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Premium Member Tormented by angelic words

Tormented by angelic words,
you softly, swiftly seal my fate;
is it too late
to rise from ash and vision blurred?
For these immortal ties
were realized when my gaze met your eyes.

If you so choose, my heart is yours
and ever it will always be...Read More
Categories: piece, devotion, love, soulmate,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

That's My Excuse
I will try to write you a nice piece of verse,
Though it may well be a bit of a curse,
I will need to keep all my words very terse,
Since I would prefer not to have to reverse,
That may seem to...Read More
Categories: piece, animal, day, dog, nice,
Form: Monorhyme
Every Time
Every time the sun goes down 
I hope it brings along my pain
And every time the clouds roll by 
wash it away with the rain
Every night when the moon is high 
I hope it lifts me up just the same
And...Read More
Categories: piece, allegory, encouraging,
Form: Rhyme
My Favourite Refuge

Facing three tall coconut trees 
There was a dark corner outside the house
Sitting wherein I could cry out my heart, 
Wipe dry my tears and undisturbed sob till I tired.
My elders frequently scolded me. 
The house is still there, but...Read More
Categories: piece, recovery from,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Through to Me
Through to Me (duet)

I don't know just what you do to me;
I don't know just what to do.
I can't say how you get through to me; 
I can see your words are true.
Touch my heart; now take a piece of...Read More
Categories: piece, love, song,
Form: Lyric

Father's Dislike
Father's Dislike
American hero, a man my father would ing hate, was a real golden ball boy. Olympic athlete, he saw and did it all. Jessie Owens, Nazi Berlin, history being made.Making history.Joined the air force. Flying Liberators over the Pacific,...Read More
Categories: piece, conflict, history, war,
Form: Prose Poetry

the main character was in 
a relationship with a woman in 
the movie we were watching.
the girlfriend of that same 
man went out of town. 
the man had his friend over 
for drinks. 
as the female I was...Read More
Categories: piece, death, evil, prison, silly, teenage, together, trust,
Form: Free verse
John Lennon Lied To You
Lucy is not in the sky 
like you were told. 
Her feet or on the ground 
holding a piece of coal.

The rocking horse people
took her diamond away 
and smeared marshmallow pie
across her narrow face.

The marmalade sky’s
ozone has disintegrated,
from the fumes...Read More
Categories: piece, satire,
Form: Rhyme
IT Chapter 2
# ITTheMovie

"Bill ! .....no it is not." A really terrified soul...careful what's precious might be consumed.
Hungry for a coward , once again he is out to hunt! The stench of fear excites him....his mouth salivating to the terror...Read More
Categories: piece, america, crazy, dark, dream, good night, halloween,
Form: Free verse

Something so thoughtful, we have been given is memory.
The ultimate in Romance.
It can be a planted reminder of who we are, where we come from, what we have experienced.
Itself, taken root.
A piece of your soul that must be beckoned, rubbed,...Read More
Categories: piece, beautiful,
Form: Free verse
Forget the War, I Just Want a Cigarette

Stuck in the middle of no man’s land lying; wrapped in barb
Each movement I make razor sharp edges rips into my garb

The stench is unbelievable; the blood, body parts and more
Is...Read More
Categories: piece, introspection,
Form: Couplet
Majestic is decay in the house of bloom, they call it - Miner’s pub,
A puce bottle was replaced with a very cold pint
In it the Hoptopod, one of a kind!
Dwarfs trotting, serpents curling, pale vampires partying,
The long lashed eyes tempting...Read More
Categories: piece, adventure, drink,
Form: Free verse
My anxiety eats me up
like I'm a piece of cake.
What should I do
when my friends ask for advice
when I'm the one 
who probably needs it the most.
I wander why
I'll never be good enough
for my crush to like me back.
Am I...Read More
Categories: piece, 11th grade, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, heartbroken, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member All the Things
All The Things
Grandma told me to be mindful. She used to tell me that when I was a kid. What exactly that meant did not completely become clear to me, until after she was gone. I was not mindful at...Read More
Categories: piece, 12th grade, abortion, absence, abuse, addiction, adventure,
Form: Narrative
Just reign
Shrill overhead birds
ripping my thoughts apart
The taste of oncoming rain
limps in the air
Gaggles of forgotten children
waging wars of imagination
As i draw a breath
leading life
its terminus incorporate
My hand
rub the my epidermis
and choral sighs escape
Problems weighed and measured
Displeasured by the moments
I rip...Read More
Categories: piece, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nine-Eleven
The buildings fell, and so my heart.
Not the very whole of it,
But that portion of innocence?
Fell that piece, or part.

And I beheld the evil,
Though a foreign thing to me—
Even as the buildings fell,
And my hope for humanity.

But the tower dared...Read More
Categories: piece, evil, hope, recovery from,
Form: Rhyme
Bottleing Wine A Two Person Job
Four boxes of empty  bottles
Some are for white wine
The others for red wine
All ready to be filled 

All these bottles must be washed
With a special piece inside bottle
To rinse the inside clean ten times
Ready for thenext step to be...Read More
Categories: piece, wine,
Form: Free verse
Magically wonderful times
Magically wonderful times 

Special stones bits of sticks
Hunting wiggly worms
Spinning round so very fast
Dizzy from the turns
Bubbles blowing in the wind
Chasing them with glee 
Cardboard boxes paper planes
Happy memories

For the young
There’s so much fun
In the little things they find
Then we...Read More
Categories: piece, childhood, growing up,
Form: Rhyme
First Light in the Star Fields

A stone in the backyard,
roughly cratered like the moon,
a black stone
heavy with ancient cinders – 
fire chipped.

Could it be a meteorite
or maybe a bit of cold star-fire?
It’s so very old, 
utterly lost
even though 
it is now placed here in...Read More
Categories: piece, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Materialization of 911

                    /) /)  /) 

        harboring prophetic wishes
...Read More
Categories: piece, remember,
Form: Free verse
From The Start
Each poem better than the last
I write them to improve.
But looking back should add to fact
that nothing's new to prove.

When all I write is soon passe'
for better works of art.
And all I know is what I am-
a better cheat of...Read More
Categories: piece, 9th grade, analogy, appreciation, aubade, creation, loss,
Form: Quatrain
Andre Derains Last Words
(French Painter, 1880-1954)

Understandably a famous man’s
dying words might be likened to
the rich sweetness of a late
summer fruit, or, a distillate 
of rare wisdom, 
to be savoured in silence 

and reflection years later.
So, pressing near to him, like a 
parched...Read More
Categories: piece, farewell, words,
Form: Light Verse
Bonanza Blues
"Before I write another stanza 
I'll watch a re - run of Bonanza"

Waiing to muse to strike I realax with an old western show soo. ..

"Before I a re - run of Bonanza"

Good old Hoss Cartwirthg makes 
me wish I...Read More
Categories: piece, addiction, repetition,
Form: Chant Royal
Do Not Date a Writer
Do not date a writer,
As she will write about every detail. 
She will write about how she helped you with your meds
At 3 am when she could-
And should have been sleeping. 
Or how she held you 
When you needed it...Read More
Categories: piece, betrayal, break up, growth, happiness, heartbroken, how
Form: Free verse
Sacettred man
With the anniversary coming up

little brother!

you are all that is in my mind

the only one who loved me back.

Nine years past,

I was lost and stumbled around the world

no one knows who I am

the large piece of me 

was scratched off...Read More
Categories: piece, brother, death, loss, lost,
Form: Free verse