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Paradise Poems

Paradise Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about paradise. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for paradise.

New Poems

Premium Member The Tale Of Lemuria, Master Poe, Pen And I
The Tale Of Lemuria, Master Poe, Pen And I,
( Lemuria: A hypothetical "lost land" variously located in
 the Indian and Pacific Oceans.)

Its birth a shake of Neptune's golden trident
Its glow a diamond glitter on the moon
As stars bow to its...Read More
Categories: paradise, beautiful, dream, imagination, mythology, passion, poetry, writing,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Dance of December
December came dancing along
Implying clouds to play their pouring songs
Drenching land with affectionate warmth
Wrapping mountains in snowy calms
Enhancing bubbly streams with drizzly charms
Ornamenting rocks with elegant white tops
Draping valleys with delicate frills of fog
Soaking parched roads with indulgent mop 
Giving...Read More
Categories: celebration, christmas, december, giving, paradise, storm, winter,
Form: Personification
Reality Check
Reality check let’s look around us 
conspiracy theories mean feet ain’t grounded 
heads in clouds like white powder buzz 
black man screams white power just because
not what is but cliche what was 
Media feeding but when broke down ridiculous 
mankind...Read More
Categories: paradise, allusion, people, perspective, society, urban,
Form: Rhyme
The Star Of The King
There's a Star rising in the east,
Turning Earth by Heaven is reached,
The Timeless is, and time is breached

Weary shepherds stand, then shaking fall
As euphoric angels sing their all,
Wise men awed, heed the holy call

Dark manger by sacred star is bathed
While...Read More
Categories: paradise, beauty, bible, christian, christmas, faith,
Form: Romanticism
Tristan's Song
For High Heaven has not seen,
Time wait outside your red laugh
Nor have the bright angels been
To the paradise you are

Melody has grace yet to learn
And flowers know not the lone rose;
Soft, they're waiting for their turn;
The perfume of you to...Read More
Categories: paradise, crush, dedication, heart,
Form: Romanticism

Premium Member STOP AND STARE-
Stop and stare 
I want a pinch myself 
As I stop and stare 
The floral Gardens cascading Greenery 
Falling waterfalls 
I stop and stare 
This is  real
I stop and stare 
I stop and stare 
everyone that received it...Read More
Categories: paradise, analogy, beautiful, encouraging, environment,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love by the Numbers
You and I,
living, loving and laughing.
One plus one equals one.

Taste, touch and sight,
Desires embrace
a kiss that feels so right..

Passion in paradise
walking along the shore.
Sun shining in our face
never felt so happy before.


Now that I have you,
I need nothing more.
...Read More
Categories: paradise, for her, happiness, love, romance,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Spiritual Challenges, Naturally
I have questions
about spiritual problems
with natural causes.

These questions
assume a metaphorical double-bind
co-passion in-between
Left with Right hemispheres
in Nature with Spirit bilateral dialogue

Informed, I hope,
by win/win historic experiential roots:

What has "nature v spirit" tension meant
in my life?

What have been my win/win
lose/lose experiences
with natural...Read More
Categories: paradise, earth, health, integrity, nature, peace, power, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
I am Dreaming of a White Christmas
I am dreaming of a white Christmas,
Where the earth is reborn covered with a fresh blanket of snow.

The beauty of the spruce and pines when they are touched with snow,
They look very majestic and beautiful.

When I look out of the...Read More
Categories: paradise, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, december, friendship, god, winter,
Form: Free verse
Crossed Off the List
Do you love to stand upright for the truth?
Or do you love it more,
bending to lies
At an acute angle forty five

Degrees of false moderation
permits you to have
an unhealthy tolerance for half-pint truth

Do you have a taste
for liquor moral malaise?
If so,...Read More
Categories: paradise, dark, death, spiritual, truth,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Thank I, That Purity Of Heart's Deepest Romantic Trills
Thank I, That Purity Of Heart's Deepest Romantic Trills
(Inspired by verses that came to me, inspired by Nina's blog)

Her soliciting eyes, gift promises of hot flaming Love.
As ruby red, sensual lips offer honey from above
She golden, romantic goddess born of...Read More
Categories: paradise, art, creation, heart, inspiration, passion, poets, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member In A Suburban Paradise
In A Suburban Paradise

I was to spend hours on my bed 
writing short stories in 1967;
with my left leg dangling over the left side, 
I sat on the right leg,
like I was some nosy bird nesting on a log, 
watching...Read More
Categories: paradise, art, memory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member -he chose two-
alone I pray to be loved-
(not selfish, only human)
the journey is tough,
sadness and loss abounds;
mistakes have been made,
feelings left without answer…
I ask why

I open my eyes and an angel 
has been sent-
eyes still wet
he lifts me up
is he lost or...Read More
Categories: paradise, love, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Love Letter From The Soul VII

Effortlessly you glide across my horizon
smooth milky white reflection of peace
bathed in salts of yesteryear
bringing forth only the promise of tomorrow

there is a battle 
not taking a place in a field
covert, hidden from half naked eyes
the gun's already loaded
and the...Read More
Categories: paradise, love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member A Girl Named Sadie Sue
There is a girl I know,
A work of sheer perfection head to toe.
Each time I think of her, my heart beats so,
And her name is Sadie Sue.

She has a pair of eyes
That are bluer than Aegean skies,
And there's a hint...Read More
Categories: paradise, romantic,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Thank You Lord for This Great Treat
Gobbling turkey is baking really nice
This is the season of Thanksgiving
Give me some cranberry and a slice.

This looks so delicious give me a taste
It smells very charming cut the waiting
Place a side of the breast on my plate.

Now bless this...Read More
Categories: paradise, appreciation, culture, drink, inspirational, november, thanksgiving, wine,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member From Dawn's Spirited Breath, See Red, Red Rose
From Dawn's Spirited Breath, See Red, Red Rose

When Summer rose meets dawning's sweetest hush
Sun comes to bequeath its dawn bathing rays
Red beauty gleaming, rose stills early rush
Into man's world shines, another bright day.

With red rose petals spreading ever wide
Calming thoughts,...Read More
Categories: paradise, beautiful, beauty, flower, garden, rose, roses are
Form: Sonnet
When I started walking
On a road lying so calm,
Housing moon & stars
the sky painted a chuckle, 
A deep silence stepped with me
and made every step memorable. 

When I started talking 
with darkness and sky,
A breeze came with me
singing a divine...Read More
Categories: paradise, imagery, moon, night, star,
Form: Imagism
I love the smell* of God’s gracious bounty
Freely exuding pure leafy-green scent
Breathing out Creator’s fragrance, so fresh 
Oozing great nature’s delightful perfume 
Enriching paradise breeze with good health.

I love the sound of God’s gracious bounty
Chirping birds in tune with gushing...Read More
Categories: paradise, appreciation, blessing, christian, god, inspirational, jesus, nature,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Talented Mr Milton
Milton's achievements are almost scary,
A blind poet extraordinary,
Immortality attained,
Paradise Lost and Regained,
And six hundred words in the dictionary!*

*Actually, 630....Read More
Categories: paradise, appreciation, books, poetry,
Form: Limerick
My Bleating Heart
Modern day scoffers say,
only the strong will survive
That the weak will be eaten alive
Only T-Rex,
cold-blooded logic will thrive

The talking serpents e-vol hiss, 
instincts of compassion and kindness won’t abide
Forgiveness is viewed as fleece clothing
to bear skins 
sin cloaked in naked...Read More
Categories: paradise, religious, spiritual, truth, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
Love Letter From The Soul III
My Dearest Brava,

On Q I'm awakened by the boom
sounds of thunder in my soul
lightning striking fire

I'm burning up 
and the day is yet to wonder

the lark consumed 
cats eyes, shined
walking fence posts after dark
twinkles amongst stars

it's three and I only...Read More
Categories: paradise, love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member The 50 Move Rule

"The 50 Move Rule"

Thomas Crown 
rolled his smile 
around her frown

Romance blew a warm breath
over her pristine cowrie shell
Voodoo Mojo Bag

just there, 
an Ocean made a Blue move

In the Red
Black Black White

White White Black
A story to tell

White White Black...Read More
Categories: paradise, adventure, muse, mystery, romance,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member To My First Born

First- born, most ultimate delight - 
So beautiful, so talented, so bright.
The joy, the mother hasn’t known yet.
Yet now she knows it’s harder done than said.

Nothing, except the baby’s bum, was smooth:
First colicky, first Tylenol, first tooth,
First diarrhea and first...Read More
Categories: paradise, humor, my child,
Form: Rhyme
Signature silence
a remote forest,

its pond motionless, moonlit;

a sudden cloud of Mayflies

sweeps down across the water:

sudden, ghostly koi feeding

w/ thrashing and leaping,

only to vanish in time.

...Read More
Categories: beauty, earth, nature, paradise,
Form: Idyll (Idyl)