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The Jester Sheds a Tear

Poet's Notes

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I hope this poem doesn't break any rules for this site. If it does I shall be happy to delete. My heart breaks for our nation

Isn't it ironic
How the ones that yell the loudest 
Are usually the ones that have the least to say?
And isn't it moronic how the ones that we should listen to
Are buried by the avalanche of useless noice we surround ourselves with each day? 
And I wonder if anyone really still has anything of value left to say.
Or have we passed the point of no return,
And our pride won't let us admit that it's too late?
"I think humanity is such a beautiful thing
With the exception of the humans"
I trusted someone once.....
And the faces changed
The voices came and went,
But the song remains the same
Adorned within the rhetoric of what we want to hear.
Goose stepping perfect tempo
With the tickling of the ears.
Parroting the hypnotist
That controls us by our fears? 
"I think religion is such a beautiful thing.
With the exception of the religious"
1933? Or 2016?
Find someone to blame.
Build up a head of steam.
Either Fox or CNN.
Suit up and pick your team.
But no thinking for yourself.
While they renovate your brain.
"I think voting is such a beautiful thing
With the exception of the ones we vote for"
Can our house divided 
Ever stand again?
Or are our souls numbed by party platforms?
Will the puppet masters win?
Is my desire to be found right,
Stronger than my love for fellow man?
Our children heard a president 
Say fire the sons of b--ch
Black hates white/white hates black
Our nation falling in the ditch
The world that we are leaving them
No longer making sense
"I thought the American dream was such a beautiful thing
With the exception of the nightmare it's turned into"
Social media is such a powerful tool.
Or is it I that am the tool?
Perhaps a prideful fool.
Anybody here, seen our old friend John?
Can you tell me where he's gone?
I suppose the more things change,
The more things stay the same.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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