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Promise Song Poems

These Promise Song poems are examples of Song poems about Promise. These are the best examples of Song Promise poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Song to the Soul of Myself saith the Flesh
So let us fly away like an eagle to our soul mate's space the throne room the habitation in the flesh-  the soul, the...

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Categories: song, anxiety, appreciation, bible, courage,

Premium Member Thankful I Know Him

Bask in the glow of His love,
Remember - He holds the keys to my joy
my hopes and my dreams,
Listen to His voice, rhythmic and slow,

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Categories: song, appreciation, christian, faith, forgiveness,

Premium Member Sing Praise

Sing praises to the Son, the light, the love, the One,
Who guides hearts away from doubt, 
Who shows souls where to find peace,
Who assures us...

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Categories: song, appreciation, christian, gospel, hope,

Premium Member Let Me Be Enough
. Let Me Be Enough 

Search for me
Pull me out
Of myself and self doubt
Snake charmer play your magic flute
Make me believe you love me too


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Categories: song, change, emotions, forgiveness, hope,

Premium Member Maestro

Stir in me, the beautiful, the peace, the grace,
Silence fears and replace the shadows with faith,
Whisper music through me, songs I can embrace.

Rouse in me,...

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Categories: song, beautiful, blessing, christian, faith,

From the depth of the earth, I rise,

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Categories: song, strength,

Premium Member Elvis
He set hearts on fire
With gifted voice, guitar dreams,
Stifled urge to breath, just breath,
Exhaling the still, cool peace,
More than just make believe,
Not just instinct –...

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Categories: celebrity, music, song,

Premium Member Spring Sonata
Springtime, you always arrive so gently,
as high school proms bring tears of friends
who know they must soon part.
I will try not to weep of fifty-six...

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Categories: song, 7th grade, 8th grade,

Premium Member Spring Sonata

For still there are so many things that I have never seen: in every wood in every spring there is a different green. - J....

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Categories: song, spring,

Premium Member There's Always A Song
There’s Always a song when you’re feeling lonely
A song to chase away the blues
There’s always a song that’s written for you only
A coping skill for...

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Categories: song, music,

Premium Member Just Tears
Tears, softly falling,
Grieving for the dreams,
Beyond knowing,
Dreams, silent, growing,
Within the spirit,
Where Jesus love is flowing,
In frequent gestures,
Wise and everlasting,
Stirring the light that lives,
Because His love...

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Categories: song, beautiful, blessing, christian, heaven,

Premium Member Sea's Truth
As she sings, the sea agrees to feed the night its breathless light, softer than the fading shadows, silent like the nocturnal words - drifting...

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Categories: song, appreciation, fantasy, imagination, night,

Premium Member Dying Screams

Gusts thump the windows,
Never seen, but always heard,
Hastening to meet the tallest oaks,
Urging them to sway, bending,
Leaning as if to waltz this way, that way,

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Categories: song, death, nature, nostalgia, wind,

Life is a song
Life is a song, where you are the deep 
breathtaking words of your heartbeats,
in mellifluous melodies that play every day, 
beneath starlight and the shimmering...

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Categories: song, emotions, i love you,

Premium Member The Love Song of L Marie Modenbach
We disagree
I want to breathe people
Feel a timeless, immortal pulse
My solitude is anonymous observation
Strolling in unnoticed contemplation through worlds stacked upon worlds
The Flâneuse
My sustenance is...

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Categories: song, change, emotions, growth, humanity,

Book: Shattered Sighs