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Blue Poems

Blue Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about blues. This list of blue poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of blue poetry. This list of works about blue is an excellent resource for examples on how to write blue poems.

New Poems

Premium Member New and Reused
New and Reused…Wrappings

blue, green and red, 
yellow and gold together, with bells. 
I dream about all the holidays, 
that have passed by, 
since you left. 

They have been good, 
and bad, and hard and full.
Many were also empty. 
Some were...Read More
Categories: blue, allah, angel, christmas, heartbroken, miracle, mountains, pain,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member COLORIZED - -
If the color blue was sad
Would it be black?
If the black lost it’s color
Would it be white?
If white married lavender purple
Would it too, be blue?
What about brown and yellow
What’s procreations due, would the children be orange
For what’s at stake;
The color...Read More
Categories: blue, allusion, analogy, color,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Prophecy


The Bee sleeps Her secrets
In honey 
She sleeps Her dreams 
a honeycomb 
of secret lives
gone wild
in a lost 
forest of trees
in mirrors' reflections
She scries
a prophesier
where She 
fluttering REM 
walks long roads home
wandering wondering
in the Amygdala Catacombs
for a little while 
breathing...Read More
Categories: blue, freedom, muse, romance,
Form: Free verse
Recovering From The Night Before

Remphan now sitting at home, his bunions not half giving him jip
Looking at the cat, the cat looking at him, I’ll have less of your lip

The cat scarpers before he gets the back end of Remphan’s...Read More
Categories: blue, crazy, humor, satire,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Mountains Wish
*Inspired by the Photo:

Come join me in the cozy cabin in winter's glory
Where it is warm with love to create our own story
Watching the snow sparkle through the window
In our own refuge with a seat to a beautiful show

Surrounded by...Read More
Categories: blue, love, mountains, peace,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member The Evergreen Tree
The Evergreen Tree

Upon the tree I set my sight
And see to my delight
With head tilted up
And hand shading eyes
In the boughs
Sagging from the snow
Birds of various colors 
Perched on the branches
Highlighted against the green
Under blue skies
And I am elated to...Read More
Categories: blue, christmas, culture, december, environment, nature, tree, winter,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Skyward Lark, Moon, Trees, Hollander
In blue tinged glow of lustrous night,
Hollander watches bird in flight.
In breathless, quiet, shadowy gloom,
Trees are restless, night's abloom!

Hollander, where has gone the sun
In which you had so much fun?
And when evening's come, and shadows fall,
You stand and listen to...Read More
Categories: blue, beauty, bird, dark, moon, nature, night, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Any Friday at 6-30 PM prose-poem

I'm playing seafaring games on the marble table,
sketching between the blue striations of the stone, 
a slab that resembles an ocean to my young mind.
I draw armadas and stick figure Spaniards,
foes that fall into shark-infested waters. Cannons roar silently.

Mum is...Read More
Categories: blue, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Dragon Misunderstanding
Dragon, on a little trip 
to visit friends,  let it slip that,
we’d gotten him a pup and 
he had named it, Mr. Mup.
Now the neighborhood dragon-kind, 
In front of our house, formed a line.
They wanted pups of their own;...Read More
Categories: blue, fun, myth, mythology, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Twigs shaped like V's
The sun sends forth her fiercest rays
   Yet no warmth is felt this December day
The wind chills my bones, though the heavens are blue
   Trees, bare of leaves, offer unrestricted views

of twigs at the end of...Read More
Categories: blue, snow, tree, wind,
Form: Rhyme
Flooded Thoughts
This Endless Torrent
Drowning In unspoken Truth
Thoughts flowing wildly...Read More
Categories: anxiety, blue, emotions, imagery, loneliness, ocean, storm,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Miles of Wishes

Empty footprints in the snow, leave me wishing you are here
The miles feel so far right now, as you are not near
Cold air nips my face, as gray skies lay so far away
But there above me, blue skies find an...Read More
Categories: blue, feelings, heart, sky, snow,
Form: Rhyme
The Lighthouse
The faithful guard lighting the way
For the ships and poor sailors out at sea
Ever on duty till the break of day

Helping poor sailors escape and be free
Till the sun burns the shadows masking the light
The lighthouse unlocks the door to...Read More
Categories: blue, adventure, sea,
Form: Terza Rima
Premium Member Little Boy Blue
He put his thumb in the dike
 hoping everyone would see
how brave and courageously he saved the day
 but in his lack of guilt
it was he, who hammered the spike
 that would break the dam and make the waves....Read More
Categories: blue, analogy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member i breathe out loud

the deepest part of my heart has a key,
gulping and squeezed, with precious tears,
fears frozen with sweet memories, loving
cup that overflows — a blue-blue fountain
strumming in a garden with singing trees.
the secret garden of my mind flowing
in four different directions,...Read More
Categories: blue, anxiety, garden, heart, love,
Form: Verse
Kiss My Donkey
I will beat you black and blue 
and even add in purple too, 
I’d rather not be hurting you, 
have a chat and lager drink 
exchanging thoughts that we think 
end the night with breath that stink 
over toilets people...Read More
Categories: blue, purple,
Form: Rhyme
Just below my imagination 
Slightly above my consciousness
 I dream and tangent followed by unsure tease 
Cleft between the sadness
Parallel virtue subconsciousness 
They dreams Enchanted is mine
Beyond the purple vision

Subdued Passions 
Subjected relations
Likely below my suspicions
My reality uncertainty leading...Read More
Categories: blue, adventure, allusion, analogy, environment, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Sea Turtles and Death
I imagine death should be like
A gentle Great Barrier Reef sea turtle
Diving into azure clear water
Then islands of souls
Of bleached white coral
Then an awful, awful descent down
The bottom of the sea
Towards the blue coral forest
Now a big shiny black fish
Is...Read More
Categories: blue, beauty, emotions, film,
Form: Free verse
What I don't want for Christmas
Santa came last year
Giving me whistles and blow horns and socks covered in pairs
But that is not what I want
Not socks or whistles or blow horns it ain't fair
Not stuffed animals but real ones who roar and have long hair
I...Read More
Categories: blue, christmas,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Warm Your Heart

As the clouds drift away, and the moon shines bright,
Pleasant thoughts are sent to you,
Soft as the blanket of snow, so white

I think of all you do, your care and efforts too
And there are not enough ways to thank you
But,...Read More
Categories: blue, appreciation, heart, love,
Form: Rhyme
Mother Earths Death Knell
Was it not God who created man and said go forth and multiply and now we
have over populated this beautiful mother earth, who cries in her distress as
to what God has done to her . . . 

Categories: blue, dark, death, earth, environment, planet, sad, scary,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Misguided Heart
Jumping with joy the heart knew what to do.
She had met her match and she was insanely glad.
She followed him around until he was rather blue.
Given a stalker label, for she was crazily bad.

...Read More
Categories: blue, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member No Bougainvillea Here
No bougainvillea here,
This white-washed shore 
Knows no such blossom.
What blooms next stormy seas
In western outposts far removed,
Unknown to sun-soft living ?
When silken purple drapes
The open sky, and folds of grey
And pastel blue hang mingled,
Dark-mirrored in the land below,
The daily reckoning...Read More
Categories: blue, nature, spring,
Form: Free verse


            Colorful is the sky,
            it is the multi colored earth,
  ...Read More
Categories: blue, allusion, art, color, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member BLACK AND BLUE- -
 I am a Son of an African American
I run
my turmoils taints the history books
yet people give me evil looks
I run
I choose
Yet I am 
Black and blue, this is my physical hurt

Been given a name by my parents James
This is...Read More
Categories: blue, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, black african american, bullying,
Form: Dramatic Verse

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