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Mommy, you are the master of matters that I manufacture
The Queen that queued for nine months to receive me
You are the fleece blanket that warmed my days in the dark
The pillar that strengthen my backbone when I was weak
You failed to deny me the access to see the light when nature calls
You spent painful days and nights carrying my body in you
And selflessly shared with me every bite of food you ate

Challenges of losing me on my arrival threatened your peace
But you fought back with prayers begging God to save me
Exhaustion of the final day when I knock didn’t scare you
You endured the bitterness of giving me chance to find my way out of you
Even after my fall you didn’t swear back but smiled back and praise God for my safe arrival
You welcomed me in this planet earth and give me home
You made me familiar to the second planet where i was a stranger

You named me so that i grow to recognise my identity
You voice was so sweet for me to recognise you among others
I realised that i have a sense of smell in early days of my life when you cuddle me
For that you deserve to be called mother because you mastered me till this day

From crawling to running you mastered every step I took
Every move I made you monitored with high observation
The moment of my fear to take first step of my walk you were there to watch me
I cried and crowned you with restless nights though you found it easier to survive
They wished all the fun and luxury lives but you wished to see me growing to be the best
Torments and tantrums I threw at you, you managed find a way to show me the light Mom...

You knew that I deserve better education and that it has to begin with you
At the age of one i knew the word mama without you whispering it in my ears
Birth bond transmitted it to me because that was the first wish you made when I was still in you
From day one stage at school to the teenage stage behaviour
You stood by my side with smile in spite of difficulties you faced
I grew to humiliate and embarrass you
Put you through hardship and so much anguish
I forced to fall under bad influence of alcohol and drugs
Grew to make my own choices of friends that charmed me
I refused to listen when you they aim nothing but to champ me
You cried crown and begged me in public to make me understand your pain oh Ma...

All I heard was the melody of deception from the street
All that I saw was the bright lights of the spinning cars
Phone calls I responded only unknown because yours was annoying to take
I messed and mixed up the bright future you planned for me
I offended and perpetrated against the community including you
Sneaking and stealing behind your back, right under your nose oh ungrateful me
I cared for no one but my selfish behaviour and needs
I was left with nothing but jail for my sins
Yet you were left with nothing but to bail out your king
I cried back at you when things get tough dear Mommy!
Apart from everything you still had the gut to master my matters with sympathy and love
The crash I banged at you, you failed to hold the grudge
Pains that I have caused you, you never painted me bad
All that you honoured was the title you were given the day you gave birth to me Mommy 
You are indeed the master of the matters I manufactured

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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