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Emotions Poems

Emotions Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about emotion. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for emotions.

New Poems

Crazy lovers
Our rampant youth,
was filled with 
uninhibited emotions,
lusty moments,
and romantic liaisons.

We sought excitement 
and flirted with danger.

Damn the consequences.

Those unchecked emotions
have lasted many years
and we still have time to go....Read More
Categories: emotions, love, lust, sensual, sexy,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Words Within
Harsh words that come my way,
like darts that pierce my skin.
I try to push them away,
but sadly they find their way in.

Words that go into my heart,
where my emotions dwell.
I wait for the pain to start,
a feeling that I know...Read More
Categories: emotions, heart, power, spoken word, words,
Form: Rhyme
on this day 
pray  have some say
mabe  a home
so many alone
give  if only a bone
its  time to give
do the lords will
show careing
make it a happy thinks giving
Categories: adventure, emotions,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Eyes on the Prize
In the absence of complication,
trials and tribulations become distant memories.
Above sapphire skies delight sanguine eyes -
inspiring forthcoming musings of the mind,
fantasies that flash with passing moments, 
pink afternoons shades of emotions blossoming.

We weave through the weeds and reeds to 
reach...Read More
Categories: emotions, dream, hope, life,
Form: Free verse
I’m with my friends
But I’m not really with them
My mind is busy. Busy overthinking
It’s slowly drowning me

It’s hard to pretend 
Pretending to be happy
Pretending to be okay
I’m drowning and I can’t breath

It’s killing me by slowly drowning me
I don’t know...Read More
Categories: depression, emotions,
Form: ABC

Under My Skin
POEM " UNDER MY SKIN " by martin gedge

I can feel you breathing deep beneath my skin
tugging at the fabric of the shell that keeps me in
racing through the circuits putting pressure on each vein
trying to find the surface for...Read More
Categories: care, conflict, courage, emotions, heart, humanity, life,
Form: Rhyme
They talk so much but do little
Yes that’s it, for that is all they can do
When we used to walk distances on daily routine
It was enough to say things can be made better	
Horses, bicycles and carts saved the bare-footed walks
But...Read More
Categories: 4th grade, emotions, humanity, jealousy,
Form: Free verse
In the silencend of the night
At night on dreams I wander
Ive been deafened by nights silence
As my dreams begin to flow
And in the moment of the passing
I feel many emotions in me grow.
Silenced by the voices
Of the hidden depths of night.
Stranded in its presence
Of pure...Read More
Categories: emotions, beautiful, care, celebration, encouraging,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Disarray
I met him when I was young
He was always puzzling, a confusion
Causing me to wonder at my ideas
And making me dread my fears

He was the best football player
And had all the right moves with ladies
I happened to be one of...Read More
Categories: emotions, angst, anxiety, confusion, courage, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Words
Writings my love, and so are you.
I need both, yet most of all you.
My emotions, I . . . can keep hid.
Since I’ve known you, that’s all I did.
    Now lost you are and blank I am.
...Read More
Categories: emotions, 12th grade, allusion, poets, words, writing,
Form: Rhyme
I want to be HAPPY again, is that at all a sin
My life is crappy and I’m starting to get snappy.
But how can I have a smile when I’ve been faking it for a while.
I feel so trapped inside my...Read More
Categories: emotions, depression,
Form: Lyric
maybe I didn't hold his hand tight enough
"That maybe,
I didn't hold his hand tight enough..."
is the line most bittersweet, rough --

I imagine Mattie wished Jamie had stayed
as he held his hand, as a child -- prayed

Wishing, perhaps... had he held it tighter,
could've infused health, live to be...Read More
Categories: child, death, emotions, grief, heart, heaven, song,
Form: Elegy
The Beast
The beast in me
Is held in check
By the strength in her 

Raging, straining, clawing
Is held back
By her calming love words

It is a wonderful 
Exciting experience
When we meet in the middle

When she brings out the calm in me
And I
Bring out the...Read More
Categories: emotions, love, lust,
Form: Free verse
I wake up every day
With my life in such a Disarray
Running here, running there
Leaving my clothes and shoes everywhere
No wander Iam in a constant disarray
My house and car is a mess
Trying to juggle so much,just can't seem to do me...Read More
Categories: anxiety, break up, confusion, emotions, heartbroken, hurt,
Form: Rhyme
Iam not for sale, So I say
Not for sale
So I think 
Sold to the highest john in a blink

Not for sale
Walking these streets
No telling who Iam going to meet

Not for sale
In my short skirts and high heels
Have to pay my bills

Not for sale
He beats when I...Read More
Categories: america, anger, anxiety, cry, emotions, feelings, hurt,
Form: I do not know?
Heart of Mine
O, heart of mine! You've been so confused. 
In the past, you've been nothing but abused. 
And now that there's someone I want to let in,
You decide your patience has worn thin. 
But heart, I promise! In him, you can...Read More
Categories: emotions, heart, love, romance,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member - absence of complication -
in the absence of complication,
trials and tribulations become distant memories;
above sapphire skies delight sanguine eyes -
inspiring forthcoming musings of the mind

quiescent sentiments encompass,
bestowing sonorous serendipity-
susurrations resounding in light,
dusk left rhapsodic; dawn, a vestige of harmony

left breathless by beautiful balance,
essence of...Read More
Categories: emotions, inspiration, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Pale shelter
Ashen was the sky 
That rejected hand of sunrise
Sullen was the heart
That stumbled in affection,

Incapable of lauding
Ruby blush of budding rose
And pink passions on horizon
Defying darkened woes.

In midst of a vibrant spring
Her garden blooms curled up
Amid hostile dry weather,

Teared-up, she...Read More
Categories: emotions, angst, love,
Form: Free verse
Surreal how just a faint 
touch can make you melt
or the stroke of fingertips
can incite chills down 
one's spine
How a mere kiss 
leaves your entire 
body unsteady
a whispered word 
breathed into your ear 
can send vibrations through 
your essence leaving...Read More
Categories: emotions, happiness, true love,
Form: Free verse
Hey! This one is my melodramatic mom’s!
One thing I have realised: No one else in the world can ever be more loving than one’s mom. 

I see five roundballers at the court.
I see her dropping dimes,
As she plays at interschool...Read More
Categories: basketball, emotions,
Form: Rhyme
Haiku 111519
anger management
isolate the irritant
pebble becomes pearl...Read More
Categories: anger, emotions,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Scented Leaves
Merriment winds dapple bouncing
  gleeful spots of energetic play
     when they joy lift her thru
         childhood perfumed leaves of yesterday.

       ...Read More
Categories: angst, betrayal, dream, emotions, growing up, love
Form: Lyric

I desire not a Benz
Nor a Bentley 
That'll chase my night away
But a Toyota 
That'll make me sleep at will

I desire not to be rich
Nor hope to be poor
But in all my endeavor 
Let me be pleased 

I desire to...Read More
Categories: anxiety, dedication, deep, desire, destiny, dream, emotions,
Form: Ballad
The Radiant River
The radiant river is where I ought to be 
The radiant river is here to set us free
The radiant river is there to supply our endless needs
The radiant river is beyond the wild, reckless weeds

Streams of blood ripple in my...Read More
Categories: emotions, hope, river,
Form: Free verse
An emotion hits me
causin' me to feel somethin'  strange
I hit my~ knees & ask  The Lord
to please  help me change
From this distant stranger
back to the man I once knew.
" God I'm sick of livin' like this
please tell...Read More
Categories: bible, celebration, confidence, destiny, emotions, faith, uplifting,
Form: I do not know?