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I’ll take wasted trips around the sun for $100, Alex - Kelly Crenshaw's Blog

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I’ll take wasted trips around the sun for $100, Alex

Blog Posted:5/27/2018 3:21:00 PM

I shall title this attempt of verbal vanity 
“I’ll take Wasted laps around the sun for $100, Alex”
I made another lap around the sun today.
Some things have changed some things have stayed the same.
As for me?
I’ve no one but myself to blame.
And I’m still alive for now again.
And although I haven’t lost just yet I just can’t seem to  win.
And I won’t bore you with the details,
 But people are still a little crazy in the end.
Hey Brother do ya have the time?
Must have lost his watch before he lost his mind.
Because he just can’t seem to tell me when it is.
Hey Brother do ya have a dime?
He musta lost his purse before he lost the time.
Because he just can’t seem to tell me what he’s spent, 
Or where my compulsory contribution went.
And I’ve ran so hard to get where I am going.
And if I ever make it there will I even know it?
And they’ve changed so much to try to stay the same.
Yet change is the only constant that remains.
Tongues of angels/hands of devil
And I still haven’t found what I am looking for one more day.
I think I’ll move on over now to roll in the slow lane if that’s okay?
It seems life is honking at me to get out of its way.
Hey Brother do you know a thing?
He just shakes his head and he will not say.
Guess I’m late for this early onset game.
You’d think by now I’d be numb to the blinding pain.
And people are all still crazy just the same.
We hold our version of truth to be self evident.
That all men are born at least a little slightly bent.
I suppose that’s just the way it goes.
We can always blame it on the current president. 
Or maybe the last few wherever they went.
That’s the theory that seems to be the most convenient.
As I lap the sun I wonder where my planet went.
Maybe next Christmas I’ll give up celebrating Lent.
And people are still a little crazy in the end.



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Date: 5/27/2018 9:44:00 PM
I've taken a few wasted trips over the years. Never got as far as the sun and none of them were as clear and philosophical as this one! Nice blog.
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