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Travel Poems

Travel Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about travel. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for travel.

New Poems

Just Remember who you are
Life may take you may places;                                  ...Read More
Categories: travel, beautiful, beauty, bible, faith, love, self, woman,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member If I Have The Time and Inclination
If I have the time I’ll cook your beef,
Clean your kitchen, fix you a pie.
Sit and listen, sigh and cry.
Be your best friend, to both our relief.

If I have the inclination I’ll be there.
To mend your argyle socks and sweep...Read More
Categories: travel, goodbye,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
25cc Moped
25cc Moped
The 25cc moped was so very cool
It had a two stroke 25cc engine
A full body fairing with space 
Under the seat for the rider’s helmet
Was fitted with bright LED lights
And a neon digital display for the speed
Not to mention...Read More
Categories: journey, technology, travel, tribute,
Form: Blank verse
Evil's Prize
The disastrous burden of the flames of Hell. Manifested error is the name given to the state in which mankind exist the farther we travel away from the practice of righteousness. Darkness depicts our acts & motives living for gain...Read More
Categories: travel, allah, faith, god, grief, peace, power, prayer,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mother and Angel
Mother and Angel

What thoughts gather in your mind, Mary,
 Eyes looking down in the morning light?
Do you still hear the sound of an angel’s voice –
 Can you hear the sound of angel wings?

God’s light shines through you, simple handmaiden;...Read More
Categories: travel, angel, christmas, mother,
Form: Free verse

Cloudy Skies
a gray day greets
them and there
are no salutations
returned except 
the growls of 
hungry bellies
sighs crystalized
by cold glances
declining temperatures
a home built for 
none housing three
a stream of heat
rises from the 
left corner and
they gather 
a pair of 
hands reach into
a pocket...Read More
Categories: travel, poetry,
Form: Free verse
radiant lights
December meteors
in their ecstatic nighttime flight;
a waning moon will not halt their travel
comet Tuttle left them behind
their annual flight’s bright;
Ursa Minor’s

A Red-Letter Day Rictameter Poetry Contest
William Kekaula...Read More
Categories: travel, poems, poetry, sky, space, stars, universe,
Form: Rictameter
Drink The Elixir Of Dharma
Song on the wind; an ethereal composition can 
penetrate the soul; a spark and combustion 
reveals the fire of enlightenment.

Spirit awakens to face the universal mind, 
on its god-flight.  
Platinum wings unfold and against a background of 
golden light;...Read More
Categories: travel, philosophy, poems, poetry, spiritual, truth,
Form: Free verse
A Baffling Question

Who do you say built the pyramids?
If you believe as many do that aliens did,
then please consider soberly
glaring objections to your theory.

First, the question of space travel,
specifically the means and how possible?
If from as yet an unknown planet,
in which galaxy...Read More
Categories: destiny, mystery, space, travel,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Breaking News from the North Pole

This shocking news from the North Pole:
Santa’s toyland headquarters is now a hole
filled with global warming Arctic waters.
But don’t despair, bigger and better quarters
are being built secretly in Antarctica 
with plans calling for it to be a replica
of the sunken...Read More
Categories: travel, humor,
Form: Light Verse
The Happy Fisherman
Sailing with my true blue friend,
Every wave was a new lesson to learn
Every storm, a new chapter to open;

Listening to its deep voice,
Every story was a reverie to follow
Every silence a whisper of love;

Guided by the wind of my destiny,
Every...Read More
Categories: travel, adventure, analogy, blessing, humanity,
Form: Narrative
7D universe
1D, that’s a dot
2D, you say that’s a line
3D, they say about things being in space
4D, intellectual zone, we are in this real world, space and time
	We can call or make phone call to our friend in other place in...Read More
Categories: travel, inspiration, inspirational, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Flying to Manchester
"This is the best time of the day,"
The taxi man said,
"Before those buggers go to work.
Half an hour's time
You couldn't drive down here."
"I wouldn't want to."
I replied, looking up at the clear air,
Signatured with vapour trails,

And wishing Manchester
Were Singapore or...Read More
Categories: flying, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Predictable

If I say turn left,
he's sure to go right.
If I say let's drop it,
he'll just want to fight.

The few times he asks me
to go out to eat,
he wants the one restaurant
I like the least.

If on a vacation
we chose both to...Read More
Categories: travel, husband,
Form: Rhyme
Around The Universe
Like the wind
stars love to travel
exotic vacationers
racking up mileage.

a brief stopover
a star to
settle down in a new place
happy as a lark.

...Read More
Categories: travel, poems, poetry, space, stars, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Two Haiku on the Train to London
Automatic doors
let in people
and draughts automatically

As the darkness grows
the faces in the window
become more real

Kim James
8/1/96...Read More
Categories: loneliness, people, travel,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Snowy Travel
Slipping and sliding on glazed, snowy roads
No plows in sight and no sand to unload
Maybe no-one paid their taxes this year
The roads may be this bad for miles I fear
I am gripping the steering wheel, very tight
All I can see...Read More
Categories: snow, travel, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The strange tale of Ingleburry Lane
In 1878, a gent carrying a cane,
Walked at 6 o’clock, down Ingleburry Lane,
A cobbled street, parading horses and carts,
Where gas lights are placed fifty yards apart.

In 2019, a gent with a phone
Walked down Ingleburry Lane, all alone.
Past the coffee shops...Read More
Categories: travel, fantasy, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Too Bright A Journey
The train popped from the tunnel into bright

          Like stuffed cork from a bottle of champagne

And tho' my eyes tried blinking 'way the light

       ...Read More
Categories: adventure, analogy, mystery, travel,
Form: Quintain (English)
Lost to a darling in Italy
For a love so cosmic, your suffers are trivial
I would rather your stare, cold like the Alpine mountains we descended at sunrise
I would rather your talk, vicious like the tongue of the taxi driver we took to the markets of...Read More
Categories: travel, bereavement, christmas, farewell, feelings, heartbreak, lost, lost
Form: Elegy
Premium Member All the Senses Beach Card
Dear Gran, open your card and smell the dried seaweed, affixed.
Its for you Grandma, to see, feel and sense the beach, now you are too old to travel.
Find the shell and lift it to your ear, to hear the sound...Read More
Categories: travel, sea, senses,
Form: Free verse
Whispers of 1944
Two rails and some broken boards. The train no longer runs through here.
Trees have wrapped themselves around memories of time and the past.
The rails shiny yet old and the boards rotted.
Leaves and the homes of small beings scatter across the...Read More
Categories: travel, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Wine On The Train
a train
went far ahead
I tried to have a drink
opening a bottle of wine
no cork

...Read More
Categories: drink, travel,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member What can I say
Living the hearty life in these amazing Western states 
If someone had told me, when in past Beatnik twenties
That in 50 years’ time, I would be here where I find myself today…

‘Damn’, I would exclaim, ‘Damn, I am a lucky...Read More
Categories: adventure, dance, humanity, life, retirement, travel, voyage,
Form: Free verse

Picture several feet of snow, Pa!
Don’t be clumsy with your packing, Sir!
Of fluffy white fields, you’ll be in awe.
Afield Southern climate, you’ll feel the brr.

Pack your woolen coat and boots, Dad!
Don’t forget warm socks, silk underwear, Pop!
From far away it...Read More
Categories: travel, winter,
Form: Rhyme