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Long Gelid Poems

Long Gelid Poems. Below are the most popular long Gelid by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Gelid poems by poem length and keyword.

State of the Art IV
State of the Art (IV)

These are my "ars poetica" poems about the art and craft of writing poetry. 

by Michael R. Burch

“When you are old and grey and full of sleep...”  — W. ...

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Categories: gelid, art, muse, poems, poetry, poets, write, writing,
Form: Rhyme

Otomo no Sakanoue no Iratsume translation
To a Daughter More Precious than Gems
by Otomo no Sakanoue no Iratsume
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Heaven's cold dew has fallen—
and thus another season arrives.
Oh, my child living so far away,
do you pine for me...

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Categories: gelid, child, childhood, children, daughter, girl, mother, mother
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Another Gloomy Sky In November
The sunless evening is deprived
of its ardent and vivid colors,
the mischievous clouds
in their hastiness extend
their thin and tenebrous veil 
increasing my body's chill.

They intensify the dreary darkness
invading the lively landscapes under
a silent universe so distant...

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Categories: gelid, dark, emotions, nature, november, sad, sky, sunset,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Original Mask of Alabaster
A wince doth lurk wearing which wicked gaze,
Of conniving cast shadows ‘tween my windowpanes.

Gazing through the window’s diaphanous gelid glass, 
I see a flushing fluorescent misty haze of frothy brass.

It floats aloft the frost of...

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Categories: gelid, addiction, allusion, confusion, dream, evil, horror, night,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Boa's Ark - Part 3
 Continued from Part 2 

At night the soldiers sometimes dream
of many things which make them scream,

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Categories: gelid, fantasy, men, philosophy, war,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Una Nave Parte-A Ship Departs
Una donna rattristita e velata dal pianto,
guarda verso un mare
piu' squallido di questo invernile mattino: 
rimpiangendo i pensieri dolci
cullati dalla nostalgia di ieri
che non sara' facile dimenticare!

Una nave parte,
si ode il suo rombo...
si infrancono
onde tempestose

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Categories: gelid, bird, boat, longing, pain, sad love, sea,
Form: Free verse
Est'Bel Strolls
Urges ushered Est’bel out of her abode –
a cottage cobbled together from cobwebs and clapboard – 
and she scuttled forth,
her nesty hair tousled
by a leaf-laced breeze

In her bony hands she clutched
dregs of a nightmeg broth

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Categories: gelid, magic, moon, night, woman,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Dogwood
The blood and lapis daylight sets
in ether. How the mind resets
brutality of winter chill
with February's codicil;
what gossamer a dream begets.

I hear the crickets in the dark,
their clicking takes up where the lark
has been. The flagrant...

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Categories: gelid, dream, imagery, nature, tree,
Form: Quintilla
The glossy lamp-posts,
like the tremulous stars and awakening stars,
light up one by one with a click;
and with incredible manifestation
they announce a spectacular sunset
to impatient and eager lovers...
lost in profound contemplation,
feeling the urge of improvisation!
Serenity descends...

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Categories: gelid, uplifting, sky,
Form: Ballad
I thought about my older brother when I wrote this

One morning I woke up
and my bed was now a king size,
No more chow lines
and my wisdom[wife] was puttin' in kitchen work
and I was blessed to...

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Categories: gelid, freedom, hip hop, life,
Form: Rhyme
Winter Twitter
A frosty whitewash, whirling winter snow
smoothly shrouds a secret silent slumber.
Skies all awake, flying mosaics of row
music chirps cavort the sunset amber.
Gelid air turfs, chilled in birds of wonder
gliding through miles, unknown lands asunder.

Crackling wings...

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Categories: gelid, bird, cool, december, flying, mystery, romance, winter,
Form: Sonnet
Blithesome Placental Liberation
It was Long ago.
From the break of dawn
July 23,2003.
To the plenilune of the moon,
After the bullets have surceased.
The cry of a neonate hearkened through out the waves of the sea.

The gelid breeze alleviated my stress...

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Categories: gelid, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Hearthside: an Imagined Sequel to "When You Are Old"
by Michael R. Burch

“When you are old and grey and full of sleep...” ? W. B. Yeats

For all that we professed of love, we knew
this night would...

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Categories: gelid, age, divorce, fire, ireland, kiss, night, winter,
Form: Sonnet
Rugby Grass Roots
The grandstand is gelid by a sharp wintry breeze
Carried off from the field are the last of dead leaves
The shrill of the whistle, muffled calls from the crowd
From the tunnel stampede, metal studs echo loud.

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© Marco Bing  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: gelid, friendship, games, sports, spring,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member When life encounters opaque space
When gusty winds blow, riling my troubled dawn in gelid woes
Squall of my throes dissipates in scented whiffs of budding rose.

As brazen fog shrouds mind, heightening my grief, poking fun 
Defyingly I step out in...

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Categories: gelid, angst, endurance, feelings,
Form: Couplet
More days await underneath the solar's resplendant sheen,
dishevelled hair battered by michevious whirlwinds;
and slowly approaching my bright chapel, I promise to commit no sins.

Lilies and daisies are held by a cautious hand which has known...

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Categories: gelid, adventure, faith, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, nature,
Form: Terza Rima
Melting your frozen heart
Melting your frozen heart.

Why do you refuse to feel my love?

Why has your heart grown cold?

It´s so cold it is frozen solid, 

beating ever so slowly,

for no one.

A warm smile, a calid embrace, 

a compassionate...

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Categories: gelid, angst, devotion, emotions, fire, romance, soulmate,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Autumn's Silent Verse
I hear the words. In autumn's silent verse
lie anapestic wafts of falling leaves
with golden syllables both bright and terse,
the crimson pluck of summer as it grieves

its loss of verdant shimmer.  In the wake
of crisp...

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Categories: gelid, autumn, color, metaphor, nature, word play,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Whistling The Last Melody
Rain that slowly pelts
on the roses in sorrow,
don't make them weep any longer,
instead whisper the last melody
that they learned from the merry lark
that helped them through their agony!

Thousands are the warm raindrops
that fall from swollen...

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Categories: gelid, appreciation, death, flower, grave, memory, november, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Antarctica

Canines of cold bite down hard

Frigid daggers pierce the bones with reality
Pack ice, pregnant with the dynamism of glacial creep
Screaming and retching as it births its icy progeny to the Southern Ocean
Relentless gales turning billows...

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Categories: gelid, adventure, earth, environment, nature, ocean,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Behind the North Room Door
A chill drifted past the staircase
lingered then dissipated;
while the rustic oil lamp flickered, 
hesitating to die. 
Gasping to calm emotions, before 
feelings of faint overpower wit.
A continuous bumping in the lulling 
darkness sends an anxious...

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Categories: gelid, imagination, mystery
Form: Free verse
Autumn has dressed up in pretty auburn
by pulling all the lifeless leaves
off the dormant, cold trees; 
and every bird, that once thrilled everyone's heart,
has glanced upon this scenery and sadly gone south,
and I like them...I...

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Categories: gelid, seasonsme,
Form: Rhyme
What brought me to this sullen shore...
is not sheer curiousity at all,
but an equivocal question too hard to be answered
even by those whose minds are so cultured! 

Pelicans swarm the February's frigid sky over the...

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Categories: gelid, hope, people, places, sad, sea, social, sympathy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Split Wide Open

A chance encounter soon turned to love
Blossoming alike a flowering spring
That undulates moods of prairies green
Oscillating rhythms of tender winds
Amid trees-abloom, swaying revelry
And streams rushing to greet the sea.

They were blessed to find each other

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Categories: gelid, heartbreak, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Verse
Let frigid winter come,
it feels nice to be lonesome,
seeing myself snuggled up
in a comfort blanket holding a cup
of cocoa by this warm fireplace...
while the wanderer's frozen face
is dotted with the whitest snowflakes
as he rubs his...

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Categories: gelid, christmas, faith, holiday, hope, house, joy, nature,
Form: Ballad