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Rain Poems

Rain Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about rain. This list of rain poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of rain poetry. This list of works about rain is an excellent resource for examples on how to write rain poems.

New Poems

Premium Member COLORIZED - -
If the color blue was sad
Would it be black?
If the black lost it’s color
Would it be white?
If white married lavender purple
Would it too, be blue?
What about brown and yellow
What’s procreations due, would the children be orange
For what’s at stake;
The color...Read More
Categories: rain, allusion, analogy, color,
Form: Free verse

First Rain in Monterey Winter

Gloomy's the yard covered with fallen leaves
Winter's coldness comes with winds wet with rains
Lonely souls dread most the lengthy cold nights
A quick-paced life about thin frosts complains
A cocoon imprisons the silkworm tight
Burnt out candles waste their flickering light
The empty house...Read More
Categories: rain, lonely, miss you,
Form: Light Verse
Nature's lullaby
a flutter, a drop of rain
caught on a spring breeze
drifting way up high

loft above this evening mist
touching the sun, a gentle kiss
a fleeting moment, perpetual bliss

i gaze upon the starry sky
a look of wonder in my eye
i vow to never...Read More
Categories: rain, appreciation, weather,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Gown of Green
Her gown of sprouting green, sleeves of new leaves
Jade shade illuminates fresh summer rain
Woven gossamer silk on turquoise trees
Threaded through her mare's alabaster manes
Planting gold hope along emerald lanes
November mists persists in chartreuse dawn
With aspirations to sage Avalon.


For 'Green Dress'...Read More
Categories: rain, hope, nature, tree,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member New Friends
New Friends

High and low I have looked for you.
You are hard to find.
I talked to everyone, but they think...
I am crazy.
Where are you?

Low and high, I can not see,
me, with you.
I wish that you would love me back,
but you can...Read More
Categories: christian, forgiveness, freedom, friend, friendship, moon, rain,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Predictable
predictable rise
 who knows
deer in the road
traffic woes

blackened skies
amidst the hush
parting clouds
a dawning blush

weather forecast
rain or snow
either or
unpredictably so

what ever happens
inside this day
we have no say

December 5 2019
Predictable poetry contest
Sponsored by Nina Parmenter...Read More
Categories: rain, day, weather,
Form: Rhyme
Me and You Only
Come to me and received loving gains,
Come forward and you shall be favoured,
Come now and don’t delay for happiness reigns,
Because come rain or shine our love is savoured;
Celebrate your love with me and remove painful chains,
Come on don’t hesitate my...Read More
Categories: rain, emotions, feelings, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member irreplaceable you
oh to wish for a friend as true as you
one to laugh or cry with who holds value
who knows the answers to questions i seek
that will carry me when i am too weak

one who trusts my shoulder to bear their...Read More
Categories: rain, friend, friendship,
Form: Sonnet
Hath earnings might dissolve
Leaf sprinkles might dew
Stand on feelings might leave
Metaphor retreat might rain
Sensory reflect should human...Read More
Categories: rain, 7th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Little drops of water in chain like beads
Fall from the skies above to the lands
As they fall on me then on others
I’m in mind finding to create boarders
To keep the rains’ blessing within my confines
Then I’ll stand out to be...Read More
Categories: rain, 3rd grade, 4th grade, jealousy,
Form: Narrative
If You Stay
If you stay
I'll be complete
There's no time to weep from one's eyes
If you come, don't say goodbye
If you love me, don't turn around
Promise solid ground
Then your love will be found
If you stay
Love will be true
Come in from the rain
And I...Read More
Categories: rain, angel, dream, life, love, missing you, passion,
Form: Prose Poetry
Duke of York Uncorked
Prince Andrew in the press is tried, but he denied
both far and wide, as Duke of York (soon Earl?),
a train of thought upon the side,
a rain of sweat upon a girl.
Please, cork that Duke before I swirl!

Submitted 12/4/2019
Five Word Challenge...Read More
Categories: rain, celebrity, child abuse, england,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member When I am Broken

When I am broken dear Lord you carry me,
hold me and protect me from life's storm;
for this world can be so cruel and so evil,
words whirling like bees in a swarm.

When someone tries to break my spirit Lord,
their words stab...Read More
Categories: rain, faith,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Protecting the Small
Protecting the Small

How do people in power rise, 
when all they are talking about, 
is against everything that can be 
taught in school? 

How can people hold high office, 
while the people, the poor around them, 
sink ever lower into...Read More
Categories: rain, abortion, abuse, addiction, allah, america, angel, atheist,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Too Bright A Journey
The train popped from the tunnel into bright

          Like stuffed cork from a bottle of champagne

And tho' my eyes tried blinking 'way the light

       ...Read More
Categories: rain, adventure, analogy, mystery, travel,
Form: Quintain (English)
Our Dream
We built ourselves a dream and sent it high into a blue sky,
Watched as the gods crushed it between their thighs-
cried as they threw it back down to earth- tiny pieces like rain,
our dream fell from above like a broken...Read More
Categories: rain, bird, dream,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Feeling Of Feeling

In my rose garden I can smell the spring coming,
listen the sound of music the whistling zephyr brings,
I taste the dew on the unfurled petals so divine,
the smoothness of silk in their velvet touch I feel.

The pristine smell of rain-soaked...Read More
Categories: rain, feelings, senses,
Form: Free verse
Whoosh whoosh whoosh!!!
The freaking bell breaks its law again
The Christmas Eve was just a tale
The feathers of chicks were just at hail
Arrows of pains were in their veins
The hot-reddish path was gained
Key claimed as if the dame was lame
Cocky perfumes...Read More
Categories: rain, christmas, day, eve, love,
Form: ABC
it  comes down
wet all around
on roots there sound
as it go
then comes the snow
it ping   and ring
can be a pain
Categories: rain, adventure, confusion,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Ophelia's Song
Her face tawny and weathered
Is richer than the earth of a thousand years
With flowing furrowed lines of contented history
That are written deeply at each union, worn like a scar
She lifts her native face to compose a melody of love
As a...Read More
Categories: rain, beauty, color, courage, dance, endurance, hope, identity,
Form: Free verse
No Sleep
unrelenting rain
hammering on thin tin roof
sleep impossible...Read More
Categories: rain, sleep,
Form: Haiku
Full Circle
A girl who once saw the beauty in everything. A constant smile upon her face.

A girl who saw things she shouldn’t have seen. Who was drowning in a dark rain cloud.

A young women who was lost and alone, had no...Read More
Categories: rain, life,
Form: Bio
An Umbrella

My sword was made of wood 
Perhaps, I couldn't fight invincibly enough
But still resisted trustfully. My roots
And my beliefs were devilishly taught.
I could attack. I definitely could attack
Those metal flies that flew around my arms
Creating arcs,
Creating watery alarms.

My sword was...Read More
Categories: rain, change, destiny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Giant
Summer rain, melting Arctics
and the lipids lining the nerves
in your brain. These are the metrics
of our times. Mere resolve

is not enough to take care
along the highway—you need wheels and prayer.
When you realize there’s no there there
that’s a scary day. End...Read More
Categories: city, mirror, mountains, pain, rain, summer, time,
Form: Verse
Premium Member paper bridges
-some escape across paper bridges
through a bluish rain
weighted by hasty decisions
chasing that mist called sane,,,
others remain-chipping plaque from souls
rooting gemstones from smolder
sowing hard clay into gardens 
for somersaulting minds to peacefully lay..
either way you play it 
its always going to...Read More
Categories: rain, life,
Form: Free verse

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