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Long Fleece Poems

Long Fleece Poems. Below are the most popular long Fleece by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Fleece poems by poem length and keyword.

The Badly Drawn Goat
The pencil now resting the image was 'testing' for the creature before him, (his badly-drawn drawin') had come out 'not right' somewhat twisted and tight.

The picture in question, it burst with suggestion, for lines that...

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Categories: fleece, animal, creation, funny,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member How My Sister and I Duped a Crook - 1st half
1st Half - because of Poetry Soup's file size limitations -

                      How My Sister...

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Categories: fleece, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member How My Sister and I Duped a Crook - 2nd half
2nd HALF - due to Poetry Soups file size limitation - 


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Categories: fleece, funny, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Miracle of Marshside Lea
In Marshside Lea, there stood a tree, old in trunk and bough
'Twas long ago, this tale, although, it may still stand there now
And in its shade, the young sheep played as often did young lambs

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© Lee Leon  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fleece, allegory, angel, animal, crazy, fantasy, farm, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tao and the Art of Permaculture Maintenance
Information caused qualitative culture,
some might say cussed culture,
but, whether damned or graced,
culture, or vulture,
languaged-left hemispheric information after
right-brained information
self-regenerated human culture.

Human culture preceded human race
and DNA races
and racism
and socioeconomic language boxes 
and hierarchical trees were walking...

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Categories: fleece, earth, light, longing, loss, love, lust, peace,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Exegesis


At 7 he was 
thrown to the wolves

Bede marked his territory
hidden secrets 
kept in the abbey

he escaped
went to war
where the unwanted trod

First regiment,
he took with him
like a comfort blanket
his Nicene creed and God

and on returning...

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Categories: fleece, father daughter, love, muse,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Addingham
(The memories are simple, living the feeling significant)

After conquering Beamsley Beacon due Southwest,
Rombald’s moor stood, while for centuries
within the valley the minute dwellings
of grey stone, brick and muck.
Main waterway, depending on era
town or sailor beck,...

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Categories: fleece, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
The queen is alive but the king is dead
At the time I thought I was in love 
At the time I thought there was no one who could come above 
What we had all those days we spent 
All those days when I...

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Categories: fleece, betrayal,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Mommy, you are the master of matters that I manufacture
The Queen that queued for nine months to receive me
You are the fleece blanket that warmed my days in the dark
The pillar that strengthen my backbone...

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Categories: fleece, daughter, dedication, for her, girl, mothers day,
Form: Name
Premium Member Dante's Hell translation CANTO XXXIV part2
(continues after part1)

When he agreed, his neck I held and climb;
And he waited for proper time and place,
And when the wings were open at the prime,

He clutched the hairy ribs with strong embrace;
From fleece to...

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Categories: fleece, fantasy,
Form: Terza Rima
Men's motivation step by step
This is the motivation behind why individuals look for Men's Petticoats progressively step by step. 

Notwithstanding, you need to work out control while styling a petticoat. Something else, an idiot proof style like this can...

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© Mr Dinesh   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fleece, america, fashion, grandfather, men, miracle, sad love,
Form: Personification
Rental rebate plus affordable rent
Rental rebate plus affordable rent...

One benefit living at
Highland Manor Apartments
until decrepit and bent...
constitutes qualifying for reimbursement
direct deposited into checking
as chump change event,
hence one generic grateful gent
feels self satisfied as Clark Kent.

After wing and prayer
granted courtesy...

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Categories: fleece, america, beautiful, blessing, encouraging, happiness, humorous, march,
Form: Rhyme
Rest in Peace Mugsy, My Sweet Pug
someone wise told me I should write about my great loss, 
maybe it would help me deal with my sweet boy’s death-
truth is I would give any amount of money, pay any cost, 
to take...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fleece, death, dog,
Form: Rhyme
EARTH from heavy loam the potter does preform                out of the ground a vessel with no breath   ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fleece, allegory, bible, christian, environment, god, jesus, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Who is the real threat to America?
The Mexicans? The illegal immigrants? The Muslims?
Or the Manchurian Candidate in the White House?

Anybody who has ears to hear and brain to think critically
and is not a clone of...

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Categories: fleece, angst, freedom, future, patriotic, political,
Form: Prose
Cupid and Psyche: Part 2
Cont'd from Cupid and Psyche: Part 1

And so, the tricky goddess 
got sacks of different seed.
She mixed them up completely 
and said: "Here's what I need.

You have to sort the millet, 
the barley and the...

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Categories: fleece, myth, mythology,
Form: Rhyme
The First Christmas Present
A spider spun a silver web 
in a mound of golden straw, 
Then he hid himself inside the stack, 
away from the wind so raw. 

He yelled down to the sheep below 
Who were trying...

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© Tony Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fleece, funny, holiday, christmas, baby, night, dream, winter,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Bio-logos
It started when I was 8.
My eighth year, that is. 
Owl visited and left her reincarnating message
transmuting her last breath out
as my first new breath in.

But that was 55 years 
and 4 teenagers ago.

During all...

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Categories: fleece, culture, earth, language, native american, philosophy, religion,
Form: Free verse
A Dark Tale
I laugh as I think of it now, the dire warnings of hell
Nothing could scare me it didn’t matter, on this teaching I never did dwell.
I wondered why one dark night, again begging for sleep.

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Categories: fleece, imagination, father, death, me, woman, day, death,
Form: Quatrain

In the collected fleece 
Soft white dappled against a crisp blue sky
Morning broke to its light of passion
As the phantom shades
Bowed their acquiescence
To the brush works of beauty 

All came to nothing
Rolled beneath the rubber

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Categories: fleece, lifewords, love,
Form: Free verse
It Was Just A Dream
Maybe it was just a dream, a fantasy. 
A dream so sweet I could tang its scent. 
A fantasy roughly you and I on top of the world.
A dream so flawless nothing can relate. 

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Categories: fleece, life,
Form: Verse
Before long, I am gone
(When I am due)

As the clock pulses impulsively to tag time along,
All day long I load up the mounting hums like a banquet song,
My head stuffed still, thronged nuisance teeming long,
Like the tolerance of an...

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Categories: fleece, cry, death, deep,
Form: Epic

 Dear Recipient: You have won the lottery. 
Please add this address to your address book immediately so that we have our 
fishhookers in you from...

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Categories: fleece, parody, people, places, satire, social, sorry, africa,
Form: Prose Poetry
Neptune and Pele
Pele shared her rage; passionate she boiled
For her love feisty, my Ke aloha 
Sweet ocean, caress... pilialoha
Massaging her beach, my waves gently toiled.

 Are you my niece, love? Young Vulcan’s sister? 
Answering, she said, ...

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Categories: fleece, fantasy, fire, god, magic, mythology, passion, sea,
Form: Quatrain
Imp-ulse Attraction
The seductive voice
emanating from the Cyclops eye,
whispers:    Don’t believe what you see!
Only trust what I say,
when you zombie sleep turn off the TV

Have no bewitching faith in your bad dreams,
especially the one...

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Categories: fleece, allusion, imagery, satire, surreal,
Form: Dramatic Verse