmented in its own ethereal flame;

When first from heav’n’s high peace it enter’d here,
No armour had it...Read More

by Hafez,
In love’s great ocean, whose calm-shelter’d shore
Must he for ever leave, whose soul is bound
On farthest quest, life’s wonders to explore—

That mightiest flood, all-whelming, torment-toss’d,
Wherein must ev’ry lover’s self be...Read More

by Hafez,
I called to fading day
As o’er the hill she flew,
‘Whither, glad light, away?
Take me, O take me too!’
She said, ‘O wingless one,
Thou hast thy memoried sun’.
I said to the droop’d...Read More

by Hafez,
Wend I, wander I, past all worlds that be;
Ever have I wander’d or e’er the earth was made;
Urg’d like the álien áir o’er land & sea,
Sleepless as sunlight, joyless as...Read More

by Hafez,
She went.—O whither too, O one true love,
Went my sad heart, thou knowest. Lo my prayer
Followeth thee, & faith that nought may move.

With prayer I came, & now with pleading...Read More

by Hafez,
Go, book: go, vessel laden with the mind
That builded thee, go now & bear thy freight
Of man’s old messaging to all mankind.

Say first:—Such oft-told things as I relate,
Such pond’rous words...Read More

by Hafez,
I said, ‘O heavenly Leader, O truth’s day,
Guide thou this wanderer’. He said, ‘In quest
Of his own pleasure did thy wand’rer stray’.

I pleaded, ‘Bide with me’. He answer’d, ‘Nay,
Unmeet were...Read More