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Child Death Poems

These Child Death poems are examples of Death poems about Child. These are the best examples of Death Child poems written by international poets.

I dream in to tomorrows….
Because I can not see yesterday 
I lie awake ponder forever 
I see all that was and will be
If creation decrees...

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Categories: death, abortion, abuse, age, allusion,

Premium Member HUNGER KILLS

Tomorrow is coming, it always does,
yesterdays gone left in the dust. 

A hungry child dies everyday,
someones mother has cried today. 

A babies growing up in...

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Categories: death, care, cry, humanity, international,

The Lost River-driver, Part II
...But times did change, the great drives stopped,
the state came and blew up the rock,
some though that Joe would now pass on,
but he still showed...

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Categories: death, heaven, history, nature,

The Secret
There is a blessed secret,
To glorious not to tell,
So strange yet so familiar, 
A mystery known so well.

If you look beyond the sunset,
Just behind the...

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Categories: death, angel, beautiful, bereavement, christian,

Premium Member Within


Shadow dreams 
down silent roads 
never taken 
less than travelled, 
the winter breeze 
of the world within,
pulls out the hidden
message planted, 

the quickening
attempts slow 

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Categories: birth, death, dream, i

Act Eight, Chapter One. Part One
                Part of a grander...

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Categories: death, abuse, adventure, age, allegory,

Premium Member Life
Oh life what can I say about your charm                ...

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Categories: death, angel, cry, dog, girl,

Premium Member Heather's daughter
I remember my son crying
as Heather's daughter lay dying.
He just cried and cried.
It's still a good memory somehow....

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Categories: cat, child, death of

Premium Member Phantom Phone Call
Phantom Phone Call

All Hallows Eve quickly approaches
With tales of crypts and ghostly coaches
When haunting spirits again roam
To sounds of chains and dirges of moans.

Amid this...

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Categories: death, farewell, mother, mystery,

Someone special died because you drink and drive

Dear drunk driver I want you to know
Forgiveness is a fire enlight save souls
Maybe you live
Maybe you are...

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Categories: death, abuse, addiction, anger, betrayal,

Heaven Bound
I can feel it in the breeze,
An see it on the shedding trees.
That Fall is almost here, 
An that is when your presence is near....

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Categories: angel, bereavement, child, death,

Premium Member Conform To The Norm
My Baby:
Don't be too quiet, yet don't be too shrill,
Don't be too restless, but neither too still,
Please grow up hardy, yet soft to the touch,

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Categories: baby, child, dad, death,

When will this end
     Another colleague had to die,
     This is such a senseless crime.
    How many...

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Categories: anger, children, death, heartbroken,


If you would stay do stay
Please tease me no longer
My body, no more can bear
But my heart, yet still craves
My womb you make hollow
My hopes...

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Categories: africa, bereavement, death, mother,

an anxiety filled heart
The day feels crowded,
and the night feels light and calm. 
Sky feels fresh,
clouds are like flowers in little hand of a child.
Slowly slowly as you...

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Categories: death, anxiety, butterfly, cheer up,