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Funeral Death Poems

These Funeral Death poems are examples of Death poems about Funeral. These are the best examples of Death Funeral poems written by international poets.


Catullus LXV aka Carmina 65
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Hortalus, I’m exhausted by relentless grief,
and have thus abandoned the learned virgins;
nor can my...

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Categories: brother, death, death of

Premium Member Death stare
I feel your cold stares 
colder than my body in this casket 
some cry 
others gossip 
at how I look 
how I'm dressed 
but it...

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Categories: death, funeral,

And so it goes
from cradle to grave
From baby’s wail
to funeral laid

We reason, ponder,
dissent, and cry
As time repeats
and years go by

Sages offer
their grand excuse
In what’s left...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Bad News, Morose News
It’s like being hit by a meteor
Where there’s no tomorrow
It is like doomsday, really
Where everything is ugly
And absolutely nothing is pretty
I just received the bad...

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Categories: dark, death, death of

the day i woke up from my suicide
it was cold, yet hot,
a fever.
i am surprised,
as though I didn't fill myself with poison
just the night before.
my arm is taped down,
attached to an iv,

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© Oliver Chu  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, mental health, mental illness,

Premium Member Burial At Sea

     There'd needn't be 
no digs of earth 

or clumps of clay 
that weigh my girth,

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© Hilo Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baptism, bereavement, death, funeral,

The Bucket List Blues
When my doctor calls me in, says I’ve got complications, 
let’s not blow our savings, on round the world vacations,
my pre-paid funeral, is all that...

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Categories: death, family, humor,

Sweet Yesterday - Ephemera
Letter of the past,
Now a treasured piece,
Letter of gone years,
Now a keepsake.

She wrote it to show her love,
She wrote it to tell me how proud...

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Categories: death, grandmother, lost love,

A favorite memory of her grandma began before she could even say a word…
In her Grandma’s backyard, sitting on her lap…tossing seeds out for the...

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© Jim Yerman  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bird, death,

Memory in Solace
There is a grave with no name
That stands lonelier still.
It has no flowers nor despairing mourners
And the grass grows thick and bushy,
For this grave is...

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Categories: death, memory,

Premium Member Lorenzo
Uncooked grains of rice caked our apartment.
Dug themselves into my pliable plantar aspect
I welcomed you from the bottom of my being,
Into my soul,
A friend that...

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Categories: death of a friend,

I am cold and I drive myself away
From a grave made of clay
With yellow-colored edges,
And the earth as its lid.
I am cursed to accept myself...

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Categories: death, evil, funeral, humanity,

Premium Member Mama Has Left
Mama has left
She is no longer alive
She left Mother Earth
She is in the cemetery
Mom is further on
She is, here and there, really
Mother is gone
And no...

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Categories: death, earth, funeral, goodbye,

Death by Clothing
I worry that my coat will murder me.
Hanging on Banister’s Edge it’s a man lurking, dark.

I’ve seen rows of killers shadowed and waiting,
hidden in the...

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Categories: death, analogy,

Premium Member A Father's Decree
In realms beyond, where shadows dance with glee,
Draw near, sweet child, and heed my decree.
Though my earthly form resides, in silent repose,
My essence endures, as...

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Categories: death, beautiful, bereavement, dad, dark,

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