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Child Death Poems

These Child Death poems are examples of Death poems about Child. These are the best examples of Death Child poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Wild Sheep
Hero of the people I stood tall.
Yet by my wiched hand my flight did stall,
and so shame struck like a musket ball.

Rattled of mind I...

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© Ross Blade  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: child abuse, christian, death,

Knife Crime Britain
Wallet ?

Phone ?

Key's ?

Knife ?

Death Wish ????????

See you Later ?

Maybe you will ?
Maybe you won't ?

Whole life ahead 
Barely a teenager 
Yet leaving home...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Dead People In The Bathroom
Dead People In The Bathroom

Mama's in prison, 
Why ain't she here?
There's dead people in the bathroom
And a rat over there

The water kept rising
And there's no...

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Categories: child, death, fear, humanity,

The Task
You and I, both knit and named
while in our mothers’ wombs,
were each given a life-long task
by He who beat the tomb.

And day-by-day we try our...

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Categories: christian, death, faith, funeral,

Baby Dead Birds Hate Their Mothers
Baby dead birds don't sing
It is abject disrespect for living things
Dead birds don't catch falling people
With human beings things are different
Human children hate their dead...

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Categories: death, absence, abuse, appreciation, bird,

Traumatizing Wrenching Psychological Vicissitudes
Affliction with comprehension,
now plain as day
predisposition to experience
(particularly abstract) cognitive
acquisition assailed at bay

posits me to suspect mental
deficiency within gray
matter of yours truly, whose
academic track record...

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Categories: death, 2nd grade, 7th grade,

Spiritual Mahjong
Your Move Lord

Is there a God?
A benevolent entity.
An eternal presence presiding over me.
A creator, watching and observing.
All knowing.
Is my end determined and conclusive before...

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Categories: bible, christian, death, i


I’m shadow’s child,
grown on the lake,
by women on their own.
The reedy cattails, 
and brown mud pots, 
occupy my time.
I’m taller now, 
and skinny too,
like some...

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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, childhood, death, growth,

A letter from heaven
To those I have left behind
Heaven knows how much ' I miss you',
Looking down, I couldn't help but cry
Jesus knows, I held back those tears...

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Categories: death, emotions, farewell, funeral,

Premium Member All Too Well
. for public domain

All Too Well*

Come, my Love and marry me.
A faithful man I'll be.
A family fine for all to see,
some children, you, and me.


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Categories: death, loss, love,

Premium Member Deaths Cold Hand

A child wanders through whispers of existence 
Being born awake within their mother’s womb
It then stumbles and falls in the dark distance
A sabbatical slave laid...

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Categories: death, deep, destiny,

The Pains of Motherlessness
(a poem by Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele) 
Sympathizing with every motherless child. 

The Pain of Motherlessness 
Is far beyond measure 
Especially for a green mind. 


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Categories: caregiving, childhood, death, heartbroken,

As I reflect on my past and remember things that happened over the years
I often stop and think about the problems I caused. I can...

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Categories: christian, death, emotions, growing

T’was him I saw the day that precedeth,
The child whose labor eats and hunger beats.
His bony body lays covered by death
Eyes wide open, a vague...

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© PJ Gongora  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: april, death, funeral, humanity,

The same end
The whole world is burning
Everything is turned to ashes
The survivors hold the burden 
Of building the world from scratches 

The soil is not fertile
The rivers...

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Categories: death, fire, irony, metaphor,

Though A Destitute Alteh Kocker
Though A Destitute Alteh Kocker...

(albeit boyish), I tell myself with pride
always look on the bright toothless side
of life, this nonconformist tried
his darnedest with
threadbare trappings to...

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Categories: absence, child, death, destiny,

Let the Bugler Play
A lonely figure stands at attention
Old, feeble and walks with a cane
He waits patiently
Despite his age would not complain.

A warm and gentle breeze blows
Where white...

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Categories: bereavement, death, farewell, patriotic,

Premium Member BORN TO DIE
Have you ever seen one of those children
who was born to die, and they knew it.?
Have you seen the compassion and sorrow?
being emitted from her...

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Categories: bereavement, birth, death, eulogy,

Premium Member FOREVER DYING
after laying, 
my mother to rest, 
in her bed of pine, 
how I detest, 
that she sleeps, 
so deep,
so peacefully,  
leaving me behind, 

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Categories: death, child abuse, childhood, conflict,

Premium Member When When Then Yoga
When When Then Yoga

Your downward dog is barking and
Your cat pose is meowing and
Your tree pose is swaying and
Your cow pose is mooing and
Your cobra...

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Categories: death, fun, heart, life,