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Poems About Death | Poems on the Loss of loved Ones

Reading and writing poems about the death of a loved one are a beautiful way to deal with the emotions and trauma associated with mortality. These beautiful and inspirations poems about death help us see how others are enduring the loss of a parent, other family members, a friend, or loved one. Everyone’s experiences are different, and we cannot compare feelings, but coping with grief and death is something all must go through, and we can learn from the sadness and reactions of others expressed in poetry.
Staring defiant into the blind eye of fate the winds of circumstance early not late Staring back angry its other eye blinked as clouds blew misfortune too close to the brink I reached for my inkwell I dipped in my pen my final last script to...Read More
Categories: death,
Form: Rhyme

Big Money
Stage one is so far gone they say, "Don't look back." Stage two dragging me along, those nine pounds I lost this week won't be coming back. Now where in the heck did I put them? Just let me say this...Read More
Categories: death, life,
Form: Free verse
One Foot in the Grave
I almost died the other day but fate said to wait for another day I was walking along & the world looked surreal Not imagining that it was really real. I felt like there was...Read More
Categories: care, death, fate, grave,
Form: Free verse
Of Thoughts and Forests
My mind is a forest Deep and everlasting A sea of green Hiding the floors below Every passing moment A leaf emerges And with it a new world All in a thought A clock strike, the next With each passing...Read More
Categories: death, growth, metaphor, nature,
Form: Free verse
A thought from our maker
There lay no death down below, Endless oblivion, the song of the bone, A path towards nowhere, where stories unfold, The visions of the dead, a memory untold. Ancient voices, sobbing at the door, He who resisted, but could not...Read More
Categories: death, dream, freedom, humanity,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member A Tale of Two Nations
A Tale of Two Nations Under one flag with many stars and even more shame two nations to chose Guns or Roses One opposed to death of children and free choice for all the women the other revels in blood and guns imposing their...Read More
Categories: child abuse, death, presidents
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Siege Of Mariupol Steelworks
Down in the south east of Ukraine they call the Donbas region Is where the Russians were kept at bay by the Azoz battalion For three long months in Mariupol, they put up one hell of a...Read More
Categories: courage, death, soldier, war,
Form: Rhyme
dedication poem 52
there was a lady about 52 she looked so sad and blue when i pass each day she would wave a wave of love back was what i gave i noticed that she would stare into space perhaps she found...Read More
Categories: death of a friend,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Not the Better Nature of our Angels
BULLETS mercilessly fly... BOMBS pitilessly fall... MISSILES ruthlessly soar... shattering their helpless "targets" a hateful bloody blur of perpetual pointless sadistic slaughter our beautiful blue globe haplessly scarred hopelessly screaming populated by psychopathic terminators The Better Nature of our Angels? WTF is Dr. Pinker smoking?? ...Read More
Categories: dark, death, society, war,
Form: Free verse
Those who drink bound to sink
I met a man in pink, Who chose to freely think That those who often drink Are bound to sadly sink: “No braving it to a brink; With no sure shores a link!” But while just this saying Made with...Read More
Categories: death, drink, food, health,
Form: Rhyme
Grey Crosses
Rows upon rows of grey crosses Engraved with trembling hands Streams and rivers of sorrowful tears Shed for the longed for lands There lies in the hedged in meadows A spirit of calm and peace For there rest the bodies of...Read More
Categories: courage, death, grave, patriotic,
Form: Quatrain
Hopeless wonderer wandering alone Hoping to find some peace Needing to melt a heart of stone But breaking it piece by piece til the dust falls through shaking hands And the pain has no relief Hopeless wanderer wondering why Waiting...Read More
Categories: death, depression, grief, heartbreak,
Form: Terza Rima
Hate, racism, and sightless ignorance Joined their evil forces in Texas today For to kill: children, grace, and innocence Thus making humanity go astray!* © Demetrios Trifiatis 26 May 2022 - * Salvador Ramos, an...Read More
Categories: children, death, evil,
Form: Quatrain
What More Can We Do
Haunted by the death of dreams and slaughtering of innocence but too afraid to dig up the bones and examine our own mistakes, we bury our heads instead, blindly following greedy leaders who give nothing...Read More
Categories: anger, children, death, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Arc of Being
Open now your mindful murmured undertones, Your whispered washing watery whisking words, Your sensitive sensory sensual sentient moonstones, Your rippling roving river rapid songbirds. Open now your stargaze spectral drifting dreams, Your view of the darkest soundless vacuum space, Your...Read More
Categories: birth, death, heart, science,
Form: Sonnet

Specific Types of Death Poems

Read wonderful death poetry on the following sub-topics: anniversary, brother, cat, child, dog, elegy, eulogy, father, friend, funeral, goodbye, grandfather, grandmonther, grief, in loving memory, loss, lover, memorial, missing you, mother, moving on, pet, rip, sad, sister, suicide, sympathy, and more.

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