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Seasons Poems

Seasons Poems. Poems about seasons are often written to express change, but sometimes they are only about the marvels of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Seasonal transformations often create spectacular variations in the world we live and our life. Seasons change, and so do we, but we will share, write, and read season poems forever.

Poem Topics Related to Seasons

summer, fall, period, winter, interval, spring, spell, autumn, enliven, mature, climate,

New Poems

Premium Member empty nests

empty nesters watch
leaves skating on frozen ponds…
a soft sun beckons


Writing Challenge, December – Winter Haiku or Senryu
Sponsor, Dear Heart – Wiishkobi Ode

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Categories: seasons, winter,
Form: Haiku

Cheering multitudes shanghai.
Hearty thanksgivings sphere.
Rainy seasons harbor.
I ntroductory thanksgivings canvas.
Spiritual nativities sail.
Thanksgivings curtain wall of love in the air.
Minor constellations season moon and sun witness.
Annual thanksgivings celebrate giving to all.
Sacred seasons holiday birth of our Savoir our Lord

Written words by...Read More
Categories: seasons, analogy, celebration, christmas, engagement,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Christmas WAS My Favorite Time of Year
Christmas was my favorite time of year,
then she chose to leave with a tragic goodbye-
fearing not the end,
left breathless under a snow-capped Colorado pine…
o, December, December, why do i remember
what you gave to me during a holiday splendor

the darkest part...Read More
Categories: seasons, christmas, death, december, sorrow,
Form: Verse
Premium Member winter

Sunshine creeps, warming meadows
 Lost in newborn snow –
Frosty stars embrace the moon. 

Contest - Writing Challenge, December - Winter Haiku or  Senryu
Sponsor Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode...Read More
Categories: seasons, snow, stars, winter,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member O' That Such Spring Glory Could Last All The Year Round
O' That Such Spring Glory Could Last All The Year Round

Rain splattering across bright green lawn this new morn
wetting earthen soil, soaking new baby grass soft born
distant thunder, echoes blasting that Nature yields
more of her sweetness, on man and his...Read More
Categories: seasons, age, appreciation, april, art, assonance,
Form: Sonnet

coldest season
fun to see Christmas lights
and drink hot cocoa by the fire
sparkling snowflakes gliding to my front yard
covering the green grass with snow
But we shall not forget
our Savior's birth

A red letter rictameter poetry contest
Sponsored by: William Kekaula
Date: 12/13/2019...Read More
Categories: baby, birth, celebration, seasons, winter,
Form: Rictameter
By the Fireplace
The fire's reach is ideal, not too high.
The dancing orange embers keep us warm.
Winter's harsh wrath is ever drawing nigh.
But the hearth protects from the ice and cold.

By the fireplace new stories unfold.
Of how we outlast season to season.
These make...Read More
Categories: seasons, weather, winter,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Chinook
gray jay cocks his head
small quizzical looking eyes
sudden rush of wind

12/11/19...Read More
Categories: bird, imagery, nature, seasons, wind,
Form: Haiku
Winter -
the shortest day
begins the coldest time
of this earth's well defined seasons,
and hibernation settles where needed
until the sun returns again
to mark a new season
and warm away

Contest: A Red-Letter Day Rictameter
Sponsor: William Kekaula...Read More
Categories: seasons, winter,
Form: Rictameter
Can Man
Can man number his days?
Or cause the dead to raise?
Can man open blinded eyes?
Or tell the moon to sleep and the sun to rise?
Can man open deaf ears?
Or cure the world of all its fears?
Can man cause seasons to switch?
Or...Read More
Categories: seasons, christian, god,
Form: Rhyme
You cannot tell,
My inner core 
Has high heat, 
High pressure.

A lava flows...

I stay calm on the surface.

I bear the heat of the sun,
I dance with the song of the rain.
I go through all seasons,
I keep up with rotations.
I lend colors...Read More
Categories: seasons, earth, endurance, pain, rain, sky,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Amusetta, Gentille Amusetta
You are a girl
of many moods
and surprises.
Sometimes you're
chattering a mile
a minute, and I 
can't keep up
with all the
witticisms, metaphors
reasonings and rhymes
you throw my way.

On other occasions,
like when I'm at church
I must rebuke you,
for you try to 
distract me
with verbose ramblings
to...Read More
Categories: seasons, change, girl, imagery, muse,
Form: Personification
Seasons of Life
Dawn of spring,
Birds on green trees
Gardens are blooming
Smiles and babies;

Noon of summer,
Sunshine in blue skies
Brides are smiling  
Love and ceremonies;

Sunset of autumn,
Painters near the sea
Colors are falling
Silver and memories;

Night of winter,
Darkness in the city
Smoke is rising 
Tears and stories.
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Categories: blessing, life, seasons,
Form: Free verse
Dear Santa, 
what I want For Christmas 
is for people to show more
Love towards one another
And stop the hate
I want the deformation
Of climate change to stop
And smarter decisions to be made 
when using fossil fuel and gasoline 
I want the...Read More
Categories: christmas, encouraging, feelings, love, seasons, weather, world,
Form: Free verse
We are seeds planted in soil
We all have to grow
Some of us are for certain seasons
And then we must go
Ultimately its the gardeners choice if we stay
If there's a need were uprooted and casted away
There are weeds in the garden
On...Read More
Categories: seasons, rose,
Form: Rhyme

A lass thus dressed half-brash with gown that touched
The edges of my seeing eye ablush.
This richer wine of green, bedeviled beast —
Yes, all her fault unraveled tongue, my speech.

An inch of time opened the myriad
Of seasons...the best of solar systems...Read More
Categories: seasons, color, lust,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Winter Hours
The Winter Hours

Cold is not my friend. 
It loves me, 
but it is not…
a mutual affair. 
Slowly, artfully, cruelly, 
my joints begin to freeze up. 
They ache in the morning. 
They are soar in the afternoon. 
They are painful later...Read More
Categories: seasons, addiction, christmas, december, dream, encouraging, engagement, heartbroken,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Hope is Here

Melted snow forms a swamp in the yard
Pours down the sidewalks, into the street gutters
Children in slick yellow rain coats are jumping in puddles
Delighted that they can play outside again

We are two weeks past the ides of March.
Hopeful gardeners are...Read More
Categories: seasons,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Just To See You Smile
( Just To See Your Smile )

Just to see your smile, I`d hold your hand when you are scared
To see that twinkle in your eye, in that love that we both share
Just to see you giggle, I`d tell the funiest...Read More
Categories: seasons, relationship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Morning Star
Fervently rosy, with an ancient glow,
But never any starlight from our sun;
It's glad rays in pure radiance flow,
Like molten gold, or as sugar spun!

Be it sunset red, or our vital light,
This golden traveler in black space;
Wherever it goes, it pierces...Read More
Categories: seasons, star, sun, sunshine, time, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Post-Thanksgiving Pumpkin Throw
The holiday has come and gone,
and now we’ve reached the time
for fall décor to pass away,
it yields to tinsels fine.

But all the pumpkins I put out
will have one last hurrah,
it’s time to hurl them in the woods,
while the ground is...Read More
Categories: autumn, fun, holiday, seasons, silly, thanksgiving,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Song Bird
     Eloquent song bird, what ancient lyric do
     You sing with timeless unrehearsed voice?
     Unscripted from beyond memory, known to	
     You from your birth;...Read More
Categories: seasons, bird, nature,
Form: Quatrain
Share The Love Every Day

Share the love every day, 
Sans anger, without hate; 
Give it to all people, 
Regardless of their faith.

Share the love every day, 
Though climes and seasons change; 
Even if there are things
In the world that are strange.

Share the love every...Read More
Categories: seasons, love,
Form: Quatrain
In time we find light,
that was not a remembrance of character void, or a psalm of heterogeneous unlimited focus
-or the stance of staving off the news

In the leeway there is no set mountain, or even the skuddled movement otherwise that...Read More
Categories: seasons, anti bullying, cat, christian, crush, hockey, river,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Changing Seasons
For every season there is a reason
come winter, spring, summer or fall
there's a  time stamped on it all.

In the Winter the wind blows and the snow falls
as that old man winter comes to call.
with the frost on your windows,and...Read More
Categories: seasons,
Form: Rhyme

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