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Night Poems

Night Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about the night. This list of night poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of night poetry. This list of works about night is an excellent resource for examples on how to write night poems.

New Poems

forever his
she wore the sonnet as clothes
and was naked to all that saw her
she spoke in perfect diction
and pranced around to have all
who wish her well to see her
those that longed for someone
unobtainable and spoken for
she told her lover she'd marry
his...Read More
Categories: night, guitar, jobs, music, mythology, sexy, slam, voice,
Form: Classicism

Premium Member Cherokee Rose
many days we walked
an unforgiving sun
beating down upon us
and at night
even the cold moon
seemed to curse us...

Seeing what no eye should see
our tears mingled with dust
and angry winds spoke
of the death of our people
our children, our old
succumbing to grief...

Our hearts...Read More
Categories: night, angst, corruption, courage, native american,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When I Was Eight
I owned a warm breezed first Spring day
in radiantly refulgent sun
between billowed cumulative clouds
white as sailing sheets
on our vibrating 
shaking and tugging cotton clothesline
swaying multi-colored tops
and sun bleached blue jean bottoms.

Like God,
I looked curiously
warmly down

As industrious ants
with apparently urgent missions
I...Read More
Categories: night, earth, god, health, humanity, integrity, peace, spring,
Form: Free verse
Trans in Reverse
Trans In Reverse
By Lola

Im ill today cause the sky is gray
A strange sort of comfort in the mood of the day
I hide in the darkness between rays of sunlight
I dont have a fever, but i feel sick every night

I cant...Read More
Categories: night, anger, anxiety, depression, discrimination, me, memory,
Form: Lyric
An Empty Heart
A heart that is empty that was once filled with joy and love,
Walls that crumble and cannot hold their captured image,
A chair old and threadbare, waiting, like her dreams- rejected.

Her eyes close as she passes by the old mirror- 
for...Read More
Categories: night, emotions, feelings, heart, imagery, memory, mirror,
Form: Free verse

frost hanging on trees 
as winter breeze clothes the night --
birds warm up on holes

9 December 2019...Read More
Categories: night, snow, winter,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Silhouette-
I gather I spy upon you 
I see that you are whole
I look upon your Darkness and all you behold
Calm before the night 
Witness the new birth, Twilight
Color-les plight
Arouse shared and midnight
Are you my twin are you my better...Read More
Categories: night, absence,
Form: Rhyme
Labour Pains
They held hands for the first time.
She , still a virgin. 
Him , still a virgin.
A beautiful night of companionship,
That lasted a life time,
On that night of innocence,
As the bonding was formed.
A boy tiny in form was made.
Though tiny but...Read More
Categories: night, birth, blessing, feelings,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member SHE GREW UP
Her parents use to read her Fairy Tales
she remember their voices…
their joy…
their laughter
which is why, she imagines, she grew up
believing in happily ever after.

She believes in bears that talk…
in trees that dance…
in wizards who can fly...
She believes a kiss can...Read More
Categories: night, dream, happy,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Prayer Answered
Prayer Answered
By: Miracle Man

Each night I retire 
praying tomorrows circumstances will be different.

But before day is gone I’ve discovered,
the only thing that changed was,
I’m one day older.

And while not what I had in mind,
a prayer was answered.
...Read More
Categories: night, prayer,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Death Came for Her on a Sunday
Death came for her on a Sunday. 
I have to fry the chicken for church, she argued.
Death hung out in a closet with mildew and stains.
She tried on clothes the victim would not need any more.
Came out wearing a black...Read More
Categories: night, death,
Form: Free verse
The Owl and The Wolf
I am an owl in the night asking, 'who-
Who' makes those lunic shapes in the distance?
It is the wolf howling under the moon.
She echo’s in the night, it’s a smooth trance.

I am hiding, perched up under and through,
Nestled in to...Read More
Categories: moon, night,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member This Silent Night
Can you feel the love tonight
The Holy birth's within sight
A Star's about to be born
In a stable all forlorn.

Just a manger for a bed
So the Babe may rest His head
Tiny hands and tiny feet
Feet to follow, hands to reach.

Jesus, God's...Read More
Categories: night, blessing, celebration, christmas, hope, jesus, joy,
Form: Rhyme
Sun approaching the quiet sea
Blue boats leaving port slowly,
Young girls playing with dolls
Andalus music with mint tea;

Call from the white mosque
Lights and silence in the city,
Perfume from pine trees 
Neighbors talking quietly;

Freshness covering the night
Mother closing windows gently,
Kitchen becoming lively
Sardines...Read More
Categories: night, blessing, childhood, memory, mum,
Form: Free verse
Again on Night Shift
Again on night shift
Tell your boss to change your shift
My dear pleasant moon.

Submitted on December 09, 2019, for A Nature Themed Haiku Poetry Contest sponsored by Tania Kitchin...Read More
Categories: night, moon,
Form: Haiku
Seasons of Life
Dawn of spring,
Birds on green trees
Gardens are blooming
Smiles and babies;

Noon of summer,
Sunshine in blue skies
Brides are smiling  
Love and ceremonies;

Sunset of autumn,
Painters near the sea
Colors are falling
Silver and memories;

Night of winter,
Darkness in the city
Smoke is rising 
Tears and stories.
...Read More
Categories: night, blessing, life, seasons,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Singing Elf

T'was the night before Christmas, on our last round,
Of delivering presents to this lovely town;
As we dropped the last parcel we broke out the wine,
Santa soon got too jolly and ran a stop sign.
First he swore, then he chuckled, and...Read More
Categories: night, humor,
Form: Rhyme
To hear the bells
Do you hear the bells 
They are ringing with all their might
When it is Christmas time
On a hot Australian night

Do you see the jolly fellow
Whose face is as red as his suit
Who comes when the bells are calling now
For the...Read More
Categories: night, christmas,
Form: Ballad
17 little poems

A bird blares in the garden,
he creates the gorgeous world.
when the peom stayed 
in a lonely dewy twig,
he turned pale face to mourn
for those withered dream.
Oh,winter comes,he doesn't fly,
He just want to be a quietist

I just want my poem
could be...Read More
Categories: night, addiction, beautiful, love, simple,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Third Christmas

"The Third Christmas"

IF I had thought about where to begin, 
I wouldn’t have begun. 
This is the story of us.

A family goes through the war zone occasionally,
intermittently, say every ten years or so 
or possibly a minor tiff each year
over...Read More
Categories: night, christmas, family, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Yes we can:you know we can
They dug a deep hole and
Made a tunnel at the end
They made a 
large woodchimmey
And covered the hole
With logs and covered
The logs with iron plates
The had six vents that
Came to the surface
They used bobcats
And frontend loaders
To make the field have
Depth...Read More
Categories: night, business, character, farm, jobs, music, repetition, sports,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Bound by the Unseen
Bound by the Unseen

Straps, and wire, 
cutting ropes…
that make you bleed. 
Not that anyone can see, 
but they are there. 

We all have them. 
Some are worse then others. 
Some have lives,
that never…
feel peace.
The word safe, 
never spoken. 

Be aware...Read More
Categories: night, allah, america, atheist, internet, islamic, jesus, jewish,
Form: Narrative
A Cherry Celebration
Ding dong
sing along
cherry berry
cheery songs
ping pong
chocolate’s on
let’s have
choco-cherry gongs.

Chocolate covered
cherry bliss
nothing tastes
like this
even snakes
give hiss
tid bits.

Dropsy flopsy
oops stuck
needs mopsy
cherry cheesecake
no bake
saucy drizzles
on plate.

bing bong
supper’s on
dessert’s a song
cherry pie
sugar high
tasty delight
what a night!

...Read More
Categories: night, food, fun, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
In The Beginning There Was Desire
First, there was a desire
The desire became an obsession;
The mind went out control,
He looked for a woman in the dark,
Night after night he searched,
One night she was there,
From behind he grabbed her,
Laid her to the ground and raped.

Secondly was the...Read More
Categories: night, baby, birth,
Form: Free verse
Twas the night
Before Christmas and 
As Santa tries to
Go down a chimney
The fireplace was lit
And his pants caught fire
So, he hurries and 
Crawls back-up the chimney
Looking like a 
Ball of fire as he
Jumps into the snow
Trying to put the fire...Read More
Categories: night, cheer up, christmas, funny, simile,
Form: Free verse

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