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Sorrow Poems

Sorrow Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about sorrow. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sorrow.

New Poems

Without You
I thought we had a bond that was unbreakable 
two hearts that beat as one
shared desires, hopes and dreams
our future together planned
out lives forever entwinned
when you left there was so much empty space
my head full of words unspoken
a heart weakened...Read More
Categories: sorrow, beauty, blue, day, heart, loneliness, lost love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Woodwards
In the black forests of my mind,
Where the seeds of experience 
Have become the trees of memory,
Searching those dark woods I find

Too many trees have aged in shame,
Standing grey and gaunt before me,
Muttering from leaf to leaf
Their morbid curses on...Read More
Categories: allusion, america, confusion, dark, sorrow, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Filled Up to the Core
I feel empty inside
Don't know exactly why
I just want to hide
Somehow close my eyes and die

Somehow let go and die
I wonder to myself, why?
I feel like a worthless fly
I just feel the need to cry

Sweet, yet bitter and harsh as...Read More
Categories: sorrow, grief, growing up, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Faded Papers
As faded papers ride the breeze, 
the repo men light cigarettes
and moan about their salaries.
The demolition foreman sets

explosive where I once set plates.
As faded papers ride the breeze,
the council worker designates
exclusion zones, and oversees

photographers and dignitaries -
it’s quite the party...Read More
Categories: home, sad, sorrow,
Form: Quatern
Love is life
Love is life;
It’s a promise to live together with happiness,
Love is like the ups and downs of waves generated in the sea, 
In which there is happiness and sometimes sorrow.

Love is a feeling;
Love is fruitaged by emotions of heart,
That cares...Read More
Categories: sorrow, love,
Form: Free verse

Poverty trap
They tell them the reality of yesterday is their tomorrow
Save the cries for different versions of sorrow
The world is hash but there is a God who is omnipotent
The world has abundance if they choose to be content
If their dwelling is...Read More
Categories: sorrow, africa, patriotic, political, pollution, poverty, power, prison,
Form: Free verse
I am silent but not silent
I am silent But not silent

is . My love with thoughts

My worldliness

Magu na someone

I am so

Just happy with thoughts

Please consider yourself

Karu na kisi se plum

Because don't walk

Now against someone's my feet

Am happy With thoughts

Now I have no berry

I stop it...Read More
Categories: sorrow, 1st grade, anger, beautiful, best friend, boyfriend,
Form: ABC
And He Cried
In front of impending disaster

He stood there

Right beside the operation theater

Watching his parents

Going mad with pain

A thousand thoughts were flowing in his mind

What would happen if his brother couldn’t survive

The doors get opened

What he feared the most just happened

His mother...Read More
Categories: care, men, poetry, psychological, relationship, silence, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Dawn To Dusk
The sky invites us openly to dance around the rim of daily grinds
if only we would listen,
the clouds implore us earnestly to weep when sorrow calls but sadly we are deaf,         ...Read More
Categories: sorrow, absence, dedication, deep, destiny, devotion, emotions, environment,
Form: Prose Poetry
Ambiguous Loss
Ambiguous Loss**
(a paradox of presence and absence )
(coined by researcher educationist Pauline Boss)

You disappeared.. without a last goodbye   
a story ends incomplete, holding on to hope
beneath frozen tears, an ambiguous sigh
an uncertain mystery, tell me how to cope.

a...Read More
Categories: anxiety, loss, missing, sorrow,
Form: Pantoum
In a little while
A selfless desire
A heart full of fire
A need for reflection
A life of seduction
In a little while
It all swept away. 

The lonely borough 
Full of Laughter and the sorrow
All the little lies
Relationships and ties
In a little while 
It all swept away

Just...Read More
Categories: sorrow, 10th grade, adventure, age, betrayal, confusion, memory,
Form: ABC
Premium Member She That Love Satisfied And I Would Die To Please
As Eager Sun Rose, Rewarding Its First Bright Gifts

As dawn woke, uttering shining of its first rays
Night's darkest veil vanished into whispering winds
Rooster's clear crow, signaling a wonderful day
Full of life, with golden treasures love's truth portends
Bliss a'flowing as our...Read More
Categories: sorrow, art, desire, devotion, life, love, passion, romance,
Form: Romanticism
Scars won’t heal 
Love can’t solve inner lust with 
a prejudice heart 
Pain can only be solved by 
anomalous feeling 
Happiness won’t last without 
desire for one’s heart 
Sorrow only fills the void with 
unapt options with time 
Lust won’t...Read More
Categories: sorrow, allusion,
Form: Rhyme
sometimes.... I can recall your face- your smile
your laughter lines and your frown
sometimes.... I can recall your voice- softly spoken
and how you could always make me laugh
Sometimes.... I can recall so much of you-
but, memories are becoming vague-
as time moves...Read More
Categories: bereavement, death, memory, sorrow,
Form: Narrative
I’m really scared this time Not sure if I’ll make it
Will my wife and the kids Be able to take it

Am I ready to go And meet my Maker?
Or will I go instead And meet the Undertaker?

Did I sin too...Read More
Categories: anxiety, faith, heart, hurt, sick, sorrow, trust,
Form: Rhyme
Come from Away
The theater is a brief escape
From everything routine,
Providing highs and lows and sometimes
What falls in between.

But when a show’s uplifting
It’s a magical event,
So much more than entertainment,
Time and money both well-spent.

Today I saw “Come From Away,”
Which tells, in song, the...Read More
Categories: sorrow, today,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Oh, Dry Your Glistening Tears
God has them in his arms
all the children and their heroes
oh, the tragedy of New town
my heart is broken . . .

I weep and pray for the little ones
and those who died with them
even those who survived
each day a reliving...Read More
Categories: sorrow,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Does Anyone Care
There are lies we give and lies we take.
They are never forgotten, make no mistake.
Our earnings from those casting stones.
Cuts and bruises, more broken bones.
Truth's shield and sword, they both we own.
Only truth can stop, lies getting thrown.
They will cripple...Read More
Categories: sorrow, addiction,
Form: Rhyme
A City of Drugs
I watched as you toddled, giggled and played
dancing around with the new friends you made
crying for plasters when you grazed your knee
my little angel- the whole world to me
as you grew older I saw something had changed
prayed you would ask...Read More
Categories: sorrow, bereavement, childhood, death, drug, giggle, god,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tragedy Loss and Sorrow
The way of tragedy is not for humans to know
For Karma can play a heavy hand.

With many people in many places 
Marching back and forward in a Time called Memory.

Some feeling needless loss, others the deepest sorrow
While others ho-hum along...Read More
Categories: endurance, hope, loss, mystery, perspective, sorrow, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fragile Puzzles
 Life weaves its way through destiny
 and the chips fall where they may
 Some bask in glory, others in sorrow
 Painting choices in blue and gray
 Bringing every emotion into play 

 We must weather whatever it brings
 Or...Read More
Categories: sorrow, emotions, life, storm,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A New High

The smoke has left but I still feel panic in my lungs; elevate me to an elevation where I can stand myself 
Anxiety quakes through this empty vessel as I register another sleepless night at this altered height
Lifting the haze...Read More
Categories: sorrow, abuse, desire, drug, feelings, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member a secret, not forgotten
hands clenched,
behind a tide
of atonement-
barren skin drenched
with tales told inside
yesterday's moment

desultory sacrifices sing soft
as i weep beneath a willow
for this time of burring is oft’
the reason salt seeps my pillow

antiquated entrance to
nails bleeding on timber
for me

pulchritude of brilliance shines
not when...Read More
Categories: sorrow, emotions, metaphor, sad,
Form: Rhyme
The Lonely Woman
Standing alone no shoes on her feet
thinking of strangers destined never to meet
branches that sway on a soft gentle breeze
below her a stream and a forest of trees
surrounded by all they had planned to escape
a new life together-one they would...Read More
Categories: sorrow, autumn, death, feelings, grave, heartbroken, husband, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To Dead Heart O Valentine Come
I’m dead in my heart
you killed me by the sword lips
oh! what a killer sight you have
I’m banned in my heart 
O beauty
you sovereign my poetry

I’m ruined in your cheek dimple,
your neckline locks me up like the snake mating
through the...Read More
Categories: sorrow, lost love, love, love hurts, valentines day,
Form: Free verse