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Pain Poems

Pain Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about pain. This list of pain poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of pain poetry. This list of works about pain is an excellent resource for examples on how to write pain poems.

New Poems

Unrequited love
As soon as I open my eyes 
I look for you
Only to realise 
Your not there, it was just dream 
I die a little inside 
As know you don't feel the same as me 
It's so very clear to see...Read More
Categories: pain, best friend, break up, care, emotions,
Form: Rhyme

This pain is not my fault 
I was just unlucky
It brings my life to holt
Each stabbing pain, twisting ache
Strikes as hard as a lightening bolt
This cramping is so hard to shake 
Endometriosis is its name
We're not playing this is no...Read More
Categories: pain, emotions, for her,
Form: Rhyme
Who Has Not
Who has not had to demur and endure another’s wrath wrongly procured?

Who has not felt their face flush red from an unrighteous rebuke for words never said?

Who has not sat in a crowded room and yet felt all alone in...Read More
Categories: angst, betrayal, confusion, emotions, heart, pain, trust,
Form: Free verse
Not Real
I'm meant as her humility stone
where other see my fault
And all who come to wish me well
know I'm the one she's delt

Where all the pain I've known for her
is why I can't go on
As all the hate she's shown to...Read More
Categories: pain, analogy,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Webs Of Deceit
I’ll snare your essence
within the fine filament 
of deceptive words

I’ll entrap your heart
within the decadent fibers
of unholy passions

I’ll bind your emotions
within depraved threads
of immoral desires 

I’ll leave you devastated
haunted by shameful memories
naked in self-loathing

Welcome to internet romance
the world-wide web of...Read More
Categories: heartbreak, loneliness, love hurts, pain,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Blue Skies and Pain
Blue skies,
over bloodied grass.

Cold reflection,
of smoking brass.

One clip, two clips,
deed is done.

Acidic smoke,
mingles with sun.

As a mother weeps,
for her dead son....Read More
Categories: pain, death, grief, heartbreak, loss, violence,
Form: Rhyme
Why is heaven for the death
They say heaven is sweet
And when you get there
God gives you a nice treat
For there's no pain
And more to entertain
But why does only the death
Goes to heaven
And not the living
For the death has no feeling
They have no mouth to talk
No...Read More
Categories: pain, death, death of a friend, heaven,
Form: Classicism
some say he was insane
he suffer so much pain
made eyes rain
his sprit lives on
our freedom he set the tone
for us to live together
so world wil be better
was treated so mean

...Read More
Categories: pain, appreciation,
Form: Prose Poetry
tho he is gone
his dream lives on
he stood tall
fought for freedom for all
they walk  in the rain
it was  pain
being put in jail
sometime no bail
he still had lot to give
he did  god will
now still today

...Read More
Categories: pain, adventure, america,
Form: Prose Poetry
Melancholy Morning
The bullying rays of a callous, morning sun
light up the remnants of excavated memories.
Memories now dusted down and displayed
in ink-stained cases of regret.
Exhibits for the museum of melancholy.

The mind is a cache of indelible thoughts,
those buried the deepest rise with...Read More
Categories: pain, butterfly, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Dream Imagined by MLK

         I hail here from the church with the flags -
Representation of a multicultural congregation,
                A piece...Read More
Categories: pain, bible, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love Or Heart Twin One
Blue the pain of love
Red by born body of heart
Love or heart twin one

-January 19,2020 Chattogram...Read More
Categories: pain, heart, love,
Form: Haiku
Snow Camping
Poetry - Snow Camping

The beauty of white snow silently dropping. 
Blanketing the forrest while no one is watching. 
Morning awakens, breath hangs in the air. 
Evergreens are bowing as if in prayer. 

A coffee mug thaws hands aching in pain.
Cradling...Read More
Categories: pain, creation, death, silence, snow, spiritual, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Words of wisdom
Patience is a virtue
Hope is only advice
Yet the words are powerful
But power can be deceitful,
Cold, hungry and greedy.

How can one have happience?
When they continuously miss what stands in front,
When they try to please the unpleasable?
Then crumble when they fail?

Why to...Read More
Categories: pain, 11th grade, emotions, proposal,
Form: Blank verse
Oblivion, Thou Dark Star
*****This poem was inspired through the idea of there being no life after death, or the belief in atheism. In recent years more and more young people are commiting suicide; recent studies have shown that there is a commonality between...Read More
Categories: pain, atheist, death, metaphor, sleep, suicide,
Form: Classicism
Boots that fit one last time 
My hands to give for you to warm
Songs to play the choice we made
Steps so slow to hold the love you gave 

Silence of room crowds of eyes
Doors of pain voices of verse
Hands to...Read More
Categories: pain, death,
Form: Rhyme
Living in the moment
I just want to be on it 
I mean I want to live in the moment
You only have one life to live 
And that's what I plan to do
I want to enjoy the view 
The breathe of fresh Air ,...Read More
Categories: pain, age, art, beautiful, color,
Form: ABC
I'm going to share with you all...a dark part of my past.
A part that makes me sick and innocence that didn't last.
It was a time most don't remember...a time I can't forget.
A time I felt no peace or love...a...Read More
Categories: pain, abuse,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member A Nation Betrayed
With loving heart and caring hands
I soothe your pain, I bathe your wounds
An ill wind blew and sapped your strength
There was not much that you could do.
Corruption, greed, no rule of law,
Unfair the treatment handed out.
Betrayed by those you trusted...Read More
Categories: betrayal, corruption, pain,
Form: Ode
Animal Instict
Through the glass, your body stills.
What life was there - isn't.


You can't see me, but I can see you.

The pain in my temples kills.
Dead eyes,

Wake up, wake up.

I think I'm going deaf.
Waves wash over skin,
Turning it grey and speckled.

Red and...Read More
Categories: pain, confusion, dark, death, imagery, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When silent tears fall
When silent tears of her aching heart fall
Cry of the lonely night is seldom heard
Muffling her sound against a callous wall	

Facing choice stark in dread of fate’s call
Alone she bemoans of dreams deferred
When silent tears of her aching heart fall

Enduring...Read More
Categories: pain, abuse, angst, love hurts,
Form: Villanelle
My Widow Maker Heart Attack
I feel lost and alone...flipped upside down.
I can still see all...but I can't hear a sound.
I'm falling into the darkness...someone catch me please.
My pain is now gone...I feel death's icy cold breeze.

When your heart stops beating...your senses all die one...Read More
Categories: pain, death, heart,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Flooding Tears
Sweet benign breeze swept my tears dry
When my heart bled and spilling out
On madness, loathing minds awry
Lead to crime where love fading out.

On the streets where striplings beseech
Sweet benign breeze swept my tears dry
For some nibbles, they beg and preach
While...Read More
Categories: pain, cry, humanity, poverty, society,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member The D Word
Sitting and gazing at the world through the window.

Silence is broken with whistles of wind, 
rustling through lifeless leaves.
As specks of rain trickle down panes of glass,
charcoal clouds add to the misery of memories,
slowly drifting away, like trees losing leaves.

Petals...Read More
Categories: pain, angst, relationship, sick,
Form: Free verse
The fire ground
The blackened ground stretches out ahead
The fire has long since passed with dread
There are no bush sounds around
Death and destruction has sown the ground

The firefighters with blackened faces
Return now from hell fire places
Awaiting now a rebirth in rain
Whilst the bush...Read More
Categories: pain, fire,
Form: Ballad

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