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Death Of A Friend Poems

Death Of A Friend Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about death of a friend. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for death of a friend.

Poem Topics Related to Death Of A Friend

decease, death, friendship, depression, sadness, somber

New Poems

Premium Member Dismemberment day
Dismemberment day...Read More
Categories: anger, day, death, death of a friend,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Wake

What is that noise?
I have heard it before?
In the ramblings...
of my loved ones words? 

I must get up and seek it out.
I rise like the house is on fire...
but in fear of being alive, 
but dead still. 
I rush.
I place...Read More
Categories: death of a friend, allah, celebrity, cinco de mayo, death of
Form: Narrative

did you imagine I could leave you
trapped in quick drying cement
locked forever on a bed of strangers coral
with only sea spray falling on the reef
to mourn your passing?

no my friend
you're coming back with me
precious cargo safely stowed
freight forward

flight 89 climbed...Read More
Categories: bereavement, death of a friend,
Form: Free verse
A Reflection In Time
Thinking of you when time passes by
I smile when I see your face
Come into memory's view.
Reminiscing about the love we had
I feel your arms embrace me.
You kiss and hold me so close,
I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
We look up at...Read More
Categories: death, death of a friend, loss, lost
Form: Prose
Epitaph for a Palestinian Child
by Michael R. Burch

I lived as best I could, and then I died.
Be careful where you step: the grave is wide.

Autumn Conundrum
by Michael R. Burch

It's not that every leaf must finally fall,
it's just that we can...Read More
Categories: bereavement, death, death of a friend, depression,
Form: Epitaph

Does Anyone Care
When i go through depression,
and i feel like no one understands,
      does anyone care?

When i tell you how i feel,
and you don't listen,
      does anyone care?

When bullying killed someone
i knew...Read More
Categories: anger, care, death of a friend, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love Waltz
In silence she loved him
In silence he obeyed,
No words were spoken,
So love is not delayed!

In silence he asked her,
In silence they danced,
words did not matter,
their tapping feet talked.

In silence her life with him,
In silence their romance,
No words between them,
Much said...Read More
Categories: death of a friend, 10th grade, boy, dance, death of a
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Mask of Fate
The Mask of Fate
(This poem deals with the Corona Virus. 
It is very intense.)

My kid's school called.  
The college. 
They said that there had been...
a national concern; regarding the Sun. 
That was not it. 
The man said "Corona"....Read More
Categories: abortion, anxiety, death, death of a friend,
Form: Narrative
A passing

The sad news came out and it quickly went viral,
a shock to the system, a bolt from the blue,
sorrow picked off his friends in a dark downward spiral
from the ones he loved most to the ones he just knew.
Departing so...Read More
Categories: death of a friend,
Form: Rhyme
Oh Dont You Cry
Here I am. Oh don’t you cry.
I’m not gone, I’m a butterfly. 
I’ve grown my wings and I soar the sky.
I leave a gentle breeze as I’m passing by. 
Oh don’t you cry.  Don’t  you cry. 

Here I...Read More
Categories: death, death of a friend, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member - I Was Too Young To Understand -

He let me see his scars,
they was as deep as a bottomless ocean
Every day his demons played to dance
Like salt in the wounds, a pitiful truth
The dark voices he heard in the shadows
It was not an illusion,
he had heard them...Read More
Categories: child, dark, death of a friend, memory,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Soul Sirens
Soul sirens sounding throughout my system 
My heart a vacant home without her friendship 
Blood beats upon the drums of my bones 
Seconds slip into sorrowful surroundings 
Brain boils its beautiful flower bouquet of thoughts
Answer the phone!
Answer the phone!
Keep the...Read More
Categories: anxiety, betrayal, death of a friend, suicide,
Form: Alliteration
Take me under
Dark clouds belie, such desolate eyes,
Nebulous in mind, approaching the void,

Bereft of love, what might have been,
A nightmare, of unrequited dreams,

Drawn towards oceans, dark and deep,
Traveled to the coast, now within reach,

Around my neck, placed rosary beads,
Don’t know why, just...Read More
Categories: death of a friend, depression, suicide,
Form: Rhyme
Addiction and Suicide
Drug Addiction and suicide are no joke.
Some people find it entertaining when those individuals croak.
Recovering and living I've seen both sides
I just wish people could live their lives.

Whether it's a pill, powder, or a needle
This epidemic can be unspeakable.
Whether it's...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, death, death of a friend,
Form: ABC
Premium Member THE DEATH of MARY BETH-
Constant grief hurting suffering  soul,
dormant the mystical enchantment tolls.

wanton division of moderate goals,
content physically now takes its toll;
Beth, has gone home,
breath has left her body.

left as her spirit roams;
cleft so sadly mine heart embody

~ 2nd  Place ~ ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, celebration, death of a friend,
Form: Lento
Misfortune comes at the worst expense,
Anxiety following stress taking over in depth intense.
Air heavily thinning following extreme heat,
Overwhelming sweat covering my hands and feet.
Fire fueling the pain in my chest,
Arms to heavy with legs fighting to rest...
Suddenly consuming me......
The blink...Read More
Categories: death of a friend, absence, abuse, anxiety, beautiful, blessing, death of
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Wounded

Leading nowhere

Reflected in a mirror

Intricate shards in wooden frame


02 February 2020...Read More
Categories: death of a friend,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member Shot in the Dark
‘The buck stops right here’ he reflects cowering in the wheat field

Near the stream drenched in cascades that had been so gentle

Bull’s eye straight from the arrow of time presiding over the perch

Night vision in place his hands tremble in...Read More
Categories: death of a friend,
Form: Free verse

I know this fruit
I know its old nursery rhyme
I love its taste so sweet
The softness and sweetness align

But where thou grow makes me wonder
In bola thou stand amidst dirt
Cheered by smells and empty nylons 
There you...Read More
Categories: death of a friend, 3rd grade, confidence, conflict, creation, death of
Form: Tail-rhyme
Premium Member Wisdom For A Coin
Wisdom For A Coin

The essence of honesty in action, 
a kind word, a special moment. 
Many walk on by, 
and do not even try. 

The division of our country, 
is not for or against, 
it is the lack of God...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, chocolate, death of a friend,
Form: Narrative
The Vasser of Shame
Damnest me for trying to
be a sweet and kind person
Damnest me that she makest
me beleive; I'm her only person

My broken heart and troubled
mind might be in need of releif
God bless my soul and have me
to hold true to my beliefs

Love...Read More
Categories: death of a friend, devotion, heartbreak, heartbroken,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member I will dance with you again
Dedicated, in loving memory, to Katie and Richard. 
Rest in peace my friends. 

Come gather here, 
Be at your ease,
To say this last goodbye. 
Not to this shell before you,
But to a life passed by. 

I lie wrapped in a...Read More
Categories: death, death of a friend, funeral, goodbye,
Form: Rhyme
as they walk and sit
 tears won't quick
for our sin
he gave in
every sine
FOR A PRINCE...Read More
Categories: adventure, death of a friend,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Shallow Valley Quiet Woes-
It’s over now
He’s dead and gone
They buried him
Below the ground

It’s over now
His voice shall we no longer hear
He’s dead and gone
Can’t hear a sound

There are voices
Soft spoken and I hear them
Yes, I hear them
There sighs of relief,
 Filled with grief

Quiet...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, bereavement, death of a friend,
Form: Free verse
Onto the next meeting

Playful whiskers dipping in whiskey shots
 to shoot the name of the poison lingering 
as sorrow beat at the chest from the inside

Over a relapse I listened to a heart beat 
finding the mining of missing amusing 
but the ache...Read More
Categories: death, death of a friend, sad,
Form: Free verse