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I thought about my older brother when I wrote this

One morning I woke up
and my bed was now a king size,
No more chow lines
and my wisdom[wife] was puttin' in kitchen work
and I was blessed to gaze into my queens eyes,

She prepared a good breakfast & I swallowed my feast
Then I hit the rain closet
and came out smelling like Hugo Boss
and I'm appreciating my new attire,
Praise God no more D.O.C. suits, kites
no more roll calls or pass the wire,

So I put on my armor, ready to face the outside world
with my best battle cry,
" I'm Free "
But I remembered I was on parole
and somedays it's like being up manuer creek
solo with no paddle I,
Use my survival tactics
from studying the boulevards theatrics
and with confidence I straddle my,

War horse for the rough ride
plus I sharpen up my weapon of choice,
I know victory is the key
So I illustrate it through voice,

I don't gallop as I eagle eye the hood,
The change lets me know
I went from platinum status to wood,
I briefly reminisce on when the time was good,

The hawk's present 
so I pop the collar on my 6lb coat,
Chip getters & the thick chick sweaters
stalk the block and hounds quote,

Each others psudonems, some issuin' the news,
If you part of the society
that lives by the ' Quiet Code '
you stay true to them
I hear the ghetto winds whistlin' the blues,

See city life plays a cold tune
and ' No Love ' is the bass line,
So when my mind rewinds
I realize that sometimes prison V.I's[visits]
is your only source of face time,

That's why I have much love for my peers
doing much time on tiers,
See hard time & yard time keeps your mind on clear,
And you must conquer all your fears,
In this, frigid world that's been gelid for years,
So for all my loved ones who couldn't be here,
I toast to the ' Most High '
and spill liquors and beers,

Because i'm back in the outside world
But am I really free?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 4/8/2015 1:12:00 PM
Louis, I'm glad you enjoyed my comment.. :) LINDA
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Date: 4/6/2015 6:19:00 AM
In the most intimate space of our thought we seem to be free,but a great thinker like Theodor W.Adorno explained we belonged to the times` mentalities and the idols of Bacon were round about,so even our reason depended on ancient habits or new ones in statu nascendi.Deep thoughts in your poem would arises like clouds ready to cover the sunshine,then bringing their light in the postmodern`s shadow.Best regards and wishes,O.B.
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brown Avatar
louis brown
Date: 4/7/2015 7:49:00 PM
thank you O.B
Date: 4/5/2015 9:35:00 PM
Louis :) Congratulations!! <3 you are one of the poetry soups Top and Hottest Poet, -this month. I hope you enjoyed Your Easter Weekend PLUS, Your name on the featured page of the ~Best New Poet~ Enjoy the coming week. Love LINDA
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brown Avatar
louis brown
Date: 4/7/2015 7:52:00 PM
Hey Linda, I appreciate making the list, and I thank all who decided to put me on it. Yes my weekend was great and I'm glad to be part of the Soup Family, God bless you
Date: 4/3/2015 2:22:00 PM
Damn...forgot the damned "seven"...a seven, Louis!!
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brown Avatar
louis brown
Date: 4/5/2015 2:34:00 PM
thanks John
Date: 4/3/2015 2:20:00 PM
Your poetry is almost unique! It is what it is: It is not grand, It is not polished, It is not classical - but it is "Gutsy"!! It is true poetry: It reflects the man and the society that spawned him...Quite brilliant!! You are a poet, Louis - and there is very little you can do about that!! Stay safe, my friend, stay safe!! Best regards!! :) john.
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brown Avatar
louis brown
Date: 4/7/2015 7:53:00 PM
thanks John Fleming