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Read me, finish me

Blog Posted:11/21/2018 12:53:00 PM

I'm not entirely sure if this is the right spot for it, however play with it if you want I kinda lost my train of thought with it.

Here's the scene, you finish it:

With sirens wailing away in the distance the attention is refocused towards two men dragging a semi conscious third man down a back alley littered with battered garbage cans and debris toward a naturally concealed staircase nestled at the foot of building as old as the city itself. The year is 2021 and times have gone from bad to chaos, no longer is the police an effective force, it is the mob that rules. The military has been brought to restore order and have found themselves at a stalemate with heavily armed local gangs. Matters of justice have been taken up with local chapters of vigilante justice; those who are caught have no hope. Punishments vary according to the crime; since no jails are available sentencing is dispensed on the spot and quite harshly. This unfortunate soul picked a very bad time to commit a rape thought Sam Conklin a local enforcer in district 19.

Being brought before the makeshift bench composed of nothing more than stacked cinderblocks and a long thick plank it served quite efficiently under the mallet that it supported, as did the judgments that were imposed upon its offenders. Elliot Kaminski swung the gavel, his interpretation of vigilante justice was stern and eye for an eye, befitting of the times they reflected. Case number 3971, the accused stands on the charge of rape witnessed by the enforcers your honor. How do you plea inquired Kaminski? Seemingly bored at having asked it time and time again. Not guilty your honor responded the accused; enforcers Conklin and Jensen he replied had witnessed the crime. The accused stood mute for he knew he was caught. The punishment for rape in this district is castration he continued and you have been found guilty. Sentenced will be carried out immediately, implementation of such grisly judgments fell on the shoulders of Dr. Nigel Thornton a brit whose title was more honorary than earned, for you see his background consisted of a long line of slaughtering pigs on the family farm in Essex England, a place he once called home before his misfortune of being trapped in the district. When can we schedule punishment Dr.? Inquired Kaminski, within the hour Elliot, his sunken face and lifeless gaze responded.

Life in district 19 was harsh, but correct for the times they reflected. Mob rule was the norm and local and state government was a joke as it always had been in the past, the only difference now was the student had become the master, and the master was hungry.

Power was no longer wielded through politics but earned through force. Those that still clung to the old system were quickly removed and dispensed with extreme satisfaction. The impending New World Order they had tried employ failed into the bloody chaos that exists today. They had been working quietly behind the scenes for decades slowly removing perceived freedoms and rights one by one. Lulling the masses by informing them it was for their protection. All was going according to plan until three key events took place that brought us here.

The first was the consolidation and coordination of all financial institutions and transactions throughout the country through bar coding and micro chipping. Everyone was told that by this technological breakthrough identity theft would be eliminated. Social Security numbers would be obsolete and everyone would be safe from fraud. Most at first were skeptical and cautious as with anything new, but the master knows how to program the masses to accept new ideas, coat anything with enough sugar and anyone will want a taste.

(You finish the story, go ahead I'll wait)

Eric (and sometimes not)

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Date: 11/24/2018 11:48:00 PM
“ANDY!” He woke up with a start from his nightmare, heart racing and sweating profusely. “ANDY! Get up out of bed and clean up the garage like you promised me yesterday, young man! The day is wasting away.” Thank God it was just his mom. Thank God it was just a nightmare. “I’m going to have to stop eating pineapple, persimmon and anchovy pizza so late at night” he thought to himself as he dragged out of bed. “Coming, mom!”
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