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Art Tanka Poems

These Art Tanka poems are examples of Tanka poems about Art. These are the best examples of Tanka Art poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Treasured African Sculptures
the catastrophe 
lazy chair upstart
banged the curio panel
upheaval of heavy art


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Categories: angst, art,

Star Prism Box Of Artisan Beads
Bits of what we had
Became unstrung, life then spun
Out of my control.
Then saw goodness of your soul...
Sadly cannot find them all....

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Categories: allusion, angst, art, extended

Another writer's block hour
Seems as I'm  lost in the power
Shook up and dismayed 
Locked in the jaws even a cage
I will fight with might...

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Categories: art, blue, love, writing,

Premium Member PAGE 6
I now have page six 
Nothing short of amazing 
I will boast loudly 
I should be rewarded with 
Eternal  blue rose gardens...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, art, blue,

for Ishikawa Takuboku
No tanka author
Grips the reigns of emotions
Like Takuboku
I, my face so streaked with tears,
blithely read about his crabs

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Categories: animal, appreciation, art, heart,

Premium Member Megaliths Of Africa
The Nabta Playa
Stonehedges of the old age
Migrants of passage
Brave pilgrims of the unknown
Lost paradigms of the blown...

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Categories: africa, art,

My first  thought,  Haiku!
I kept writing twenty one
Feverous efforts 
Seventeen syllable try
Instead of six eight six or
Seven more...

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Categories: anxiety, art, poetry, success,

Wrestling Womb
Waiting enrage some,
While others gladly pray on...
That favour hooks grace
Unto fortune's bait and sink¡
Hopeless sinker to lift boon....

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Categories: angel, anxiety, art, baby,

Running Stream
Forever runs true,
And never say goodbye once,
Or leads mind astray.
Rather grows each passing day...
Be proud! if found claims to love....

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Categories: art, best friend, black

Premium Member The Painter
The Painter

I conceive, then paint,
“I’m the holder of the brush,
the canvas my choice,
and the paints await my skills.
I’m the Master of my world.”

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Categories: appreciation, art, visionary,

Premium Member noonday july sky
scorching blood red orb
clouds on silken mirror gleam 
noonday cosmic flare
ink black thunder growls, monsoon 
squall from volatile blue sky

NB Red orb is a synonym...

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Categories: art, change, color, dark,

Premium Member Twilight Hour

At descending dusk,
setting sun paints sparkling art
on drenched July sky.
Hued lattice of wispy cloud
shines my fading twilight hour.


July 6, 2022
Syllable count : 57577
Checked at

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Categories: july, sky, sunset,

Monk - Tanka 78
Moving 'Round Midnight'
Before Miles and Miles of Trane
Thelonious Monk
Playing the white and black keys
Preparing food for the soul...

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Categories: appreciation, art, black african

Cool - Tanka 63
Eccentric but cool
A vanguard of modern jazz
Boldly blowing past bebop
Challenging the status quo
The magnetic Miles Davis...

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Categories: appreciation, art, black african

Premium Member Garden Card Ritual
Picturesque garden
card ritual heralds dream
matchmaker pollen
fruit and berry broadleaf clad
amidst amorous awning

Posted : April 9th 2022...

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Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, birth,