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Bloggers PhotoI was born in Baltimore, Maryland. I love to write poems, lyrics, songs, and short stories. Currently I own a production/publishing company. I produce R&B, Rap,Gospel, and Rock. I start writing poems when I was 6 years old. I won several national and international contest. I''m on Youtube with video called "THE COLOR THE BINDS US BY DJ SI-YOU...God has inspired me to write the way I do. I'm very grateful to be blessed with this unique and creative talent. I will always use my gift to write to give God praise and glory. With my God given talent I want to change the way people look at things whether it's colored in black and white. Also I want people to learn something from my writing and also I want to encourage the lost souls in this lost world. So any given day I will pen 20 poems for Jesus to bring people to HIM!

WATCH MY PEN FLOW......................

Blog Posted:10/7/2006 4:16:00 AM
I hope by reading my poems I have inspired you and help made your walk to Jesus closer. Well, I'm writing this blog to introduce myself to my fans and fellow poets. I love to write it is my passion and also I adore music. I constantly write in my sleep and compose music as well. I just won several awards for producing several recording artist. Also I was picked to be the music director for several independent movies here in the America and overseas. I get bored quickly so I have to write to keep myself busy. I'm sure that is why most people are here on this website. I love to read poetry as well as write it. I'm very impress with how much talent is on this website. It is great to see so many races and ethic backgrounds voicing their views and opinons. Also there are so many poems that detail inner pain and inner growth as well. My ambition is to be recognised as GOD'S POET. To everyone that reads this blog keep supporting poetry it's our inner voice and it needs to be heard...... Jeffrey aka JLEE
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Date: 5/18/2007 8:45:00 AM
Well. A brotha of God...Not too many of ya'll around lately. You appear to be very successful...So may you continue to be bless. You inspire me to get published and also do a CD...
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Date: 12/12/2006 2:26:00 PM
This is a wonderful introduction. I like the way the blog flows. Keep writing and be encouraged. God bless!
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Date: 10/18/2006 9:11:00 PM
Hi Jeff, welcome to soup, my friend
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Date: 10/9/2006 9:52:00 AM
I have been and still am watching your pen flow. Love, Carol
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Date: 10/7/2006 4:56:00 AM
Hello, nice meeting you Jeff. Welcome to the Family! Regards, Ernesto
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WATCH MY PEN FLOW......................
Date Posted: 10/7/2006 4:16:00 AM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/29/2017 19 MINUTES Rhymeanxiety,stress,travel,vac
11/29/2017 OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS Rhymehow i feel,inspirational,
11/29/2017 A TRUE FRIEND Rhymebrother,family,friend,ins
11/29/2017 FULL OF HOPE Rhymecare,hope,inspirational,j
4/7/2017 RIDE WITH ME Rhymecar,first love,journey,
4/7/2017 STILL NOT ENOUGH Rhymefaith,god,inspirational,j
3/22/2017 LET'S KEEP IT REAL Rhymedream,fantasy,hurt,trust,
3/13/2017 CLOSED DOOR Rhymefaith,hope,jesus,sick,tru
3/10/2017 INVISIBLE Rhymefate,image,imagination,me
3/8/2017 MY HEART BEATS Rhymeheart,how i feel,imaginat
3/8/2017 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Rhymefaith,fate,hope,moving on
12/22/2016 SAFETY BELT Rhymeflying,life,perspective,s
12/22/2016 LOVE FOREVER Rhymebeautiful,friendship,girl
12/21/2016 WINTER TIME Rhymechristmas,december,rememb
12/19/2016 LEND A HAND Rhymebrother,christian,faith,f
12/19/2016 CAMOFLUAGE Rhymehurt,integrity,trust,trut
12/19/2016 BALLOONS Rhymebereavement,best friend,b
12/19/2016 JESUS, MY ANGEL Rhymeangel,best friend,blessin
12/12/2016 PAIN AND PLEASURE Rhymebody,emotions,feelings,pa
12/12/2016 HOPE IS ALIVE Rhymedream,encouraging,faith,f
12/12/2016 POWER OF MONEY Rhymeevil,money,poverty,power,
11/23/2016 IN MY MIND Rhymefaith,hope,memory,truth,u
11/23/2016 THE GIRL IN MY MIRROR Rhymebeautiful,girl,imaginatio
11/19/2016 IT'S AUTUMN Rhymeautumn,beautiful,november
11/2/2016 THIRSTY FOR PEACE Rhymeconflict,inspirational,pe
10/5/2016 SPONGES Rhymefear,god,internet,jesus,s
10/5/2016 DO YOU EVEN LOVE ME Rhymefeelings,heartbreak,hurt,
9/19/2016 PRAYER OF PROTECTION Rhymeencouraging,god,inspirati
9/15/2016 THE OLD MAN WITH ONE SHOE Rhymechristian,grandfather,ins
9/15/2016 OUT OF BREATH Rhymeappreciation,blessing,lif
9/9/2016 HELLO JESUS Rhymeencouraging,god,hello,jes
8/22/2016 SKEDADDLE Rhymefaith,inspirational,movin
6/20/2016 INCONSOLABLE Rhymedeath,encouraging,grief,h
4/29/2016 WORDS OF FATE Rhymeadventure,destiny,faith,j
4/21/2016 A GOOD MORNING Rhymeday,devotion,encouraging,
4/21/2016 STAND STRONG Rhymeconfidence,destiny,encour
4/20/2016 THERE WILL BE PEACE Rhymegod,hope,jesus,peace,soci
4/19/2016 MOONLIGHT SKY Rhymelight,moon,nature,night,s
4/19/2016 DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY Rhymedance,love,moon,night,rom
4/13/2016 VICTORIOUS Rhymeencouraging,faith,god,jes
3/19/2016 THE MOUSE THAT RAN UP THE CLOCK Rhymeadventure,fun,humor,time,
3/19/2016 I NEED TO GET AWAY Rhymeadventure,freedom,imagina
3/18/2016 WE ARE FAMILY Rhymefamily,father daughter,fa
3/16/2016 LOST THOUGHTS Rhymelost,memory,remember,trut
2/23/2016 DECISIONS Rhymejudgement,rights,
2/22/2016 SIN CITY Rhymeamerica,city,life,poverty
2/6/2016 WRITER'S BLOCK Rhymelost,poetry,word play,wor
2/5/2016 NEED FOR SPEED Rhymecar,destiny,race,sports,
2/4/2016 IS LOVE A REALITY Rhymefaith,god,love,society,up
2/2/2016 IN THE NAME OF JESUS Rhymeencouraging,jesus,joy,lov
2/2/2016 NEW CALENDAR Rhymegrowth,life,new year,upli
2/2/2016 CUP OF COFFEE PLEASE Rhymeaddiction,drink,food,love
11/19/2015 WORDS OF MEANING Rhymeencouraging,meaningful,up
10/14/2015 HIP HOP Rhymecommunity,culture,family,
10/14/2015 DIRTY LAUNDRY Rhymebetrayal,trust,truth,
9/24/2015 ENCOURAGING WORDS TO LIVE BY Rhymeencouraging,growth,inspir
9/15/2015 THE SONG TO MY LIFE Rhymehip hop,inspirational,lif
9/15/2015 IAM NOT LOST BUT FOUND Rhymefaith,god,inspirational,l
8/31/2015 IT'S THE WEIRDIEST THING Rhymecrazy,hope,
8/31/2015 WALKING WITH FAITH Rhymefaith,inspirational,spiri
4/24/2015 I'M STRONGER NOW Rhymeencouraging,faith,inspira
3/4/2015 UNBELIEVABLE Rhymeinspirational,spiritual,u
1/13/2015 WORTHY TO BE PRAISED Rhymeencouraging,faith,inspira
10/1/2014 PICTURE ME Rhymeidentity,image,inspiratio
9/29/2014 PENNED IMAGINATION Rhymeimagination,inspirational
9/25/2014 RESPECTED Rhymebaseball,goodbye,retireme
9/23/2014 TECHNOLOY TERROR Rhymecomputer,culture,internet
9/22/2014 WANTED LOVE Romanticismlonely,love,sad love,
9/22/2014 SLEEPLESS Rhymenight,sleep,
8/26/2014 LIVE FOR TODAY Rhymechristian,encouraging,hop
7/24/2014 IN GOD'S WORDS Rhymegod,inspiration,love,spir
7/24/2014 PLASTIC Rhymefaith,inspirational,peopl
3/16/2014 SECOND CHANCES Rhymeencouraging,forgiveness,i
2/25/2014 I BELIEVE Rhymeencouraging,faith,inspira
2/6/2014 DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME Rhymeinspirational,life,societ
1/1/2014 LET'S LEAD THE WAY Rhymeblack african american,hi
12/11/2013 DIFFERENCES Rhymebeauty,inspirational,peop
12/11/2013 GOD FEARING Rhymefather,god,inspirational,
12/11/2013 MY SECRET ANGEL JESUS Rhymeangel,encouraging,friend,
12/11/2013 FAST LIFE Rhymeinspirational,life,social
9/25/2013 EVERY BREATH IS FOR YOU Rhymechristian,god,i love you,
7/15/2013 UNFORGIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES Rhymechristian,forgiveness,fri
4/2/2013 LOOKING INTO GOD EYES Rhymebeautiful,christian,faith
1/23/2013 NO SELFISHNESS Rhymecaregiving,christian,fait
7/18/2012 JOY IN MY HEART Rhymefaith,happiness,hope,insp
7/16/2012 ANGRY WORLD Rhymeinspirational,life,people
7/13/2012 DREAMING Rhymefaith,imagination,inspira
5/9/2012 A GUIDED LIFE Rhymefaith,happiness,hope,insp
4/26/2012 MY EYES HAVE SEEN Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
3/24/2012 RACIAL DIVIDED Rhymeblack african american,ho
3/21/2012 IS YOUR MIND FREE Rhymehope,inspirational,life,p
3/18/2012 LET THERE BE PEACE Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
3/12/2012 FASTER TIME Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
3/12/2012 IMPOSTORS Rhymehope,inspirational,life,p
1/6/2012 PAY ATTENTION Rhymedevotion,faith,father,hop
1/2/2012 JESUS LOVE IS REAL Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
12/29/2011 WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
11/6/2011 I'M THANKFUL Rhymedevotion,faith,inspiratio
7/16/2011 EMPTY LIFE Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
7/12/2011 I DREAM OF A BETTER LIFE Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,

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