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Song Poems

Song Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about songs. This list of song poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of song poetry. This list of works about song is an excellent resource for examples on how to write song poems.

New Poems

Prejudice Flavoured Soup
Soup views,
prejudice but for a few,
I know this true,
rumours reach you,
I have loads of views
but not on soup,
shame on you
carry on I will
write how I feel
when your bubble bursts
to death you rot
I will write on with thirst
and you will not
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Categories: song, truth,
Form: Rhyme

~~~~ For My GrandMa....


Speak to me in many waters
Wash away the dirt and grime
Lay my body upon the alter
Transform me to another time
May I be in line _ the first
To press you palm upon my breast
Quench this dry unending thirst
To...Read More
Categories: song, death,
Form: Elegy
I wrote a song and sang it badly
The content was such they listened gladly 
you think I’d be embarrassed 
reputation vanished 
But the latter a failed preclude deluded truth  
And you can’t damage what damaged

Thousands of ears now know...Read More
Categories: song, appreciation, happy, success,
Form: Rhyme
maybe I didn't hold his hand tight enough
"That maybe,
I didn't hold his hand tight enough..."
is the line most bittersweet, rough --

I imagine Mattie wished Jamie had stayed
as he held his hand, as a child -- prayed

Wishing, perhaps... had he held it tighter,
could've infused health, live to be...Read More
Categories: child, death, emotions, grief, heart, heaven, song,
Form: Elegy
The Songwriter
I'd like to write a song
I thought that would be fine
One that is original
Much more than just one line

Not rely on the music
As some writers are prone to do
The lyrics should be different
Not Yah!Yah or Boo De Boo

The musicians are...Read More
Categories: song, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme

Lonely Night
Although your song
Is heard in the morning 
Little blackbird 
Don't sleep in your nest
But sing through the lonely night. 

           W.A CHOLT. Copyright Fergal O Reilly. 2019

   ...Read More
Categories: song, bird, loneliness, nature,
Form: Tanka
musique forspel till bristande oro
they dug deep trenches in the forest
cut down large trees
to cover these trenches
they made rooms
and covered the logs with clay
and piled dirt atop, and
used leaves to make it appear as if
they were walking on solid ground.
they made a chimney deeper...Read More
Categories: film, horse, music, mystery, science fiction, song,
Form: Epic
        ...Read More
Categories: body, business, career, celebrity, culture, love, song,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Kaleidoscope eyes

Picture yourself in a boat on a river
sailing along with the moon in your eyes
Following dreams found to make your heart quiver
with tangerine trees and marmalade skies

Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
counting the words in between all your sighs
Seeing...Read More
Categories: song, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Morning love song


I gazed upon an orchid sky and thought that I heard singing
a melody adrift the morning breeze
So lovely were the harmonies in happiness now bringing
meandering through barren autumn trees

I listened for a while to the wonder I was hearing
amidst the...Read More
Categories: song, good morning,
Form: Rhyme
Low Vibration

Thus Mother Mary came to me, telling me the score
To long: wasted time on a lower vibration, no more

The haters, blockers and jealous people need to go
So your spirit can rise again, not remain on this low 

I gave...Read More
Categories: song, beautiful, freedom, growth, happiness, spiritual, strength,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member A Magical Night
"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go . . . "
                   ...Read More
Categories: song, heartbreak, love, magic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Black Friday
( Black Friday )

Here it comes again, grab your grocery carts and run
They scam your mind, before you even see the sun
Each year it seems too early, Thanksgiving they ignore
All they care about is money, cause all they want is...Read More
Categories: song, holiday,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Love at Twilight
How large the bloodshot sun seems today.
Yet it is dying, its flaming rays ineffective.
After a long hot day, tired, it must be spent.
So patiently it descends out of humanity’s view
Far across the sea, behind the shimmering horizon.

Quietly the moon takes...Read More
Categories: song, love, sunset,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Season of Joy
Like peppermint canes, the icicles twist
Red and white lines wrapped in frosty mist

Sleigh-bells ring out o'er snow-covered field
Songs and laughter to hugs and kisses yield

Breathe deep the pure air, this season of joy
Every heart transformed to tender girl or sweet...Read More
Categories: christmas, heart, joy, snow, song,
Form: Couplet


Come with me a’ walking
this chilly autumn eve
Along the vast horizon
where two hearts can believe

Following the sunset
winding down the way
Leading to our paradise
in nature’s found display

Shaded by an oak tree
you and I we lie
Contemplating every dream
under an amber sky

Counting constellations,
heavenly...Read More
Categories: song, good night,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Without You It Is Winter
In your absence like winter been
Cold and gray my heart within 
Far from you this lonely place
My only wish to see your face 

l see your ways in nature all
Hear your voice in lonesome call
I’ve yet...Read More
Categories: song, loneliness, love,
Form: Rhyme
Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine 

When we were young and went out into  the world ,we chose to give in 
When we could no longer hold our own 
Though we knew better than to listen to 
The voice in the song...Read More
Categories: song, christian, culture, destiny, dream, faith, family, fate,
Form: Free verse
who so ever
who's loved by this woman
who brings love to bare
she is wrong in doings
simply put
she doesn't care
than might I mention
she has men all around
tell you this in gossip
went look and I've found
she follies
in relations
and neither man
is first
she and freinds
gather together
there stories...Read More
Categories: film, integrity, music, song,
Form: I do not know?
songstress sonnet seven
what causes me to make
 keepsake of these trinkets
there mire mention causes strain
than I am a hypocrite
with the mire mention of your name
you are whispers made over
a wishing place for men
you are the subtle overance of being
someone to make friend...Read More
Categories: music, song, sound,
Form: Ballade
tulips and wine mello chello and bassoon
eased away 
the doubt
and allowed
 me to love

it's the only reason
and it's us I'm speaking of
I say these most
 meaningful words

I love and that's 
the truth
God blessed
me with your love

might I mention
with no uncertainty
Us together
is defined as 
you and me
when...Read More
Categories: film, guitar, music, song,
Form: Sonnet
Our Cliched Hearts Have Repeated Themselves to Death
We should get some ammunition for the soul
A fierce-looking stranger is always on patrol
And he mutters this curious sentence under his breath:
“Our clichéd hearts have repeated themselves to death.”

I don’t believe in the thing they often say,
That we should live...Read More
Categories: song, absence, emotions, funeral, girlfriend, heart, lonely, love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever

I have used words and phrases from the Beatles song
‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in order to create the
Desired effect in this poem.

How beautiful it must be,
Let me take you down,
Just you and me,
For no one else is 
In my...Read More
Categories: song,
Form: Free verse
whist then is neither
leave it  alone
it aint worth fixin
o many actor
in this kitchen
turn it loose
leave it alone
what was love
it's now gone

alway someone else
involved in your business
knowing things
that keeps you senseless
i'm so tired
they don't won't me relaxing
turn me loose
and let me go
you aint...Read More
Categories: break up, music, song, sound,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Categories: career, celebrity, film, music, repetition, song, sound,
Form: Ballade

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