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Eulogy Death Poems

These Eulogy Death poems are examples of Death poems about Eulogy. These are the best examples of Death Eulogy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member In Death MIXED
1. If you could look into your future and choose one day to see what would happen, what day would that be and why...


When death...

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Categories: death, eulogy, memory,

Premium Member What be Ye, Preacher or Mortician
What be Ye, Preacher or Mortician?

A mortician prepares and buries the remains.
The hole he or she digs is for a lifeless corps, free of soul.

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Categories: death, allegory, allusion, america, analogy,

At the Gates
Civilization is crumbling
The Huns are at the gates
I don't know what we're becoming,
But I sure hope that it waits

The children are talking backwards
The leaders are...

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Categories: america, creation, death, eulogy,

The old wonderer
In your latter days you had a good life
You sat under the mahogany tree near your hut
Watching the village as they moved about with their...

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Categories: death, eulogy, grief, imagery,

Premium Member Gizmos
Had a dream
All was not as it would seem
A country afraid to make war
Became a store
Started selling their war tools
To unsuspecting needy fools
The people were...

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Categories: anger, city, dark, death,


Catullus CI: 'His Brother's Burial'
translation by Michael R. Burch

Through many lands and over many seas
I have journeyed, brother, to these wretched rites,
to this...

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Categories: brother, death, death of

The Shadow's Embrace: A Tale of Love and Loss
In the shadows where silence reigns,
Death's icy touch, no soul refrains.
A whisper soft, a chilling breath,
Steals away, the sting of death.

In the depths of night,...

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Categories: dark, death, emotions, eulogy,

Her Song
1. Refrain (Unwound)

Her song, it never played
Coal sack black stitching frayed
Lead the familiar thread
Lined coffin living dead
To the beat how we march
Funeral shirt ready starched


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Categories: angst, anxiety, dark, death,

Premium Member Earth Eulogy
Earth Eulogy

By Mark D. Stucky
She was a good planet,
put to death in her prime
by a pandemic of people.
Homo-sapiens was a disease
with mutating and metastasizing
technological and...

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Categories: death, earth, environment, planet,

I Tripped On Weeping Stones
The strangest and weirdest vision
flashed across the purple wall
painted by a scrubby rascal,
where a blood-stained altar
was used to offer humans to Satan;
the eulogy dedicated to...

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Categories: death, dream, emotions, evil,

Premium Member UNTIL THEN
You haunt me,
the past it wants me,
I feel you,
you are right here.

I'm staying awake,
I feel you'll come soon,
I wont sleep,
I feel I might go tonight.


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Categories: death, emotions, eulogy, heartbreak,

Premium Member A Banner Life
See the man without a crown

Lying, dying on the ground

Music that once filled his head

Sadly now those notes are dead

See the mourners standing round

Sighing, crying...

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Categories: death, war,

Premium Member Eulogy in B
he had a life
within the life of ours
an imprint on eternity
his cuddles come
from angels now
or he’ll bark at them

for Barley, 7th November 2013 - 13th...

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Categories: bereavement, death, dog, grief,

Himalayan Lily
There dwells, in pale eastern shade
Under dark pillars, Himalayan
Forged in thunder’s dome
A lonely flower
Seven years a virgin locked
Now spiraling flush and flame
Parting petals
Awake and tremble

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Categories: birth, death, eulogy, riddle,

Premium Member oh, gentle keeper
Oh, gentle keeper, lay me 'neath the earth's embrace,
Where willow branches whisper tales of grace,
Across the meadows, where daisies gently nod,
To my roots, to my...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, cancer, death,