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Long Ferret Poems

Long Ferret Poems. Below are the most popular long Ferret by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Ferret poems by poem length and keyword.

Strangers in Peoria
I met a proper woman in a proper pub on a Monday in Peoria. It was noon, time for lunch, and we were sitting stool to stool over very large burgers at a long mahogany...

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Categories: ferret, break up,
Form: Prose

Laughing Pines, Part Two
Will you, won’t you join the dance,
We like to dance here every night,
Moving slowly at the speed of light.
Won’t you give yourself half a chance,
Even two left feet are alright.

The Bipolar Coaster is an excellent...

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Categories: ferret, adventure, allusion, analogy, imagery, imagination, metaphor, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member POLLY GONE - COLLAB

Fred’s feeding his neighbour’s pet parrot,
He replaced its water with claret,
Poll dropped off her perch
Now Fred’s in the lurch
and claiming it choked on raw carrot

Big trouble is looming for Fred
As Polly is very much dead

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Categories: ferret, bird, crazy,
Form: Limerick

Patriotic songs give us reason to cheer
Except when “ over there” becomes over here
Mounting casualties are easy to explain
Men on foot crossing open terrain
Synchronized whistles signal the attack
Rise out of...

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Categories: ferret, world war i,
Form: Rhyme
Infinite Blue, Pirate's Abandon01
vast x-pan(d)s
Symbullic Prower
each let-ter numb
my hands
my oh my
the seimene


its all backwards
the wizard? states plainly

you should grow your hair long and sail the sea once more
with a handshake and a heavy chest being loaded onto...

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Categories: ferret, adventure, analogy, art, baptism, beach, best friend,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Inspection Time 2018
Inspection Time 2018!

Understandable dear reader, 
     how this scribe bull lime
me bloke omitted mention of 
     one bedroom flat as
reason nigh rote this rhyme

Ma faux pas faw...

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Categories: ferret, 10th grade, 11th grade, 4th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Pet-sit Panics
***Crazy Menagerie***

I definitely bit off more than I could chew,
when I came a-running to my friend's rescue
He said it was no big deal, a real snooze actually
to just please, please look after his cutie menagerie


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Categories: ferret, adventure, animals, funnycat, me,
Form: Rhyme
Ferret Legging
Ferret Legging
You never know what you’ll find on the net
Nothing much surprises me there and yet
I found a sport that takes no native skill
Just a strong pair of pants and a real strong will
Competitors’ trousers...

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Categories: ferret, animal, sports, drug,
Form: Rhyme
I Seek The Uncensored Inside Scoop
Akin to a journalist (hoofing
NOT huffing on the beat)
heedful, mindful, and pain fully aware, bleat
me, asper caveats help me set sights
tacking within parameters of lawfulness,

when questing without sparking browbeat
upon my person, or worse...proceeding toward
said abstract...

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Categories: ferret, addiction, adventure, anger, care, environment, journey, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Funny Bunny With No Money
I’m just bunny, 
with a hop so funny, 
who’s hungry and needing a carrot-
so I flop and plop down on my seat 
and bugging me is a purple ferret.
Wanting to know what I wish, 

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ferret, cat, children, fun, riddle, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Wiz Away
       Wiz Away

I entered the empty funeral hall.
Am I not at the correct memorial gathering in visitation room H?
“Excuse me, sir, but is this the memorial for Mr. Wizby?

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Categories: ferret, age, crazy, magic,
Form: Narrative
Little House In The Pine Barrens
I doff my many hats away,
To a lazy sunny Saturday,
Lounging, lazing and lying about,
Doing absolutely nothing but nowt,
Just loving and dreaming the day away.

My love and I have such a home,
Where on such days we...

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Categories: ferret, autumn, house, husband, love, marriage, october, wife,
Form: Rhyme
Oh death, 
You are ugly!
Get away from me!
Each time you laugh
Your guttural laugh,
Like a Python,
I know you have devoured
Another poor soul
I know because evil forest
Lives next door
Every witching hour,
I observe your lifeless victims
From my tiny...

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Categories: ferret, art, death, freedom, hyperbole,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Praying Mantis Pet
Hello, I am a praying mantis from the tropics,
a killer really, once I bit off the head of my lover;
and then I ate him, yummy and then I was caught,
I ended up in a pet...

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Categories: ferret, insect, nature, pets,
Form: Personification
I know you wont believe me, but
Good morning my dear, are you still awake? 
Yes, I know it's quite late but let me make 
it quite clear its not entirely my fault,
I was caught in the rain by the Old Town...

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© John Jones  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ferret, drink, humor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Did You Know

Grapes explode when put in the microwave
Judge Judy makes $45 million a year
Now if that doesn't thrill you or rot your socks
There ain't much that can tickle your rear

Some people feel the same arousal thinking...

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Categories: ferret, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Animal Magnetism
A pet more exotic I'd wanted.

A pet to be groomed and then flaunted.

not a dog or a cat

something cooler than that!

I began my search feeling undaunted

In a pet store I came on a ferret.

Such a...

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© jack horne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ferret, animal,
Form: Limerick
If ever I had a country : XXXIX - XLI


If ever I had a country
And if ever by some fluke I were the Minister of Trade and Commerce
I'd round up these Protected Species of vicious...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ferret, anti bullying, corruption, home, immigration, paris,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Ferrets, Racoons, and Skunks, Oh My
I wanted a pet, but one more unique
than a bird or a dog or a cat.
So I went onto Craig’s List so I could seek
a ferret! Yes, I sure fancied that.

I found a ferret and...

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Categories: ferret, animal,
Form: Quatrain
Feral Ferret loose
Well Andrea, :)
 I suppose feral ferret gets loose a bit, 
when he aint n isn't on the tit, 
lived too long with little wit, 
the ferret comes out cagey.
 so sneaking through the tall,...

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Categories: ferret, adventuretime,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Animal Magnetism
A pet more exotic I'd wanted.
A pet to be groomed and then flaunted.
Not a dog or a cat -
Something cooler than that!
I began my search feeling undaunted

In a pet store I came on a ferret.

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Categories: ferret, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Bob old mate,

Fits of fever in the thinking,
has us all convinced that eating,
fatty food brings the hearse a creeping,

guess we are all some tetched:(

 My gramps ate all those goodies,
lived to 90 cos he could,...

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Categories: ferret, adventure, me,
Form: Rhyme
Some indecent evening you may see a ferret strangler
While he’s baying at the moon
Horse farts seem a little angrier
If they cannot keep in tune
Ponce across the withered lawn
While the first new bindei stings
Bloodshot eyes hung...

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Categories: ferret, adventure, confusion, mystery, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THE ORPHAN
Entertained by flickers on a screen, cosseted between giants. Suited with slicked-back raven hair, snow-white starched shirt, an innocent tie.

Mother smiles at his sky-blue eyes. Father pats his shoulder, “Good show!”
The nightingale, high in spirits....

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Categories: ferret, hero,
Form: Haibun
Wondering Alsatian
As I wonder about with a weary waggling weak tail,
looking for a peaceful perfectly polished place to rest,
since I have no more real relatives,
I seek solace in science as a  solely secured
scheme for my...

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Categories: ferret, animals, depression,
Form: Alliteration