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Du Fu Short Poems

Famous Short Du Fu Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Du Fu. A collection of the all-time best Du Fu short poems

by Du Fu
Late sun river hill beautiful
Spring wind flower grass fragrant
Mud thaw fly swallow
Sand warm sleep mandarin duck

In late sun, the river and hills are beautiful,
The spring breeze bears the fragrance of flowers and grass.
The mud has thawed, and swallows fly around,
On the warm sand, mandarin ducks are sleeping.

by Du Fu
River moon go person only few feet
Lantern shine night approach third watch
Sand head overnight egret join curl peaceful
Boat stern jump fish splash noise

The moon's reflected on the river a few feet away,
A lantern shines in the night near the third watch.
On the sand, egrets sleep, peacefully curled together,
Behind the boat I hear the splash of jumping fish.

by Du Fu
River blue bird exceed white
Hill green flower about to ignite
This spring see again have
What day be return year

The river's blue, the bird a perfect white,
The mountain green with flowers about to blaze.
I've watched the spring pass away again,
When will I be able to return?

by Li Bai
I met Du Fu on a mountaintop

in August when the sun was hot.
Under the shade of his big straw hat his face was sad-- in the years since we last parted, he'd grown wane, exhausted.
Poor old Du Fu, I thought then, he must be agonizing over poetry again.

by Du Fu
Huangsi girl house flowers fill path
Thousand blossom ten thousand blossom press branch low
Reluctant to leave play butterfly constantly dance
Free and unrestrained lovely oriole cry

At Huang Si's house, flowers fill the path,
Myriad blossoms press the branches low.
Constantly dancing butterflies stay to play,
Unrestrained, the lovely orioles cry.

by Du Fu
Huang abbot pagoda before river water east
Spring bright lazy sleepy rely on light wind
Peach blossom one clump open without owner
Lovely deep red love light red

Before Abbot Huang's pagoda, east of the river water,
Spring is bright and delicate in the gentle breeze.
One clump of peach blossom's opened, no-one to own it,
Is dark or light red more to be loved?

by Du Fu
Jincheng silk flute day mixed
Half enter river wind half enter cloud
This tune only should heaven on go
Human world able get how many times hear

In Jincheng, music of silk and flutes mixes together all day,
Half goes to the river breeze, half goes to the clouds.
Music such as this should only go to heaven above,
In this human world, how many times can it be heard?

by Du Fu
Qi prince house in ordinary see
Cui Jiu hall before several times listen
Real be river south good landscape
Fall blossom season again meet you

In Prince Qi's mansion house, I met you often,
By Cui Jiu's hall, I heard you several times.
Truly the landscape south of the river is good,
I meet you again in the season of falling blossom.