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Lover Death Poems

These Lover Death poems are examples of Death poems about Lover. These are the best examples of Death Lover poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Toe Tag
Here I lie in this cooler, this fridge where I would rather not be, but the truth of the matter is you’ve done it, you...

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Categories: death,

Rose Red Pyre Black Petals
Visceral incantation from onyx velvet lips,
moan, groan, to twist my bits as a witch.
Salem pyre ancient oak standing the edifice,
wrist shackled chains gather round vile...

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Categories: dark, death, horror, murder,

As My Body Rots
As I succumb to the wounds you've inflicted
gasping for air, for life,
eyes bloodshot, cheeks wet,
Will you love me then?

My cold, bloodied body will lay lifeless...

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© Piotr Vou  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, conflict, dark, heartbreak, love,

Premium Member The Other Side
Death kissed me on the cheek
and said I could remain
I still had time to keep
but she’d be back again

For death she is a woman
A fickle...

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Categories: conflict, courage, death, encouraging,

Premium Member Doggy Breath
No harbinger of tact was he

And as a matter of fact you'll see

One spewing forth only filth and bile

A mongrel dog with a crooked smile


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Categories: death, dog,

Forgotten field of forever
Even diamond became dust
When touched your skin crust
If beauty was beyond money 
The world belong to you my honey
She says your poetry warm winters such

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© Beloved Me  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, beautiful, feelings, first love,

You Fell Like October Rain
You fell in October, like autumn leaves
Funny it was a hot day.
The avocado tree was budding.
I knew you only a short while,
But it broke me...

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© Marugu Mo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, death, death of

Premium Member Shoreline
Eyes staring at the fading sun
as my lover sailed away
tears became the shoreline
she hated my tortured mind
I hated the river
of depression

The river waved good bye

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Categories: death, anxiety, depression, philosophy,

Cycle of discomfort
Arid-tanned leaves,
vigorously stripped 
from their cages by
thick cold winds,

luring them to dance
like elegant swans,
swaying dangerously
naked to speeding
express, testing their fate. 

I hear the roars and...

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Categories: death, art, autumn, creation, dark,

Feeling of death
Mind is full head is racing, why can’t I just stop the pacing… 3 simple words as in “I am done” not worrying about the...

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© Cat Jones  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, depression,

Premium Member Rambling - POTD
Rambling across the grassy flowering meadow,
She felt like walking on air, as she flipped off her shoes,
She ran across, feeling the dewy fresh morning grass,

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Categories: death, dream,

When death had nestled, a lady overwhelmed by sleep
When death had nestled, a lady overwhelmed by sleep,  
Between the chasms of my being, like a butterfly in a cocoon,  
I embraced...

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© Dan Enache  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, fantasy,

Premium Member He'll Plead Insanity

In the stillness of a cool, spring morning,
A cardinal’s heart is heavy – he’s heartbroken.
Softly calling for the lover he is mourning.

Thumps noisily against the...

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Categories: animal, bird, death, grief,

Premium Member No Shame in Love Tchaikovsky
I was asked to write a poem about Tchaikovsky the famous Russian composer from the 19th century who I knew very little about , this...

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Categories: death, history, music, suicide,

Premium Member People of this Temporary World
“Oh people of this temporary world..
May you enjoy the abundance of its trivial offerings..
You have no clue of what I see and yearn for..
And, how...

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© UMER KHAN  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, allah, faith, god, heaven,

Book: Shattered Sighs