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Long Nosey Poems

Long Nosey Poems. Below are the most popular long Nosey by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Nosey poems by poem length and keyword.

Saul Grills Marilyn at a Seedy New Orleans Jazz Dive
Saul’s twinkling eyes took it all in – the platinum hair framing a first-class face, the silvery sheath dress wrapped around a figure that was out of sight, but in plain view. She was definitely...

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Categories: nosey, humor, murder, mystery,
Form: Narrative

The Product of Dave the Brave
Product of Dave the Brave

Product of Peace
Product of Poverty
Product of Happy
Product of Charity 
P-Product of crazy...weightless envy...bipolar blues...etc. etc.

Product of selfish ambition ...
A shameful sin in disguise 
Turning my cheek to this decision
Discussion goes beyond...

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Categories: nosey, cool, crazy, deep, depression, desire, emotions, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Betsy FABLE
Betsy is “just a cow” most would say. She’s dark rust, almost auburn in color, with large white patches all over her body and especially on her rather long, nosey face. She has deep, soft...

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Categories: nosey, animal, appreciation, character, farm, giving, god, thanks,
Form: Prose
I was born into a family so messed up
One that makes you feel like you are never enough
Porch fights every night of the week
Everyone in the trailer park could hear the screams
The cops got called

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Categories: nosey, abuse, childhood, strength,
Form: Bio
Premium Member As My Life Goes On
 As My Life Goes On

The past is gaining on me 
There's nowhere else to go
I'm tired of running
Ready or not it's time to face my foes

The ghosts the demons the skeletons the scheming
The lies...

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Categories: nosey, deep, endurance, hip hop, poems, poetry, surreal,
Form: Rhyme

Genie in a Gin Bottle
Her lips caress another cigarette
A fading belle looking for love
The smoke veils a creature of habit
Chasing a young girls dream

But this Genie found the palace doors locked 
Her youth distilled into a bottle of gin

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Categories: nosey, love, sad,
Form: Free verse
Animal Stew
Alison Alligator eating artichokes on a ant hill,
     Beverly Bear floating on a cloud over there,
     which developed a leak,

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© Kim Stone  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosey, 1st grade, animal, children, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Deer Colette
Deer Colette,

Thank u four the sweater. Eye did knot no it wood cost that much. It was hire than eye thought. Eye love it! U or such a suite heart.
All sew, thank u four the...

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Categories: nosey, cousin, family, fun, funny, humorous, silly, word
Form: Light Verse
The Funeral Tea
The sounds of the pipes and drums skirled still in my ears. I knew it was the kind of music that brought him to his knees in tears.  "Sandwich?" "Sausage Roll?" Oh here we...

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Categories: nosey, eulogy, farewell, funeral,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Baby Talk
Why do people talk to babies as though they were stupid?

Isn’t he lovely? the old woman said
And doesn’t he look the spit of his Dad
Is he on solids, how long does he sleep
And how many...

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Categories: nosey, baby, child, growing up, humor, psychological, silly,
Form: Rhyme

The truth is
Leaving my health and finances in ruin
Towards THC and Alcohol, I've been abusive
I got a problem, Houston
Still driving a Ford Fusion
Why are they so quick to tell Newton
And Susan
After all I'm only human

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Categories: nosey, addiction, dark, deep, life, poetry, rap, truth,
Form: Rhyme
mutual aggression
in the public sphere
where all the nosey eyes peer
willing to take photos with their little phone cameras
all ready to post them on face**** & twatter
looking for reasons to feel important for 
5 seconds, as the...

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Categories: nosey, life, day, morning,
Form: Free verse
Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA part 8
BETA’s sense of nervousness in Agent Arkansas was triggered and BETA, being the nosey
robot he is, asked why.

Agent—I’m fine. I just have a weird feeling about this?
Agent—I just feel like I’m supposed to go here-...

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Categories: nosey, adventureme,
Form: Prose Poetry
Life In An Aquarium
Yellow Butterflyfish and Snakeskin Discus
swim freely in this life I call an aquarium-
I see a Purple Regal Tang as the Pufferfish 
sang with a melody like a sweet guitar strum.
Blue and pink coral, like a...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosey, beauty, fish, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Nest
The Nest

I first saw the hen as she flew
Up to the raised bed in front of the school.
I thought it was odd she was there,
With so much activity at the entrance.

The second time I saw...

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Categories: nosey, animals, education, natureschool, me, school,
Form: Free verse
The Mirror's Tear PART 4

Remember again how you use to skip Stone and watch the ripples just find their way to possibility's reach?
Conjoined concentric rings following after each other like meaning and gravitational direction-
Answering innate, unconscious questions.
An order that...

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Categories: nosey, abortion, abuse, anger, anxiety, atheist,
Form: Epic
Young Spoils Of The Forest
Covered with green wigs.
They are ebony like me.

I saw barely through it,
The forest shields her nakedness.
By disputing others.

An infinite haven of music.
From the sluggish rivers;
I could see Narcissus.

Who would pluck that elegant flower? 
Daffodils taste...

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Categories: nosey, city, feelings, life, love,
Form: Free verse
Caravan Friends
Truly, the bee hive innards hum 
Truly, the body inside gurgles 
Truly, the cave echoes the vortex 

Truly I know these sounds 
from last night 
4 cackling creatures spewed 
their saturated sayings upon 
the floor...

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Categories: nosey, allegoryurdu, me,
Form: Ghazal
The story of a fat black cat
The fat black cat was lazy.--but he was loved. 
He had a favourite place to sleep--up above. 
High up in the ganghut tree--  on a stump. 
He would struggle up it daily-- he was...

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Categories: nosey, funnydog, cat, dog, silly,
Form: Rhyme
The Call of the East 1
I felt a bit like Humbert, or John Proctor, 
an ageing vulture drawn to fresh young flesh. 
She was a pretty, witty Turkish doctor 
(so, not exactly plundering the creche!) 

She seemed to like me,...

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Categories: nosey, romantic,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member More More More

In England way back in the 18th century
“Pants” was considered a bad word
Probably coz it sounds like heavy breathing
In bedrooms it could often be heard

Ernest Wright once wrote a whole novel
Without using the letter “e”

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Categories: nosey, humorous,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Strange But True

A person uses about 57 sheets of toilet paper a day!
Holy crap! That sure is a lotta trees
There are 58 million dogs living in the U.S. they say
But NONE are cuter than our Annie, I...

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Categories: nosey, fun, , cute,
Form: Quatrain
Devil in a dress
Love is magical . 
It's magical how invisible butterflies occur whenever another human is in your presence. 
Like your image is a present on the 24th of December. 
I can't wait to open your mind...

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Categories: nosey, confusion, crazy, emotions, fantasy, girlfriend, hope, imagery,
Form: Rhyme
Lazy Summer Day
Lazy Summer Day

Forget the beads of sweat running down your face
The thousands of pests that occasionally invade your space,
The salty stinging sensation in your eyes
Just enjoy this weather and the weathermans lies.

Its only the sun...

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Categories: nosey, august, day, happy, summer, sun, sunshine, weather,
Form: Free verse
If I was Leonard Nimoy
If I was Leonard Nimoy I would rush about the place, 
I would hold my long pointy fingers in front of me as I sprang from door to door,
My pointy boots deftly propelling me from...

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Categories: nosey, humorous, people, me, people,
Form: Ode