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Babies Night Poems

These Babies Night poems are examples of Night poems about Babies. These are the best examples of Night Babies poems written by international poets.

Premium Member LIFE
Life with it's ups and down's
I love you day and night
Family and friends make
Every moment extra special...

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Categories: night, day, family, friend, love,

Premium Member Voyage
By Poet: "A blue carpet as far as we can see. My child I call it an Ocean."

I could not stay,
just needed to run away.

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Categories: night, blue, day, goodbye, happy,

Premium Member Tearful
By Poet "Tears are rain from the eyes."

Last night it rained~a very tearful God...

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Categories: cry, god, night, rain,

Premium Member The Day Turns Back Into Night ITQ
I am now up and half asleep, 
quiet I must not make a peep, 
others are still sleeping like sheep, 
need to get dressed and...

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Categories: night, car, sleep, snow, time,

Premium Member Life Is A Song
As a baby we love hearing a sweet lullaby song,  
as teens along comes rock n roll with a gong.  
As I did...

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Categories: baby, dance, night, song,

Premium Member Tonight
Tonight as I gazed out my window,  
I saw a shiny bright star on a velvet sky.  
I wondered if it hung over...

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Categories: night, peace, prayer, sky,

Premium Member Christmas Alone
Quote By Poet "Life is made up of many happy tears and many sad tears"

Theirs was a perfect June wedding,
filled with pretty flowers and a...

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Categories: night, day, flower, kiss, love,

Premium Member Stars of Clarity
The bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds,
are slipping far away.
The day is coming to a close,
and it is now their bedtime.
Very soon the huge...

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Categories: night, blue, day, magic, men,

Premium Member Free
brings one  
peaceful life  
sleep good tonight  


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Categories: dream, freedom, life, night,

Premium Member Lets Minichu on Dreams
It's time to go to bed,
After a long day I lay my head down to sleep,
Sleep I dread.

Reading a book,
Will it be about a pink...

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Categories: night, books, car, dream, humor,

Premium Member Autumn
autumn-dressed in pretty colors of red, yellow and orange
cool breezes-cover the pumpkins at night like a blanket
the sun-now has less time to play outside
autumn-is my...

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Categories: color, cool, night, red,

Premium Member The Unsupervised Stop Sign
Many years ago,
girls wore girdles.
The tight uncomfortable things,
they held one in tight.
One summer's night,
I snuck my girlfriend out.
We were off on a double date,
a night...

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Categories: boy, girlfriend, humor, night,

Premium Member The Night Sky Comes Alive
The black velvet sky,  
with diamond dancing stars.  
The full moon,  
shining brightly.  
Morning awaits,   
sun bursting into color....

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Categories: night, color, dance, moon, morning,

Premium Member It Happened On a Rainy Night-Collaboration
Foggy mists engulfed the bright
When raindrops fell throughout the night
The lampposts glowed at midnights dark
When sweethearts kissed at Lover's Park
A kiss that did...

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Categories: good night, kiss, love,

Premium Member Bottomless Depth
After a much needed rainy night,                   ...

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Categories: dad, day, night, rain,

Book: Shattered Sighs