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Rain Dance Poems

Rain Dance Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of rain dance poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for rain dance.

New Poems

Premium Member The Little Things
Watching a sunset with someone who cares
Hearing the rain dance on an old tin roof
Knowing what it feels like to have her there
Spending a whole day hearing only truth

Cuddling in the morn, cuddling in the night
A heartfelt smile with a...Read More
Categories: rain dance, appreciation, beauty, love,
Form: Sonnet

The Moon Man and Emu Eggs

The full moon is a dead crow
Picking away at my skull
A plastic glamor feeding lies
I have been dying all day
Each moon ray painting
Blue and red lines on my old sarcophagus
There is an emu egg inside my heart
Its incandescent, pulsing, breathing...Read More
Categories: rain dance, anger, animal, feelings, horror, lonely,
Form: Free verse
the flood
i want to be more
than a bother
to you

more than the 
thorn or

ligament that

from being what
all above me
could ever

but to some
they say my sore

is the
worst that
i could in any

way could
be but i

my tantrum as if
a secretly sacred
rain dance that

not...Read More
Categories: rain dance, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Mr Storm
There's a storm brewing in the skies
I see it clear through my brown eyes 
The clouds are thick with heavy rain
Oh Lord here comes the storm again
I'll find some shelter from the storm 
Cause I don't want it to cause...Read More
Categories: rain dance, adventure, appreciation, blessing, environment, imagery, storm,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member rain dance

rain dance

Evil takes his victory lap
while ashes like confetti fall.
But demons stay their hands mid-clap,
now doubting they’ve won, after all...

For on the charred and war-stained sands,
Hope, in pink galoshes stands.

September 29, 2019
Make IT Six Contest
Picture #4
Joseph May, Sponsor

...Read More
Categories: rain dance, hope,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Thunder in Clear Skies
Plants swaying, beautiful sky, softest feeling
Clouds crusted in white with gray centers
An unexpected warmth to the air this morning.
Any hope of rain? I peer at the clouds, not knowing.
Decide to lug the hoses around and water my flowers.

A few minutes...Read More
Categories: rain dance, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Own Rain Dance
Plants swaying, beautiful sky, softest feeling
Clouds crusted in white with gray centers
An unexpected warmth to the air this morning.
Any hope of rain? I peer at the clouds, not knowing.
Decide to lug the hoses around and water my flowers.

A few minutes...Read More
Categories: rain dance, native american, rain,
Form: Light Verse
out of rain 
out of water
garden pond dehydrated
organising rain dance
goldfish performing arts.

black roots displayed
funny women
pride and vanity shall destroy them!...Read More
Categories: rain dance, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Rain Dance
My mother puts on her royal attire
To do the rain dance of a princess,
But her feet are barren,
For it no longer rains like before.

Years ago, I watched mother dance,
Her fingers plucking moon petals,
And dropping them on my sleepy eyelids
While I...Read More
Categories: rain dance, africa, age, allusion, america, anger, angst, anxiety,
Form: I do not know?
Rain Dance
Waiting for thunder, waiting for rain
Waiting for lightning to strike on the plain

When will it come, when will it come?
The heat of the sun on the skin of a drum

Watching horizons,watching the hills
Watching the widening cracks in the rills

When will...Read More
Categories: rain dance, dance, longing, rain, sound, summer, water, weather,
Form: Rhyme
Rain Dance
Do you see the rain dance
no drop at a still stance,
pitter pattering all around
bouncing back to the ground

Steady there while you sit
as atop your head they hit,
each one is an invitation
and a newfound inspiration

No more need to stay inside
or under...Read More
Categories: rain dance, dance, fun, joy, nature, rain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Feather In the Forest
A feather in the forest glowing
Brightly shining green yellow
A cottonwood applaudes the coming of the rains
Waving glimmering in rain rays
Reminding me to dance in the sun
Wet enlightening...Read More
Categories: rain dance, joy,
Form: Personification
Premium Member RIPPLES

Sun spice
Rain nice

Rain dance
High low 
Deep trance

Joy springs
New gaze
Love brings
Crisp craze

Looks tell
Bright lot
Dreams dwell
Pure thought

Craft choice
Grand chance 
Play poise
Sweet dance

Spread spice
Feel nice

Leon Enriquez
19 June 2018
Hamlet Place, ACT

...Read More
Categories: rain dance, allegory,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member My Purpose in Life
What is my purpose in life?
Is it to make you see the positive in yours?
…for what is the purpose of rain?
Is it to ruin my day and make me carry an umbrella, 
whose pointy tip will certainly put a run...Read More
Categories: rain dance, inspirational love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member HAIKU TRIP 2

Autumn moon
Luna aura bright;
Wind-blown whispers


Dinner roundtable 
Mealtime conversations;
Family takeaway


Drizzle rain dance
Windy wetness spreads;
Pitch-black frozen touch


Chinese tea brew
Hot infusion warms;
Heart feels vigour spread


Movie treat
Blockbuster hit;
Marvel at Marvel


On track here
Road trip to wherever;
Apple orchards call


Flea market fringe
Rows of sweet surprise;
Wonder pulls the...Read More
Categories: rain dance, allegory,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member on the cusp of Alberto

gray moon’s glazed over
beautiful rain dance of clouds
— umbrella is closed

...Read More
Categories: rain dance, weather,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member The Princess Smells Like Pee
Once upon this time
Princess Yang
yells her dad,
You are an ugly king!

This, even before her usual
Good morning, daddy.

Her ugly King responds,
Princess Yang
looks and sounds just like me.

You are a pickle hamburger
and its raining here,
she responds,
somewhat randomly

It is raining pee
if you ask...Read More
Categories: rain dance, caregiving, environment, health, humor, hurt, mental illness,
Form: Political Verse
::The Heart Beside My Heart::

You are the heart beside my heart
You are always there before the ripples  grow into a hurricane.
You are apt to the reverb of raging thunder so you always do the rain dance.

You are the heart...Read More
Categories: rain dance, birthday, friendship, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Apache Cry
"Apache Cry"

White man Come
White man Go
Bring their disease
Poison our people
Bring their guns
Burn our homes
Dance their dance on 
our Happy Hunting Grounds
No respect for our Dead Spirits
our Ancient Ones, our

Kill our children 
with bad romance
take our woman for blood 
dirt dance
bleed...Read More
Categories: rain dance, courage, discrimination, freedom, identity, native american, rights,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rain Dance in October
The rooftops are damp and slick
   reflective mirrors of the rain
   droplets large, globular, heavy and thick
   flow down the rafters to the ground terrain.
Splashes of water tap and cling
   brushing leaves...Read More
Categories: rain dance, analogy, rain,
Form: Quatrain
Gladness oozes from Yolantha's fingers
Radiating warmth, gently caressing
Aftershock of angelic touch lingers
Tickles 'touchy subjects'; stress-repressing
Internal spark, external expressing
Filling Heavenly crown with jewels accrued
Invoking rain-dance-showers-o-blessing
Calming storms of amplified magnitude
Alluding, "All God's children are valued!"
Touching foreheads with fear-fever fervant
International Queen of Gratitude
Offbeat...Read More
Categories: rain dance, appreciation,
Form: Sonnet
Father Of Light
Walking on jet black sand.
Did a rain dance to the 
sounds of thunder.
And ocean waters.
Such beautiful sounds.
Waves from the waters
Surrounding music in the crowd
Choirs singing out loud. 
To the echoes of love.
Laughter from the Angels in heaven.
Twinkling stars above.
Influenced, inspired...Read More
Categories: rain dance, angel, art, beautiful, change, creation, cry,
Form: ABC
It's my life
Oh. It’s my life 
Don’t compel me for anything
I’ll do what feels good for me
Leave me or lose me.

If you believe, you may don’t know 
Everything, everything is possible in this world.
And one thing you must know
You are more than...Read More
Categories: rain dance, emotions, encouraging, feelings, freedom,
Form: I do not know?
In This Hole
I can’t think.
Can’t get my thoughts
To stop their frenzied waltz
And line up once again
In a straight pattern,
One after the other,
The way they used to 
When everything was still
So goddamned simple.
I can’t effing think.
If my shattered heart
Beats any faster,
I fear it...Read More
Categories: rain dance, depression, teen,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rain Dance
Rain Dance
The rooftops appear slick
   reflective mirrors of the rain
   droplets large and globular
   flow down the rafters to the ground.
Splashes of water tap
   brushing leaves and branches
   releasing dry...Read More
Categories: rain dance, may, rain, spring,
Form: Free verse