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The Product of Dave the Brave
Product of Dave the Brave Product of Peace Product of Poverty Product of Happy Product of Charity P-Product of crazy...weightless envy...bipolar blues...etc. etc. Product of selfish ambition ... A shameful sin in disguise Turning my cheek to this decision Discussion goes beyond the sight of eyes That's what they consider me as... That's what they assume...alas, I'm something better than what they see Underground, but soon I'll find my place...I'll be happy Content with me all over again Wondering where you've been? I'm Dave the brave Brace yourselves and save Your breath for another time To enlighten others with a smile that shines like a silver dime I should be happy, Not sad or shady I should be joyous, Not making a fuss I should be positive, Not positively negative I am negatively positive, take or give Let guilt die and let happiness live Keep pressing on, my little fawn You will find a friend one of these days Just keep your head up above the surface and from there on, You'll find hope around the corner...some recognition and praise and goodbye's and hey's I'm just this silly boy...counting it a joy A gullible, naive and shatter-proof toy I'm delicate and I don't mean to annoy I wrote poetry cuz I feel like it I write poetry cuz I dealt with it I write because I have might I write and type and muse and daydream because I can today and tonight Got a problem? What are you looking at? Go solve them - Your issues and all that I got attitude on fire If you don't like it, Walk away from my empire of desire Go for it as you see fit I don't care... Care to share? Tame me and take me away Into an isolated island today No truth or dare Because I'm ashamed of what I'll say...I might scare Scare off everyone I haven't yet won The battle in between The grass on my side isn't green It's obscene...left to be unseen So leave... Go elsewhere Go grieve In your despair I'm not a baby I'm an adult...a young adult that was once a teen I haven't seen yah lately Are you in some dark occult? It's not my fault that I refuse to lean... On you...on you... You haven't a clue, have you? have you? I love not you, But me, boohoo! Lean on your shoulders of boulders You are confusing like a mess in folders You grew colder and distant...your joy blurs Angry or not, I still somewhat understand what you're going through Healthy or rot, I'll accept you with open arms when you apologize for choking me with rue You abused me... Bruised me...with unbearable, shapeless scars...scars...above the bars of certainty You accused me... Of abusing you with words that were far from illuminating stars...that are so uncanny frankly Pained to see you know? Engrained with sadness in mind Refrained from feeling worthless woe Drenched in silent wars...blind... I guess I'm the product of loneliness I'm this misery-packed mess...pity-whelmed distress Think about it? Don't throw a fit I love you a bit Yet, you make me feel like shit That's not all of it... Regretless Maddened to the core Craziness I love you no more...I swore... For, you gave me fake love, Not from up above Under this rubble of rage, I see to it that we are on a completely different page don't love me anymore At least...that's what you show me, you attention whore Leave. Me. Alone. X.X Hang. Up. The. Phone. Jealous of you? Not really ! You still find my anger appealing? This love affair is very silly......... I find you awfully unfeeling...cold and lost...slowly healing Astonish me with your ground sky fantasy Abolish the aftershocks of procrastination and throwing the blame Like fish, I'm hooked to you in this net of to-be-or-not-to-be Foolish or not, I'm shocked out of realization and life is a challenging game ^.^ speechless Breathless shame on me shame on you I guess we were meant to be On our own in apathetic glee No need for me No need for you To cling to me, I'm free I think you're coocoo Dave the that how you can describe me? Davey that some nickname that's cool crazy? Meh...I can be whoever I want to be If you don't like me, too bad, so sad...maybe... You can love me the way I am - God's lost, soon-to-be found lamb We all learn differently and similarly Embrace ourselves and admire others from afar and up close We are a unique, beautiful work of heart, you see? Vibrant or the opposite, I still love you, my darling devil, my twisted work of poetry prose Stand out so true I luv yiew, Pretty view Dave the Brave Loves you too...just Be brave and behave Let all doubts turn to dust I crave you like a drug of delight You are my pleasure beyond measure tonight So nosey, so silent as the grave You should know that I'm Dave the Brave
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